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Storage Shed Plans

Free Storage Shed Plans A primer on cheap-o storage shed plans you can find floating on the net. Our free article center was formed to help you build, plan, and execute your wood working project as smoothly as possible.


The Many Different Types of Storage Shed Plans
Let me use some of this space to ramble on a little bit. I like to use these min-articles to educate folks a little bit about by shed plans, or any other plans on the internet. This article will be about the many different types of storage shed plans.
Storage sheds are great solution for regaining dominance over your yard and garage. There is an abundance of items in your house that you can store outside of your house in an outdoor storage shed. After you finish building your new shed, you will quickly realize that your new outdoor storage shed has adequate capability to shelter items that you want to protect from all kinds of weather, such as your lawn tractor and lawn tools. It will be strong enough to withstand rough climates and also should be the right size to house everything that you want to keep in it. You need to construct a durable shed and its durability depends upon the material you are using for your shed. There are various types of sheds that you can build, depending on your weather conditions:
Metal Sheds
Plastic Sheds
Wooden Sheds
Vinyl-Sided Sheds
Asbestos Sheds

There are various shed plans available on in our catalog, choose the one that best suits your needs and purpose. You can do some changes to our shed plans by using your own expertise according to your own requirements. Once you have a plan, and have priced out the project, you can go ahead and start building your outdoor storage shed. Before beginning construction on an outdoor storage shed, consider following things like:

You will need to find out all the rules and regulations of your local government and make sure you comply with all of them before you begin shed construction. You should follow all laws and local building codes related to your shed. Typically if your shed is under a certain size, then you do not need to apply for building permit.

You also need to consider the flooring of your shed. You can either construct a wood frame floor or concrete one; it depends only on your requirements and budget. The foundation is the most important factor when building your shed, so don't just overlook it. Take your time and consider your options here. A strong foundation makes it durable and will make it last for a very long time. Concrete is the best choice, but wood is easier to work and also less costly. If you are making your own shed for the first time, then it is easier to work with wood.

If you are building an outdoor shed in a place where temperature dips below freezing point then you should protect your shed from frost too. The foundation should be built to allow structural stress due to frost in soil below. Basically that means you need to dig below the frost line.

Concrete and wood both are suitably fashioned to protect an outdoor shed from frost problems. Typically you don’t need to dig much deeper than the frost line for a simple outdoor shed. It depends on your climate.

If you want to build a wood floor, you should also think about protecting it from wood rot and insects. Treated-lumber plywood is ideal for a floor because it is not affected by water or by insects.

You can do framing shed walls out of cheap pine lumber, but the bottom plate should be made from treated lumber. This will provide a natural security shield against wood rot. The corners of shed should also be made from plywood. This makes your shed sturdy enough to stand strong against wind and roof load.

Prefabricated roof trusses are best for the roof but you can also make the roof from simple roof rafters. This is a more cost effective measure.

You should envelop the entire outside of your shed including the walls and roof with overlapping asphalt felt paper. On the outside, you can use siding; this will keep wood in good shape.

In last step you should think about the doors you want to put on your shed. Your choices are limitless, you can make a regular door or even make an overhead garage door. This must be large enough to hold the biggest items you want to take in and out of your shed, (tractor, tools, etc).

Farm Shed Plans

If you live on a farm then you will obviously need a place to store all your tools and other necessary things that can be damaged if you keep them outside, that's the whole purpose of a shed, right? A nice size barn or shed gives you the necessary storage space on your farm. Farm sheds are typically larger than your typical garden sheds, but they have less detail and are built usually with less expensive materials. Farm barns are usually not as wind proof as your typical backyard shed. You can get farm shed plans for different sizes of barns and for different uses including livestock housing, workshops, a place to store your tractor or other vehicles used in farming, fishing and hunting equipment.

Sheds today have become a necessity of every farm house to the point that a farm house nowadays seems incomplete without a nice shed.

Different types of farms sheds are seen including:

Farm sheds with open bays and enclosed bays

This type of farm shed combines both security and ease of accessibility that is ideal for rural applications with both open and closed bays.

Farm sheds with sliding doors

Shed with sliding doors have been a part of Australian shed plans and are cost effective, durable and versatile.

Large farm sheds with closed-in-Lean-to

This type of farm shed has clear span of up to 35m long and limited to your available space. Its doors, windows and lean-tos are customizable that allows you to create ideal solution for your needs.

Large farm shed with Garaport

This farm shed is constructed with ventilation for greater comfort for stock and employees. Double sliding doors enhance ease, access and versatility.

Farm sheds are easy to build but you should keep some special points in mind that include:

While planning for a farm shed, you need to plan the size of the shed how big or small it should be? How much room do you need? You need to pick the right lace where you want to construct your barn or shed and at the same time consider the the facilities you want to add in your farm shed like availability of running water and electricity. Basically these things are not necessary for a shed but they become necessary if you plan to use your shed for livestock housing. Consider the foundation of your farm shed. The foundation of a farm shed will be different from a garden or yard shed.

