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We are always looking for new plans that we can offer our customers.  We realize that many of our customers have original plans of their own.

Are you a hobby woodworker?  Have you created your own woodworking plans?  Perhaps you are a builder that has his own plan collection?  Or perhaps you were in this plan sales business yourself and have decided to get out of it?  If so, lets talk.

If you have your own plans, that you have copyrights too, we would always be interested in talking with you to purchase the rights to your plans.  It doesn't matter what they are plans for.  If they fit within the content that we offer on this site, Wood Plans, Shed Plans, Gazebo Plans, or any woodworking plans, then we are interested. 

If you would like to talk to us about selling us your plan collection, please contact us and let us know what you have.  Whether you have just one plan to sell, or 100 plans to sell, or more, we are interested in buying all high quality plans that we can resell.