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Shed Plans Guide

This is a general shed plans buyer's guideĀ  Our free article center was formed to help you build, plan, and execute your wood working project as smoothly as possible.


Shed Plan General Buyer's Guide

One of our most important products are our shed plans. Designing and building shed plans has turned from a hobby to a business for us. While we offer what we consider are the best shed plans on the market, we do realize that sometimes we don't have exactly what our customers want, so they may choose to go elsewhere to get the exact plan they need. With that in mind, we have put together a small little buyer's guide for buying shed plans on the internet. These are questions you should ask yourself before purchasing any plans on the internet, and hopefully convinces you to buy your shed plans from us:

Are they original?

Who designed these plans? Are you buying them from the original designer, or some distributor, or worse yet, a copyright violator? Many plans are either designed by incompetent people who are not qualified to design plans, or just may be graphic artists putting pictures together. Some plans have been downloaded and copied so many times, you may be dealing with some copyright thief who doesn't care whether you get a quality product or not. In our case, we have designed all of our shed plans in house, drawing on our background and woodworking experience.

How detailed are they?
Some shed plans for sale are 1 page. Literally 1 page. With just a couple of layouts and dimensions. Ours are all several pages. All of our shed plans are typically 15-17 pages, easily printable on 8.5x11 paper.

What are they designed with?
Ask your seller what piece of software was used to design their sheds. If they can't answer, they are likely not the original creator. Or they might tell you they were made with some graphic arts program, in which case they won't be very accurate. All of our shed plans were created using 3D ProEngineer software.

Can I get all your plans in one order for one low price?
Smart sellers will realize that you will likely only build one shed, so there is no need to sell plans separately. They are only sold separately to drive up the price and try and get you to buy several from them as you decide which shed you build. We offer all our plans individually at incredibly low prices to give you a chance to buy a sample plan on the cheap in the hopes that you will buy our package set, which is still priced cheaper then what other sellers sell one shed plan for.

Can I get women with your shed plans?
Now you're talking! You'll be the man of the neighborhood with all of them standing in line for your shed building expertise!

ok, ok, let me check out your shed plans...
You betcha. Check them out here.