A good farm shed plan will be clear and concise, and the measurements should be precise. Everything in shed plan should be easily understandable and comprehend. You can get best farm shed plans right here in our shed plan store.

Barn Storage Shed Plans

A barn is an agriculture structure used for storage and as a roofed workplace. This building sometimes is used to house livestock or to store farming vehicles and equipments. Barn sheds are most commonly found on farms. They different from your typical farm sheds, in that barn sheds are also used to store grains. In older style barn sheds, the upper area was used to store hay and grain. Today barns are used for multipurpose tasks. Some common backyard sheds are shaped like country barns, that are recognizable by their gambrel roods. Barn storage sheds are great addition to your home or backyard. A barn storage shed is easy to build and can solve all your storage problems. If you have a garage full of lawn decorations and moving tool and equipments, Christmas decorations and much more, you need a barn storage shed.

A barn storage shed is a good way to make space in your garage and a good 2nd attic! A barn shed is particularly important if your attic gets too full, because that can cause the ceiling to sag. There are also some things that cannot fit into the attic in the first place. A great barn storage shed provides you more storage options. If you want to choose barn storage shed, there are various different types to consider. To help narrow your choices, one of first things you should decide on is material that you want to use for your shed. Common choices are:

After deciding about material type, you will want to know how big it needs to be. This will vary according to what you want to keep inside it, just like any other type of shed. Every city have its own building codes and rules, you should check them to see if there are any restrictions on your building and size of shed. You should need to get a building permit to build it yourself in most regions.

Your barn storage shed have enough storage space and help your storage problem in addition to its multipurpose usage like:

  • Playhouse
  • Storage of a vehicle, boat or farm equipment
  • Craft room
  • Home business office

A new barn storage shed adds value in your house in many ways so you can consider it as multipurpose investment.

Frame of Barn Shed

  • You can construct floor and walls of shed as any normal shed.
  • Erect four walls on floor frame that can mount on cinder blocks or a small cement slab.
  • Finish walls for shed with regular plywood sheets. Use 1 ½ inch screws to secure siding material.

Garage Shed Plans

All purpose sheds are great solution for small places and provide attractive and open spaces for safe keeping of goods and to reduce clutter from cupboards, storerooms and other house areas. A garage shed is a great place for storing the tools and other things that you don’t want to store in your home. You can garage shed kits of different sizes, styles and colors that will match your house or other yard settings. You can store tools, lawnmowers, lawn tools or other things that you want to keep outside of your home.

A variety of garage shed plans is available in different stores. You can get one pre-built. Having a garage shed in your home gives you several benefits. For instance, if you want to mow your lawn; it will be great that you can go to your garage shed and get all tools and things necessary for mowing the lawn. You can keep your lawnmower, gardening tools and weed whacker in your garage shed. You can't very well keep lawnmowers and other machines and equipments inside your home and if you keep them outside then they may get damaged by weather or get stolen. But you can keep all these equipments quite safe in your own garage shed with a secure lock.

To buy the best garage shed plan, go to hardware or home improvement store to get information about different designs and sizes with price feature and their compatibility for you. You can search for these home improvement stores from the internet. Several website are there providing variety of garages shed designs, like ours! Select the best one that matches your needs, home and other settings. The basic purpose of a garage shed is to provide you a great way to keep your tools and other equipment well organized; whereas it is secondary to make your yard look great. You can keep all things for easy access that you need not very often.

Having a garage shed at your home is a great place to store your personal stuff! You don’t need to spend too much on buying garage shed. Several auction sites and other free sites offer different garage shed plans that will best suit your needs within the affordable prices, although we think we are the best! Before making a final decision regarding the selection of garage shed kit, make it sure that it have list of instructions and a materials list that will give you all the information you need to build this shed by yourself without hiring a professional that will charge extra. All of our plans contain this level of detail.

Country Shed Plans
To construct a garden or country shed by yourself is a difficult task but if you have planned it properly it, you can make it a fun and enjoyable activity. Planning a garden or country shed is itself an interesting activity. Here is a rough guide of five things you should consider before actual starting work on this type of project. Follow these steps and you are sure to have compliments from all your friends and relatives on your perfect country storage shed.


Selection of ideal space or location should be kept in mind for perfect country sheds. When building a shed on a suburban lot, you need to consider the distance from the street, your neighbor, sidewalks and other surrounded areas. You may have a code restriction that says your shed must be a certain amount of feet away from the property line.


Shed size should be selected in such a way that it can hold everything you want to store. The Storage shed’s size should be according to your storage needs. You should also check building regulations and consider the constraints from local government building department. If you make a mistake, expect to pay a fine.

