Thank you for looking at our Shed Plans.  This page was put up to show you a quick demo of our unique shed plans.

Each shed plan was put together with the intent of being sold separately.  We recently combined them into one package.  Therefore, you will notice a lot of material carries over from one plan to the next.

Our shed plans were designed utilizing Pro Engineer 3D CAD software.  ProE is the industry standard for 3D CAD design.

Each shed plan consists of about 6 files.  Four of the files are basic CAD pictures that we include on the disk just for reference.  These are pictures straight out of ProE that we use for advertising the plans.

One of the files is the plan itself.  Each plan is typically 16 pages long.  It is in Adobe PDF format.  Each shed plan requires you to have Adobe Reader 5 or later.  Each plan gives you 2D elevation views, 2D framing views, fully dimensioned, with a bill of materials list, and details diagrams.  Each plan is designed to be build either on a concrete foundation or on 4x4 skids, your choice.

NEW! 3D ADOBE PDF FRAMING MODELS INCLUDED:  We are also including a new format.  The 6th file in every shed plan is a 3D PDF framing mode What is this you may ask?  The most complicated part of the shed is the framing, and we realize that not everyone will understand a 2D plan.  Therefore, we also include a 3D model of the framing of each shed to accompany each 2D plan.  This 3D model allows you to pan, zoom, spin, rotate the framing of each shed.  This is all included in a separate PDF file.  The only piece of software required to view this 3D model is the latest version of the FREE Adobe Reader, version 9 or later.  If you are using an earlier version of Adobe Reader, you simply need to go to Adobe's site, and download the latest FREE version.  So while you only need Adobe Reader 5 to view the standard plans, you will need to upgrade to Adobe Reader 9 or later to view the 3D framing models.

Some people may think this is too complicated to use.  You don't need to be a CAD wizard to utilize this 3D model with Adobe Reader.  We've put up a sample video of how to view our 3D framing PDF models using Adobe Reader 9 or later, that you can view here (this is a 3 minute demo video of our plans, the 3D framing model demo starts at about 1 minute in, please be sure to watch the whole video):

Simple open the 3D framing model with Adobe Reader 9.0 or later, click on the picture to pan it and zoom in and spin it around.  Use the pop up menu at the top of the screen to spin the model around.

There is no other plan provider that we have seen on eBay that provides you with a 3D framing PDF model.  Just imagine.  If you are having trouble visualizing the 2D drawing, you can simply pop up the 3D model with Adobe Reader, and spin and pan and zoom into the section that you want to look it.  It doesn't get much easier!

NOTE:  You can't actually measure dimensions in the 3D framing model.  You can only view and spin the framing models.  This is provided for visual reference only.  The actual dimensions are only found in the plan itself.

We hope you enjoy our plans, and please note, for a limited time only, we are also offering a special deal for all our shed plan buyers.  If you build one of our sheds and send us some pictures, we will send you free disks!  Find out more details here.



All original plans:  These are our plans, that we've developed over several years.  We own them.  We own the copyright to our plans and to our 3D models.  Know that you are getting them from the right source, and that we've put extra care and our reputation on the line with these plans.

Accuracy:  All our plans are CAD designed to minimum scrap and waste.

Choice of foundations:  All of our sheds are designed with a wood frame floor.  This gives you the option of placing it on a concrete foundation, or placing it up on 4x4 skids and concrete blocks in your backyard.  Foundation details are provided, and floor framing details are all provided.

Confidence to customize:  We are including 26 shed plans on one CD.  After reviewing all of our plans, you will have the confidence to build a shed to suite your taste and will feel comfortable making small changes here and there to fit your needs.  You should be able to use our plans to come up with a custom shed if you so desire.

Minimal fancy cuts:  Standard sized lumber is used as much as possible to minimize the amount of fancy cuts you need to make.  Little more than basic tools such as a circular saw and miter saw are needed.

Accurate bills of material:  Each plan comes with an accurate bill of material to make your shopping trip and cost estimation easy.

Print as many as you want:  All of our plans come on this CD in Adobe PDF format designed to be printed on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.  Print as many as you need for your jobsite.

Choice of roof styles:  We include the 3 most popular styles of roofs on our shed package.  We include designs with a classic Gable Roof, a Gambrel Roof, and the increasingly popular saltbox style.

Choice of numerous sizes:  Each style includes the most popular sizes for the backyard, do-it-yourself, shed builder.





