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Wood Sheds

Wood sheds are the most popular types of sheds to build.  Our free article center was formed to help you build, plan, and execute your wood working project as smoothly as possible.


Wood Sheds
I want to change the pace a little bit in this article. Instead of just talking about shed plans or gazebo plans or whatever, I just want to talk a little bit about Wood Sheds by themselves.
Now what is a Wood Shed really good for, other than taking someone out behind it? Well, other than storing your lawn tractor and tools, it is a great way to store just about anything that you don't have room for in your garage. Tools, holiday decorations, excess building material from your last renovation project, bicycles, garbage cans, anything you can imagine.
There is also something special about a hand built wood shed that you don't get from a plastic little shed you buy at Lowe's or Home Depot. When I walk over into someone's backyard, and they have a prefab plastic shed, it screams "yuppie". When I go to someone's house and they have a hand built wood shed that they built themselves in their backyard, it screams "craftsman" or "stud".
Wood Sheds are just special. There's something just historically nostalgic about building your own structure. It takes us back to our roots in mankind, when a man used to build his own shelter. Nowadays, I don't know too many people who have the ability to build their own house, but a shed, is well within reach of most people, and there is just something special about it.
The other thing I love about building a shed is that is such a great project for a father and son to undertake. Just think of all the things you can teach your boy, and bond at the same time, when you build a shed together. Every time you go out in your backyard and look at that shed, you will memories that forever take you back to that experience. Your boy could be away at college and moved out, but when you go out and see that shed, you will remember that time you spent together. And when he comes back to visit as an adult, you and him can go out there and share a few beers as adults and he will have memories he will cherish for a lifetime.
So, with all that in mind, those are just some of the reasons I carry on about shed plans and have made this site. I think we have a great product to offer. I've spent thousands of hours putting all this together, designing sheds, marketing them, and selling them. And if I can put some memories together for a father and son to carry with them, then all the better. 

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