Type and Shape

Type and shape of storage shed should be your most concern. A good shaped shed can enhance the look and décor of your home and garden. You should also design the storage shed in such a way that taking equipment in and out will be easy and convenient for you. You should consider the convenience of your neighbors before starting construction of storage country sheds. They can give you better suggestions or ideas. Dealers of supply stores are excited to show you designs and structures of sheds. Presence of trees can also be a major factor to affect the design, shape and structure of your country shed.

Materials and Colors

Material used for shed building can be different types like wood, plastic, aluminum, metal and many others. Remember that material should be durable to resist the harshness of weather and climate. You can also paint the structure of shed to match with color of your home building or nearby building. Colors can be used in different combinations also.

The Cost

After considering the requirements of storages sheds there comes cost and expenditures that you must consider before working on a project. Windows, skylights and electrical wiring seems to be very attractive but you have to expand your budget for all this. Foundation choices for your storage shed can also be a factor of cost variation. Size of your budget can affect your shed plans.

If you have perfectly considered and managed the five things mentioned above, hopefully a perfect shed will be there in for your backyard for storing all your items.

Yard Shed Plans

Many people have the problem of clutter of things in their homes and need more space to safely keep these things. Yard sheds serve many purposes as they can store any type of supplies. You can build yard sheds of different sizes and different designs. It depends on your need what size and design you select to build your yard shed. There is a basic structure of yard sheds but they can be modified to have different shelves, windows and doors. You can give different lighting effects to your yard shed. Usually people need yard sheds to keep gardening tools and equipments but some people need to store old carpets and furniture that they don’t want to use anymore. It can also be used to store scrap.

Building storage sheds in yards will surely increase the value of your property. When you go to select a shed plan for yard you need to consider the quality of the plans as well as availability of set of instructions that are simple to read. One of the great benefits of instructions with a shed plans kit is that you can gather everything that you need to raise your shed yourself. If the yard shed plan doesn’t mention the necessary tools that you will need, that can cause a problem for you and make you visit the hardware store again and again.

A good yard shed plan will explain to you the building process step by step as well as all tools needed to complete a project. Yard shed plans should be accurate in measurements and amount of material you will need in the process. A good plan will also instruct you how to protect your shed from weather and insect damages. Quality yard shed plans are available on different sites, but again, you are already here! Our plans and guidelines offer a wide range of creative designs and tips to build your yard shed.

Many companies either physical or online offer their services to build yard sheds for you. With extra space these yard sheds also add beauty to your yard, if their designs and decoration is are done right. Your yard shed should be large enough to store supplies for which it is meant. If your shed is too small you will have a shortage of area, which makes even more clutter as things are dumped over each other. You can make shelves and cupboards in your design for storing all your junk. Size of your yard shed should not be so large that it may become a neighborhood eye sore. It needs to blend right.

Pool Shed Plans

People who own pools and look for a place to store pool maintenance supplies should think to build a pool shed. For the maintenance of pools, you need to use different chemicals. If it happens that pets or children ingest these chemicals, it can lead to severe health problems and even death. By getting a pool shed built near the pool, you can prevent any mishap like health problems and other risks. Having a pool shed, you can keep your pool maintenance supplies out of your garage.

A swimming pool shed is the best place for storing the pool maintenance equipment. You can keep all necessary equipments ranging from the pool cover, pumps, filters, heaters to hand skimmers in this shed. It will be easy for you to store your equipment and you won’t need to hunt for it again and again. You are better off to spend some money on a pool shed instead of spending again and again to purchase expensive pool maintenance equipment.

You can get different models in different colors and materials of pool shed kits. You can select any model depending on the area available for building the pool shed or its design. A pool shed can be a sign of attraction and charm and make your pool more a attractive place to enjoy. You can also opt for making pool sheds each for different purposes, one for keeping pool maintenance equipment and other for arrangement of convenient place for you and guests to change or poolside entertaining place. A rational decision is to select the best sized pool shed that will eliminate the need to make two different pool sheds along a single pool. You can easily seal off the equipment from other places.

To select the best pool shed plan for you wholly depends on the pool layout and the place where equipment is located. If you want to make two different pool sheds then you should go for an inexpensive pool shed for keeping the pool maintenance and the other more elaborate to use as a changing room or hangout place.

For building a pool shed, it will obviously need somewhat different and strong foundation for shed to build. It needs concrete foundation and the reason is moisture that can harm the wood. Mostly pool shed kits include instruction for tile flooring. It is better to build the pool shed with the help of both pool builder and shed builder. Unlike conventional or other utility or yard sheds, a pool shed is all about fun and you are going to get more enjoyment out of it. Design and decorate it keeping the fun factor in mind.