Catalog Number and disclaimer

This item is our catalog #ADV-391G.  If you purchase another item with this same catalog number, you will get two identical items.  Given this, we cannot offer refunds for customers who accidentally purchased two identical disks without reading this auction fully.

We are the owner and creator of the compilation on this disk, and we have full distribution rights to this item.  Distribution rights are non-transferable.  This disk is our creation, and the plans on them are copyrighted and watermarked with our name and our site on them.  We have a zero tolerance for infringement.  All infringers of our work will be reported through ebay vero immediately.


This item is for a CD of plans only!  No building material is provided with this item.  Due to the digital nature of this item, this item is sold AS-IS, with no returns.

Comments from happy customers:

In 1959 I purchased an original home built “Thing” and ran it for several years on the Willamette River. Years later it got rotten and subsequently discarded. Now the Son of the man who originally built it from the magazine plans in his wood shop in Milwaukie, Oregon works with me and he helped his Dad build it in 1958. We decided to search for the plans and if we found them; I (an engineer) would upgrade it for two adults and build it. I bought your disk and building started last May 25 and it was ready to launch July 20th. You are welcome to use the photos and my “title” as a former white water guild; River Rat Bob from Oregon. Hope you enjoy the pictures attached. I am 60 years old but still chasing the dream as you see from my smile in the boat. 


Thank you for the great plans.  Unbelievable amount of information for the money.  I can't wait to get started. -Jeff D., New Mexico.

I built the doghouse using the plans I purchased from you a week ago, and it was great.  Easy to read and follow, it was a great purchase.  The kids helped, and the dog just loves it.  Thank you so much. It'll take years to go through all the stuff I want to build on your CD.  Andrew H., Colorado.

The jungle gym for the kids is amazing.  We bought the plans 2 weeks ago, and built the whole thing last weekend. We are so impressed with the amount of information shown.  It is a virtual encyclopedia of plans.  Thanks.  Josh L., New Mexico.

My God!!  That's more boats than I can build in a lifetime!  Unbelievable! The best I have ever seen.  Thank you! Craig J., South Carolina.

I've seen plenty of plans on boats.  This is the best all around package of information I've come across.  Jake M., Florida.

This has saved me so much time.  I've spent weeks looking for stuff like this.  Well worth the few bucks to get this CD.  Jimmy K., Arkansas.

I bought a CD a few weeks ago that had a bunch of links and junk on it that was ripped off from websites and other useless information.  I thought long and hard before trying again and buying from you. I can actually use this stuff.  I'm so glad I did.  A.K., Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I buy from you?  There are lots of places to buy similar stuff on ebay.  What makes you so special?

What separates us from the rest is that we want you to be happy.  If you're happy, you'll buy from us again and tell your friends.  Getting one sale from you is great, but we want the next sale from you and the next one after that.  It isn't worth a few bucks to us to have one unhappy customer.  If you are unhappy, tell us and let us try to fix the problem.  How many sellers will say that?

Yeah, so, there are lots of other sellers on ebay.  Are you saying the rest of them will rip me off?

No, of course not.  But, beware of what people sell on ebay.  Many sellers on here will charge you an exhorbitant amount for shipping.  Many will "claim" to provide discount shipping only when you contact them, they'll tell you they'll take a quarter off the shipping price for each additional item.  We never do that.  Our combined shipping policy is clearly spelled out for those to see.  No tricky or cheap discounts.  Simple as that.  Also, when comparing our films to those of others, take note of not only the price of the item, but also the content.  You'll see that we not only offer more content per package then our competition, and not only at the cheapest shipping, but also at the cheapest price too.

What kind of permits, codes, restrictions, paperwork, etc., do I need to deal with before I build your shed/garage/gazebo, etc?

We can't answer that.  Every county in every state has different requirements.  We encourage you to check with your local building department before beginning your project.  Different regions also have different building codes and requirements.  It is your responsibility that whatever structure you build complies with those codes.  Remember, it doesn't matter where you bought the plan, or what plan you are using, or if you are even using a plan, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of the structure you build, so you will need to ensure whatever you are building complies with your local safety codes and construction standards.  There is nothing more important that the safety of your loved ones.  With that in mind, if you are inexperienced in construction, and are tackling a large project such as a shed, garage, gazebo, etc., you should verify all that you are doing with someone who is more experienced.

My county inspector is requiring that I do something different with the roof, I need to do "xyz", can you modify the plan for "xyz" and send it to me?

No.  All post-sales modifications are your responsibility and you are responsible for incurring all costs after the sale.

