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Complete Library on Church Vestments, Embroidery Needlework, 47 Books, DVD

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Anyone that is interested in old church history will love this disk full of historic books.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



The Complete Library of Church Vestments

Historic Books, Periodicals, and Classic Literature

Church Vestments Church Vestments Church Vestments Church Vestments

47 Vintage Books and Publications included on this disk!

Church Vestments Church Vestments Church Vestments Church Vestments

A must have resource for anyone interested in Church Vestments!

Neatly organized titles as shown, on one easy to use data disk for your computer.

Vintage Surgical Instruments Library

All books are PDF format that you know and trust, for easy reading and printingNo unknown or strange file formats!

Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).

FORMAT NOTICE: This disk is only for use in your computer's drive!  It will NOT play in the DVD Player hooked up to your TV or in your car!


Church Vestments


Church Vestments


Church Vestments


Church Vestments

This data disk includes 47 vintage books and periodicals detailing Church Vestments.  These books can only be read on your computer with a PDF Reader (such as the free Adobe Reader).

Please note that this collection contains vintage scans, some of which were in poor condition before being rescued and digitized for posterity.  This means that you may see some pages with creases and tears that show up in the scans.

Publications included:

A Circular Letter From the Bishop of Montreal, to the Clergy of His Diocese on Church Vestments ©1845 – By: Francis & John Rivington – 40 pages
A Directory of Ceremonial ©1921 – By: A. R. Mowbray – 94 pages
Abridged Illustrated Catalogue of Art Furniture, Hangings and Embroidery ©1889 – 97 pages
An Anglican Study in Christian Symbolism ©1898 – By: Elizabeth Clifford Neff – 276 pages
Catalogue of Vestments, Banners and Regalia ©1893 – By: Benziger Brothers – 112 pages
Church Art in Metal, Plaster, Glass, Leather, Embroidery, Wood, Jewelled Plate ©1921 – By: A. R. Mowbry – 37 pages
Church Embroidery Ancient and Modern ©1867 – By: Anastasia Dolby – 253 pages
Church Needlework: A Manual of Practical Instruction ©1907 – By: Hinda M. Hands – 122 pages
Church Needlework: With Practical Remarks on its Arrangement and Preparation ©1844 – By: Miss Lambert – 200 pages
Church Ornaments and Their Civil Antecedents ©1917 – By: J Wickahm Legg – 152 pages
Church Vestments Their Origin, Use, and Ornament ©1868 – By: Anastasia Dolby – 306 pages
Constitution, Objects, Rules of the Church Needlework Society ©1864 – By: ADV Plans, LLC – 8 pages
Costume of Prelates of the Catholic Church ©1909 – By: John Abel Nainfa – 346 pages
Ecclesiastical Vestments Their Developments and History ©1896 – By: R. A. S. Macalister – 298 pages
Ecclesiological Essays (1905) – By: J. Wickham Legg – 334 pages
English Embroidery ©1905 – By: A. F. Kendrick – 282 pages
English Liturgical Colours ©1918 – By: St. John Hope – 300 pages
Essays on Ceremonial ©1904 – By: Vernon Staley – 348 pages
Explanation of the Construction ©1834 – By: John England – 296 pages
Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume ©1844 – By: A. Welby Pugin – 402 pages
Historic Dress of the Clergy ©1897 – By: Geo. S. Tyack – 175 pages
Inventory of the Ornaments, Reliques, Jewels, Vestments, Books, Etc. ©1831 -  By: John Dillon – 52 pages
Is the Use of the Vestments Under the Ornaments Rubric ©1883 – By: E. B. Wheatley – 206 pages
Liturgical Vestments in Thirteenth Century ©1895 – By: Oswald J. Reichel – 68 pages
Needlework in Religion ©1920 – By: Isaac Pitman – 350 pages
Textile Fabrics: A Descriptive Catalogue ©1870 – By: Daniel Rock – 614 pages
The Arts of the Church: Church Embroidery ©1911 – By: Alice Dryden – 208 pages


20 more books!!!

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