One of the most popular design feature is to incorporate a bar and entertainment area. It also allows you to have great fun if you build a good kitchen in pool shed. Different options like insulation, bar windows, partition walls, French doors and large functioning windows make it possible to get more out of a single shed. Before you make a final decision regarding the design of pool shed, collect different pictures of pool sheds and check them for the area where you want to build it. You can also visit different websites to choose a best design for you.

Saltbox Shed Plans

A saltbox is characterized by its asymmetrical roof. This style of house roof was originated by colonists in American history because it provided protection from heat and harsh weather. Saltbox Shed plans are now popular in New England. This shed style is also preferred by people for its versatile and stylish look. Saltbox Sheds are designed in a way that they can hold anything ranging from snow blowers to full sized cars because of their double door opening. We have several saltbox shed plans in our catalog.

For its stylish look, many home owners like to build saltbox sheds. Quite few different styles are available for people who want to get their property built in stylish structures. Basically its roof has two distinct roof lines, one is on the front and other is on the back. Front part of the roof is short and steep with a back part long and sloping that accommodates the single story aspect at the back. Type and style of roof is quite tricky to construct, and good designs and planning should be worked on to make an attractive and stylish building. Your saltbox should be smaller in size than traditional colonies saltbox houses that originated in New England.

Using this style of roof you can build your shed in style. There are different benefits of saltbox shed styles that attract people to actually build their homes in this style. Here is some information about these benefits:

This roof and building structure saves space. Its sloping roof style allows you to build homes in locations that are not conducive otherwise. It is easy to push up these sheds against the house with very shorter end out in the yard. You can even build your house in the branches of the tree because of its sloping roof style.

Saltbox shed roof style serves for more than one purpose. It depends on the place where you build your shed and the material you use to build this shed; you can use the inside of the sloped roof as a storage space of its own. Some people tend to build saltbox shed roofs for their gardening tools and use the roofs to hold wood during the winter season. It also saves the space and expense of building another wood shed on the property.

Well planned and constructed saltbox sheds can be charming, and with our saltbox shed plans you can build your own shed on your property. You can use these sheds for anything and they add great sense of character and tradition to your yard.

Metal Shed Plans

Metal sheds are also known as steel sheds and you can build them with sound planning. Number of things included in the planning of metal shed that you have to consider before starting actual work on this project. A good set of plans can give you best possible ways to design and construct perfect storage room for your home equipment or other optimal things. Get started as following:

Very first thing you should consider is size of shed that you want to build for storing purpose. It can vary with respect to your storing needs, budget and availability of space. You must think about the number and size of things for which you are going to construct metal shed. If you want to put larger tools and equipments in the shed like sawhorses, gardening tools and farming tools, definitely you need to have more space for a larger metal shed building. You should design your shed in such a way that it can hold all the things you want to store for keeping your garage free for only your car.

Next thing can be zoning restrictions that will affect your plan for building metal shed. You may have to take permit from your local building department for building a shed for personal purposes. After working through these these logistical issues your first logical step should be starting work on this project. But if you pause and think about having proper plan for this metal shed building, it may save you costly rework on your shed plan. This plan will better guide you what and how much material you need for which type of metal shed which type of fasteners you should use etc. Completing this project within time constraints should also be your most concern and a good metal shed plan will tell you how long you will continue working on shed building and what tools are required for this. The professional and perfect shed plan will allow you to better schedule whole process of shed building.

Preparing structure and delivering blueprints of shed should also be in your planning list. Meeting with a contractor and professional shed builders if you are not handy with carpentry skills will be a more convenient way for you.

Selection of other features of shed rather than structure is also very important to your end. Other features include roofing, flooring, siding type, door and window installation and colors of sheds. If you want to give a stylish look to your garden or backyard, you can include some decorative items like cupolas etc.

Working with metal shed plan will make you done the things in right way and have perfect metal shed plan that will better accomplish your storing needs.

Cabin Shed Plans

These durable, considerable barns can use as workshop, studio, cabana, or even a cabin in woods. These plans vary in size according to your need. These can also be called colonial sheds. The large hinged cabin double doors aren’t only feature that make these sheds a popular choice. It is a convenient choice to fulfill all kind of storage needs. It has two windows completed with screens and Z-shutters that give this shed a distinctive appearance. You can choose size of perfect shed to meet your needs whether large or small. You can add your own paint and shingles to make it perfect match for your house.

All those
free shed plans online will most likely have low quality information and won't include enough details to create your shed. The reality is, we give away many of these free shed plans when you purchase our deluxe shed plan kit. We created our custom shed plans based on our knowledge and experience. The designs are ours. We made them to be as simple to follow as possible, yet with enough detail to get you through the project in a few days. If you want to build a shed in a few days that will last visit our shed plans pages to browse through our plans. All of our shed plans are available for immediate download. Here you can buy our whole package, or just one of our plans as a sampler. Our categories are always available on the left of your screen on any page of our site.