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Our Gazebo Plans

Have you seen how awesome our gazebo plans are?  Our free article center was formed to help you build, plan, and execute your wood working project as smoothly as possible.


Our Gazebo Plans
There are very few things that you can build in your backyard that are more beautiful and provide more fun for your family then a Gazebo. Our Gazebo Plans are designed to be as easy to follow as possible and are written for the novice Gazebo Builder in mind.
A Gazebo built from one of our plans will last for decades to come and will provide years of enjoyment for your family. We offer a package unlike any other plan retailer on the net. All of our Gazebo Plans are designed by us using the latest 3D CAD software technology.
Building a Gazebo is very much like building a shed. You need to pick out a spot in your yard that suits your Gazebo best. Preferably out of direct sunlight, somewhere near your main house, on solid ground.
Then you need to decide what size Gazebo you want to build and estimate the cost of the project. The cost of building a gazebo will very from location to location. A Gazebo differs from a shed primarily due to cut angles. Most Shed Plans require 90 degree cuts only. Since a Gazebo is typically 6 or 8 sides, angle cuts are required. However, a good set of plans standardizes on all the angles to provide a clean, neat design that is easy to build with a standard set of tools.

We encourage you to review our Gazebo Plans to see if they are right for you. We feel they are the best on the market. They are all designed in house and available for immediate download. If you know exactly which one you want, you can buy them individually, but you can also buy our entire package for very little cost. Basically, if you consider how much time it took to put these Gazebo Plans together, they are almost Free! Browse through our site and see for yourself.
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