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Finland, People, Cities, and Towns, History and Genealogy 12 books on CD

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Learn all about the towns, cities, and villages of the people of the great country of Finland!  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



History and Genealogy Collection

History and Genealogy Records of The People of Finland

Ultimate Genealogy and History Library

12 Total titles on the People of Finland and their history. 

We routinely see just ONE of these titles for sale for the same price or more than our entire collection!  Read about the various towns and counties, town gatherings and events, and stories about prominent towns folk throughout the state's history, and do it at the lowest price per book on disk!

Learn all about your ancestors!

The best selling Genealogy Collection on one easy to use CD! 
A must have resource for any genealogist or historian.

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on one easy to use CD.



Finland Genealogy



Finland Genealogy



All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing
.  Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).


Most of these are scanned books that are indexed and searchable!  Some scans may not be perfect due to their age.

12 Titles about The People of Finland:

Americanization Of The Finnish People In Houghton County, Michigan By Clemens Niemi - (1921) - 45 Pages

Denmark And Sweden, With Iceland And Finland By Jon Stefansson - (1916) - 477 Pages

Finland And The Finns By Arthur Reade - (1917) - 367 Pages

Finland; Its Public And Private Economy By Niels Christian Frederiksen - (1902) - 324 Pages

Folk-Dances Of Finland: Containing Sixty-Five Dances By Elizabeth Burchenal, (Organizer And First Chairman Of The Folk-Dance Committee Of The Playground And Recreation Association Of America, Inspector Of Girls' Athletics For The Board Of Education Of The City Of New York, Executive Secretary Of Girls' Branch Of The Public Schools Athletic League Of New York City, (1915) - 103 Pages

Mighty Mikko; A Book Of Finnish Fairy Tales And Folk Tales By Parker Hoysted Fillmore - (1922) - 341 Pages

Täydellisin Suomalais-Englantilainen Kok-Kikirja. Finnish-English Cook Book By August Edwards - (1916) - 164 Pages

The Finn In America By Eugene Van Cleef - (1918) - 38 Pages

The Finnish Revolution In Preparation 1889-1905, As Disclosed By Secret Documents, Agitation Of The Finns In Europe. The Revolutionary Committee And Active Resistance. The Fighting Organization. Ways And Means Of Action. Leaders Of The Movement. Russian Policy And Its Results. By E.K. Fedorov - (1911) - 85 Pages

The Finns In Lanesville, Massachusetts By Helen Corliss Babson - (1920) - 15 Pages

The Pre-And Proto-Historic Finns: Both Eastern And Western, With The Magic Songs Of The West Finns By John Abercromby - (1898) - 433 Pages

The Revolution In Finland Under Prince John Obolensky By Vsevolod Valadimirov - (1911) - 81 Pages


Finland Genealogy      Finland Genealogy

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