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Welding Reference Guides DVD, Stick, TIG, MIG, Oxyacetylene Plasma DVD

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Learn all about the different types of welding, Mig, Tig, Stick, with these instructional guides and books and videos.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



The American Welding Reference Library

Included: 9 hours of Instructional Videos
Included:  Over 100
How To Manuals and Guides, Textbooks, and Project Plans

welding videos  welding videos  welding videos

The best selling
Welding Library Collection on one easy to use DVD!

This collection includes video in .mp4 format.  This is a data DVD can be played in any computer.  It cannot be played in a DVD player attached to your TV.

All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing

The follow topics are covered, just as an example: 

Electric Welding
Thermite Welding
Mig Welding
Stick Welding
Oxyacetylene Cutting
Oxyacetylene Welding
Plasma Cutting
Soldering and Brazing
Spot Welding
Oxyfuel Welding
For Arc Welding and Cutting
Gas Shielded Arc Welding
Welding Problems and Solutions
Metals Identification
Standard Metal Designations
Welding and Cutting Containers that Have Held Combustibles
Welding and Cutting Polyurethane Foam Filled Assemblies
Expansion and Contraction in Welding Operations
Cutting and Hard Surfacing with the Electric Arc
Welding Positions
Print Reading and Welding Symbols
Joint Design and Preparation of Metals
Welding and Cutting Equipment
Oxyacetylene Welding Equipment
Oxyacetylene Cutting Equipment
Arc Welding Equipment and Accessories
Resistance Welding Equipment
Thermite Welding Equipment
Forge Welding Tools and Equipment
Welding Techniques
Types of Welds and Welded Joints
Soldering Nonferrous Metals
Underwater Cutting and Welding with the Electric Arc
Underwater Cutting with Oxyfuel
Flame Cutting Steel and Cast Iron
Destructive and Nondestructive Testing
Performance Testing
Visual Inspection and Corrections
Flame Treating Metal
Armor Plate Welding and Cutting
Pipe Welding
Welding Cast Iron
Cast Steel
Carbon Steel and Forgings
Forge Welding
Heat Treatment of Steel
Electrodes and Filler Metals
Maintenance of Welding Operations
Arc Welding and Cutting Processes
Oxygen Fuel Gas Welding
Welding Processes and Techniques
Welding and Brazing Ferrous Metals
Underwater Cutting with Oxyfuel
Flame Cutting Steel and Cast Iron
Destructive and Nondestructive Testing
Performance Testing
Visual Inspection and Corrections

General Description and Weldability of Ferrous Metals
General Description and Weldability of Nonferrous Metals
Physical Testing
even Blacksmithing and so much more. 

Scroll down for a full list of Manuals included!

 Plus, we also include 9 hours of instructional videos on important topics about basic skills in the field. 

If you have any interest in becoming a hobby welder or a pro, or if you are going to school to become one, this collection of books and guides on welding will enhance your skills regardless of what kind of level you are at.  The historical books and guides give you a perspective that is hard to capture in a classroom, while the videos are easy to follow for anyone. 

Several dozen videos are included on this disk, in .mp4 format that can be played on any computer.  These videos combined are about 9 hours long!  You can save them to your hard drive, and then place them on your Ipad or tablet or phone, and watch them in your shop at your convenience.  They provide a great instruction on proper machining skills and techniques.  Great tips and tricks!

Basic MIG Welding -
Introductory techniques are explained to a novice user who has never welded before.
Advanced MIG Welding -
The process is explained further by a professional who shows some techniques to use on simple pipe
Basic Introduction to Mig, Tig & Stick Welders -
This video about Mig, Tig and Stick welders, some of their basic functions and the differences between them.
How To Weld- Stick Weld Troubleshooting -
A video that will help you solve the six most common stick welding problems known to man. Covered in this video, Long Arc, Running Too Hot, Running Too Cold, Running Too Fast, Running Too Slow, Wrong Drag Angle.
Intro To Stick Welding Part 1 - Safety -
The intro to stick welding covers welding safety. Personal protection such as clothing, welding jackets, gloves, helmet and boots. Also what to look for before you start welding. Hazards to eliminate before you even strike an arc.
Intro To Stick Welding Part 2 - Setup & Your 1st Pass -
We take you through setting up your welder, accessories you'll need to aid you in the Stick welding process and running your first pass.
Intro To Stick Welding Part 3 - Choosing Your Electrode -
We will discuss how to select an electrode for the stick welding process.
Mig VS Tig VS Stick VS Flux-Core... Which Process Is Best For You -
Taking a look at some of the "major" welding processes to help a newer weldor decide on what type of welding might be best for them
Mig Weld Trouble-Shooting- Common Problems & Solutions -
Having issues with your mig welds? We'll take a look at a number of common problems (been there, done that) in this How Not To Weld video on the GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) Process. Here's what we talk about, in order: Traveling Too Fast, Traveling Too Slow, Too Much WFS (Wire Feed Speed), Too Little WFS (Wire Feed Speed), Too Much Stick-Out, Not Enough Stick-Out, Wrong Polarity, No Shielding, Gas... Or Not Enough Shielding Gas, Welding "Too Hot", Welding "Too Cold".
MIG Welding Basics -
Includes overview of equipment, proper setup, and techniques.
MIG Welding for Beginners -
Further explains proper process for a solid penetration weld.

