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Article Discount Offer

Write an article, get 50% off anything in our store!  If you have written any article on woodworking or sheds or anything a wood construction hobbyist would enjoy, sent it to us for a discount!


Write an article for us, get a 50% discount!
We are only doing this for a limited time only, but we are now soliciting articles for our site, and if you have an article that you have written and would like to submit it to our site, or even an idea for an article that you want to write, we are offering you a 50% discount off anything in our store!

Relevant subject matter helps a site. So if you help us by providing us relevant subject matter, we will return the favor and give you a 50% discount off anything in our store! The process is very straightforward. If you have written an article or short how-to guide and are willing to let us publish it on our site, send it to us, and we will send you a discount coupon good for a 50% discount off any item we have in our store. We have only a few basic guidelines you must follow:

1. Your article must be on relevant subject matter concerning the main focus of our site. Namely anything to do with shed plans, gazebo plans, construction guides, woodworking guides, any kind of home improvement guide, decks, barns, or your own woodworking project plan! Lets just say anything that has anything to do with creating sawdust and sweat, we are interested in! Have you written an article on tips and tricks for home woodworkers, or shed builders or any kind of construction techniques? Anything of that nature is what we are looking for. Look at our other articles to get an idea of the kinds of things we want to see. It can be very detailed on a very specific task or type of project, or can be broad, we're really not picky right now, we just want articles, but it should hopefully be something that we have not already covered.

2. Your article must be at least 1000 words. This makes sure you can go in depth about a certain topic, but you do not have to ramble on. 1000 words is not a lot of words for an article. There is no limit though, and you can go on for several pages if you wish. We want a quality article, but we are not looking for a professional writer either. If you put in an honest effort and write about any of the subjects we are now talking about that we don't have an article on already, we are interested.

3. Pictures are not required for your article, but pictures are appreciated if they are available.

4. Your article must be your original work and you must allow us full permission to reproduce it here without any further limits or compensation. By sending us your submission, you must automatically consent to our terms. We may edit your article for clarity to fit the theme of our site. Your name will not appear on our site, so your privacy is guaranteed. Your article cannot be posted on any other site. We will google your article content and we will find it online if it's out there, and if we do, you will be declined and banned from participation in our program.

5. There is no limit to this offer. You can submit as many articles as you want. For each article that you get approved, you will get a new 50% off coupon as long as you see this ad running on our site.

6. Although we are in desperate need for new articles, we reserve the right to decline an article if the subject matter has been discussed here already, or if the work does not meet our very basic quality standards. Our only real quality standard is it must be a coherent article that someone would want to read. If you take the time to submit an article, we will take the time to read it, and if your article is declined, we will notify you of the reason.

If you have an article that you've written and you would like to send it to us and get 50% off anything in our store, go ahead and contact us. When you contact us using our contact form, all we want you to do initially is give us a brief one or two sentence description of your article content subject matter, don't paste your entire article in our contact form. If your subject matter fits the subjects we are currently looking for, we will reply to tell you we are interested. Then you simply email us back with your article in the email, we will review the article, and if it meets final approval for submission on our site, we will email you back with your 50% off coupon that you may use immediately on our site.

We are very fast in replying to your emails and reviewing your articles, the whole process typically takes less than 1 business day. Actually, you don't even need an article handy. If you have an idea for a new article that we don't already have, and you wish to contact us to see if we're interested, go ahead, and if we have an interest in your subject matter, you can go ahead and take your time, write your article and send it to us when your done, and then we'll get you your 50% off coupon! It's that easy and straightforward. We look forward to hearing from you, so get to work!