Do you offer any post-sales support?  What if I have questions on how to build a certain aspect of a gazebo?

Please, lets be fair and realistic here.  We are selling a CD of plans for a nominal price.  We can't be there for every customer after the sale holding their hand through email support through the construction process.  By buying this CD, you must acknowledge that you are comfortable in building the designs shown, and are fully capable of making design and construction decisions safely and responsible.  We do not offer any post sales support.  Please be aware and respectful of this fact up front.
Who's plans are these?  Is anyone else selling them?
They are our plans.  We wrote them.  We own 'em. No one else can possibly be selling them legally as we do not offer ANY resale rights whatsoever.  If you see anyone else selling our plans, please report it to us and we will file a complaint with ebay (if it is on ebay), or through their ISP (if it is off-ebay).
Are these Gazebo's easy enough for a beginner to build?  I have no experience, can I do this?  What do I need to know?
Well, mostly, you can build this with basic woodworking knowledge.  Depends on how comfortable you are with power tools and building your own structure.  The plans are written to be as easily understood as possible so that anyone can understand them.  However, you should have some basic wood working skills and framing skills and basic knowledge of how to join wood and build framing.  Odds are, if you have ever built a deck, you can probably build a Gazebo.  If you are unsure of what you are doing, it is your responsibility to seek the advice of a professional.  Lets also be realistic.  While we've tried to make understanding the construction process easy, building a Gazebo is a big job.  Be aware that you need to know how to make accurate cuts, take accurate measurements and revise your dimensions accordingly, and know how to safely assemble a small structure in the proper order to be safe.

How long does it take to build one of these?  How many people do I need to build one?

A lot of that depends on your preparedness level and how organized you are.  If you have all the material purchased ahead of time, and have all the tools ready, and don't need to run back and forth to the store, one of our Gazebos can probably be built in 3 or 4 days with 2 people.  1 person can build most of it, but two people are generally required for the roof installation.  It would obviously go faster with more than 2 people.

I want to build one of your Gazebo's.  It is your "xyz" design.  Can you tell me how much it would cost me to build this before I buy your disk?

Lumber prices vary from region to region, even from town to town.  Building materials are very volatile in terms of price.  We don't keep track of prices daily, and prices can vary from day to day or week to week, or month to month.  In order for us to give you an accurate cost, we would have to print out the material list and start calling stores and looking up prices, and we are no more responsible for doing that, than we are helping you build your project!  Costing it out is part of the project, and that is something you are responsible for.  We won't even give you an estimate, because we know if we underestimate, that some people will try to hold us accountable for it.  We do feel very comfortable in saying that building one yourself will cost you a fraction of what it would cost you to buy one pre-built.

I like your Gazebo plans, but I'm looking for a slightly different size/shape/look, etc?  Do you have one with x sides, that is y long?  Can you get one?

You can always ask, but the likely answer is no.  We are always evaluating market demand, and if there is a demand for a new product, we will research it and make a determination on whether or not it is worthy of being pursued.  But odds are, if we don't have it for sale, then we don't have it right now.  And, we do not do custom plans on a request basis.

I want to see a sample plan before I commit to buying.  Please send me a free sample plan.

We are sorry that our description, as well as our strong ebay reputation, does not provide you with a strong enough comfort level to purchase from us.  With that said, we do not provide "free samples".

What if my disk arrives damaged?

We offer a no muss, no fuss guarantee that all damaged disks are replaced free of charge.


All discs are mailed out within 1-2 business days guaranteed!!!


Have you bought plans on CD's on ebay before only to be disappointed? Did you buy a CD only to find a bunch of useless links on it?  Did you buy a disc and when it arrives it doesn't work and you can't contact the seller?

Well, with us, your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!

Many sellers on ebay who we won't name are selling discs full of links and other garbage instead of what you are looking for.  Why would you want to buy a disc full of links??  All of our plans are in PDF format right on the disc.  No links, no garbage that sends you on the internet to some website. 

All of our discs are tested before shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.  In VERY RARE cases does a disc get damaged and rendered unreadable in shipment.  If our disc shows up and it won't read on your DVD or CD Drive, let us know, an we'll replace it.  If you are unsatisfied in any way, let us know, we want you to be happy.

In some cases, customers bought DVD ROM discs and tried to play them on their CD ROM.  In those cases, it is not our responsibility for your hardware compatibility issues.  ALL of our DVD's are clearly marked as DVD's in the auction listing.


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