MMA welding (welding institute) video guide -
Great movie about a manual electric arc welding stick electrodes. Description of all equipment from the workplace and the safety of the current selection, selection of electrode diameter, surface preparation and application of the joint.
Selecting A Welding Helmet -
Tips and suggestions of what to look for in choosing a welding helmet.
Stick Welding 101- How To Strike an Arc -
All you need to know to get your electrodes started stick welding.
The Basics of Personal Protection While Welding -
This segment is meant to educate anyone who is considering any type of arc welding. It will cover the basics of personal protection as well as the requirements of clothing and work wear.

Welding - Tips for Beginners, Types of Welds and Troubleshooting -
This video offers some tips for beginning welders, shows you different types of welds as well as how to troubleshoot your welder.
Welding Basics - How-to MIG Weld - 2 Part Series -
An educational video showing how to weld with a home welder that anyone can buy.

Plus many more videos included, totals 9 hours on everything welding!!

Scroll down for screen captures!

We are not going to stop there.  In addition to those videos, we are also including over 100 books, Guides, and even some project plans to help you learn more welding!  Some of these are short reference guides, where as most of them are full length books.  They are provided here to help you start building your own welder reference library.  Some of them are probably being the range of the average user, but they are great set of reference material for the beginner or expert alike. 

Army and Navy Welding Guides
General Principles of Welding & Cutting,
US Navy, 64 pages
Introduction to Welding & Cutting,
US Navy, 28 pages
Nondestructive Tests & Inspections of Welds,
US Navy, 20 pages
US Navy, 2 pages
Underwater Cutting & Welding,
US Navy, 193 pages
Welding - Design Procedures & Inspections,
UFC, 2005, 132 pages
Welding & Cutting Equipment,
US Navy, 46 pages
Welding Basics,
US Gov., 2007, 26 pages
Welding Fundamentals,
US Navy, 235 pages
Welding Handbook,
US Army, 742 pages
Welding Shop Practices,
US Army, 25 pages
Welding Symbols & Codes,
US Navy, 6 pages
Welding Symbols & Drawings,
US Army, 45 pages

American Blacksmithing - Toolsmiths' and Steelworkers' Manual,
by J. Holmstrom, 1911, 476 pages
Elementary Metal Work-A Practical Manual for Amateurs and for Use in Schools,
by Charles Leland, 1894, 136 pages
Machinery's Reference Series 1-10,
The Industrial Press, 523 pages
Machinery's Reference Series 11-20,
The Industrial Press, 455 pages
Machinery's Reference Series 31-40,
The Industrial Press, 505 pages
Machinery's Reference Series 51-60,
The Industrial Press, 417 pages
Machinery's Reference Series 111-120,
The Industrial Press, 495 pages
Practical Blacksmithing Volume 1,
by M.T. Richardson, 1889, 277 pages
Practical Blacksmithing Volume 2,
by M.T. Richardson, 1889, 269 pages
Practical Blacksmithing Volume 3,
by M.T. Richardson, 1890, 329 pages
Practical Blacksmithing Volume 4,
by M.T. Richardson, 1891, 299 pages
Standard Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing and Wagon Making,
by J. Holmstrom, 1907, 234 pages
The Complete Guide to Blacksmithing,
by A. Lungwitz, 1902, 236 pages

Electric Welding All Processes
Electric Arc Welding,
by E. Wanamaker & H. R. Pennington, 1921, 271 pages
Electric Arc Welding,
The Lincoln Electric Company, 1921, 77 pages
Electric Heating,
by Edwin Houston, 1906, 312 pages
Electric Welding & Welding Appliances,
by H. Carpmael, 1920, 138 pages
Electric Welding,
by A. M. Bennett & W. E. Thompson, 1914, 49 pages
Electric Welding,
by D. T. Hamilton & E. Oberg, 1918, 304 pages
Electric Welding,
by E. Viall, 1921, 429 pages
Metal-Arc Welding & Cutting,
US Navy, 56 pages

Thermite Welding
Gas Torch & Thermite Welding,
by E. Viall, 1921, 457 pages
Welding Theory & Practice - Electric, Thermite & Hot Flame Processes,
by Richard Hart, 1910, 198 pages

Introduction to Welding
Modern Methods of Welding as Applied to Workshop Practice,
by J.H. Davies, 1922, 281 pages
Welding & Cutting Metals by Aid of Gases & Electricity,
by L.A. Groth, 1909 , 300 pages
Welding ABC,
7 page summation of commonly used terms
Welding Manuals,
2 total manuals, 287 and 182 pages

