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Garden Shed Plans

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Garden Shed Plans
Sometimes you hear sheds being referred to as Garden Sheds instead of Wood Sheds. In this short little article, I will try to explain what difference, if any, there is between a Garden Shed and a Wood Shed.
The first question, is there a difference? Well, no not really. A shed is a shed, right? When people refer to a Garden Shed, it typically references what they use the shed for. A Garden Shed is used for storing Garden Tools, Mowers, Trimmers, etc. Sometimes a Garden Shed is decorative to be part of the landscape, with decorative bushes and trees landscaped around the shed to build the shed into the "picture" of the backyard. This is quite common of Garden Sheds, they are as much as part of your backyard as the trees and the bushes are.
When people refer to Wood Sheds, they are typically again referring to how they use them. When people refer to their sheds as Wood Sheds, they are giving you a hint as to how they use them. The term refers to a shed that is used more for utilitarian purposes and sometimes as a working workshop. Some may have power run to them.
So, in summary, Garden Sheds and Wood Sheds are generally just nomenclature for the same thing. The designs for them, as far as building them, are the same thing. So whether you see our plans referred to as Garden Sheds or Wood Sheds, or Barns, we are referring to generally the same thing.

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