Metal Inert Art Welding MIG or GMAW
Gas Shielded-Arc Welding - TIG & MIG,
US Army, 76 pages
MIG Welding Guidelines,
4 page summation overview

An Introduction to Metalworking,
by J. Charles Pearson, 1904, 158 pages
First Lessons in Metal-Working,
by Alfred Compton, 1890, 192 pages
Handcraft in Wood and Metal,
by John Hooper and Alfred Shirley, 1913, 288 pages
Metal Spinning,
by Fred Crawshaw, 1909, 80 pages
Metal Spinning,
Machinery's Reference Book, 1912, 44 pages
Metals and Metalworking in Old Japan,
by W. Gowland, 1915, 152 pages

Oxyacetylene Cutting, Welding
A Practical Manual of Autogenous Welding-Oxyacetylene,
by R. Granjon and P. Rosemberg, 1915 , 256 pages
A Practical Manual of Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting With a Treatise on Acetylene and Oxygen,
by P.F. Willis, 1917, 200 pages
A Textbook on Welding & Cutting Metals by the Oxyacetylene Process,
by C.H. Burrows, 1915, 143 pages
Autogenous Welding & Cutting,
by T. Kautny, 1915, 172 pages
Autogenous Welding of Metals,
by L. L. Bernier, 1908, 48 pages
Imperial Welding and Cutting Hand Book,
Imperial Brass Mfg. Co, 1916, 60 pages
Lectures on Welding & Cutting with the Oxyacetylene Torch,
Davis-Bournonville Institute, 1919, 321 pages
Oxyacetylene Cutting & Welding,
US Navy, 30 pages
Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting,
by C. F. Swingle, 1915, 189 pages
Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting,
by H. Manly, 1916, 214 pages
Oxyacetylene Welding & Cutting,
by P. F. Willis, 1922, 257 pages
Oxyacetylene Welding Manual,
by L. Campbell, 1919, 183 pages
Oxyacetylene Welding Practice,
by R. J. Kehl, 1920, 117 pages
Oxyacetylene Welding,
by W. Miller, 1916, 299 pages
Oxygen-Acetylene Welding, Cutting, Brazing, Soldering,
US Army, 63 pages
Tests of Oxyacetylene Welded Joints in Steel Plates,
by Herbert Moore, 1917, 27 pages
The Strength of Oxyacetylene Welds in Steel,
by H. L. Whitt 1910, 72 pages

Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting Fundamentals,
2009, 23 pages

Soldering and Brazing
Brazing & Braze Welding,
US Navy, 1974, 30 pages
Brazing and Soldering,
by James Hobart, 1917, 84 pages
Manual of Instruction in Hard Soldering,
by Harvey Rowell, 1891, 78 pages
Simple Soldering Both Hard and Soft,
by Edward Thatcher, 1910, 124 pages
Soft Soldering, Hard Soldering and Brazing,
by James Hobart, 1919, 216 pages
Solder, Its Production and Application With a Brief History of Tin and Lead,
by FW Schultz, 1908, 128 pages
Soldering Copper Pipe,
US Navy, 1974, 15 pages
Soldering Digital Circuits,
US Army, 46 pages
Soldering Kinks,
The M.W. Dunton Co, 1919, 120 pages
Soldering, Brazing & Welding,
by B. E. Jones, 1918, 161 pages
Soldering, How To Do It,
by Horace Van Sands, 1917, 18 pages
Welding-Soldering Copper -
The Copper Tube Handbook, 66 pages

Specialized Welding
Aeronautical Equipment Welding,
US Navy, 2008, 278 pages
Automobile Welding with the Oxy-Acetylene Flame,
by Keith Dunham, 1917, 166 pages
Automotive & Armor Plate Welding,
US Army, 39 pages
Pipe Welding,
2010, 35 pages
Stud Welding,
2005, 19 pages
Welding Carbon Steel,
US Gov., 14 pages

Spot Welding
Resistance Spot Welding Handbook,
16 pages
Spot & Arc Welding,
by H. A. Hornor, 1920, 302 pages

Stick Welding
Principles of Stick Welding,
24 pages
Stick Welding Fundamentals,
2007, 27 pages
Stick Welding Handbook,
 1973, 736 pages
Stick Welding or Shielded Metal Arc Welding,
SMAW, US, 67 pages

Tungsten Inert Gas Welding TIG or GTAW
TIG Fundamentals,
23 pages
TIG Handbook,
86 pages

Welding Materials
US Navy, 22 pages
Metals & Base Welding Material,
US Navy, 64 pages
Properties, Uses & Identification of Metals for Welding,
49 pages
Welding Materials Handbook,
US Navy, 212 pages
Welding Metals & Alloys Handbook,
US Navy, 287 pages

Welding Project Plans
Auto Arc Welder
Coal Burning Forge
Gas Fired Furnace
How to case harden steel
Manual Metal Shaper
Sand Blaster
Small Shop Press, Bending Brake
Spot Welder
Welding Gun

Video Screen Shots:

welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos  welding videos welding videos welding videos welding videos

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