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Wild Bill Hickok, Will Rogers, 426 FULL RUN Old Time Radio Shows MP3 DVD

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Classic Full length old time radio shows on MP3 format on disk.  Anyone into old time radio will love this disk.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



A Double Feature Old Time Radio mp3 DVD

featuring 426 classic episodes of:

wild bill kickok old time radio will rogers old time radio

267 classic episodes of Wild Bill Hickok
classic episodes of Will Rogers
bonus classic Old Time Radio Shows


Don't be fooled by other collections that claim to contain more episodes.  Many of these shows were aired on multiple dates in reruns, so you have plenty of sellers out there padding their collections with reruns!  We feature all known episodes in existence and do not add "fluff" to our collections to increase our claimed episode count like many others.  We always include an episode list, so that you can see all the episodes included for yourself.

NOTICE: This collection is all in MP3 format supplied on DVD.  You play this in your computer and then can copy all the MP3 files to your MP3 player of choice.  This DVD will NOT play in a regular CD player in your car, or your TV's DVD player, it is intended for your computer only which will allow you to transfer the MP3 files to any device that can play MP3's.  This collection remains the largest most original collection.

Wild Bill Hickok:

This western featured movie star Guy Madison as the lead, ably assisted by media veteran Andy Devine as his sidekick Jingles. Both remained with the series for its entire run. Kellogg's was the sponsor from start to finish. After the last show in December 1954 it went into syndication from July 1955 until Feb 1956. Guy Madison and Andy Devine were extremely busy during this time. In addition to the radio series they also appeared in 113 half hour TV Wild Bill Hickok shows between 1951 and 1958. Unlike most series that made the transition from radio to TV, The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok TV Show kept the same cast as the radio show. The TV version began as a syndicated one; it was picked up by CBS-TV and viewed from 1955-1958 and on ABC-TV from 1957 to 1958 in the day time or late afternoon. Even that it was directed at a juvenile audience, the shows are quiet entertaining for all age groups. Jingles' horse was named "Joker" and "Buckshot" was ridden by Wild Bill Hickok.

The following classic episodes are included in this DVD in .mp3 format:

First Show Mayor of Mule Mesa Dangerous Round-Up
The Missouri Kid A Vicious Joke Poison for Wild Bill
The Case of the Unlucky Seven Wolf at Ghost Mountain Pedro the Poet
An Outlaw's Revenge Jingles' Birthday Six-Gun Thunder
The Red Wagon Jinx One More to Get Bullets at Iron Mountain
A Cave at Careful Smith's Mine The Secret of the Iron Door Double Action Danger
A Outlaw's Bargain The Terrible Cook The Hermit of Split Rock Canyon
A Charge on Devil's Mountain The Mark of the Claw The High Tone Stranger
The Road Agents of Red Rock A Dangerous Vacation Two Little Buckaroos
The Shadow Hill Gang The Jaws Of The Law Silk Hat Hogan's Donkey
The Confidence Game The Trap at Pistol Springs No-beard's Treasure
Press for Justice Madmen of Moon Mountain Seven Silver Bullets
Warpath or Peace The Gunman's Brand A Tangled Rope
The Secret of Arroyo Diablo Wild Bill's Double Trouble The Walking Double-X
Ghost Town Gold The Treasure Map War The Gunsmoke Blockade
The Trail of Death Old Red's Revenge Bad Medicine
Trail Herd Trouble Hang Town Jail Boot Hill Special
A Dangerous Wedding The Red River Mutiny Bullets in the Blizzard
The Fury of Savage River War Drums and the Princess Tuffy Tombstone
Mixed Brands The Tinker's Revenge The Phantom of Gun Valley
Four Aces for Death Timber Trouble Eight Hundred Feet Down
The Mysterious Fist The Trail of the Cougar The Case of the Dead Man's Dollar
The Range War Joke Book Bandits Twenty Dollar Rainstorm
Logging Delta Belle Hijack Race for the Border
White Fury The Circle Of Death One Wrong Bullet
A Blind Trail Rustlers of Rattlesnake Bend Peter Periwinkle Jones
The Men Who Didn't Come Back The Ruins of Black Canyon Danger Down the River
Mission in Alamogordo The Stranger A Letter of Warning
The Mystery of the Five Deadly Double Eagles Jingles Settles Down Bullets from Nowhere
Bad Medicine at Dry Gulch Two Gun Justice Bank Books and Hot Heads
The Vengeance Trail Wagon Train for Tombstone The Blue Valley Rustlers
The Voice of Echo Canyon Danny's Big Ride The Buffalo Robe
The Gold Maker Windmill on the River Guns Across the Border
The Red Trunk Riddle The Voice in Hawkin's Well The Beef Racket
The Challenge of Sentinel Ridge The Guns of Grandpa Grainger Big Tom the Outlaw
Wyatt Foster's Secret Blood Money The Rattler
The Wheels of Doom The Capture of Trader Joe The Fury of the Wind
Sir Tommy, the Siler Knight The Colorado Killer Pop Skinner's Green Dragon
The Dead of Winter The Trail of the Grizzly Bear Trigger Money
Legacy of Death Phantom Rustlers Sheriff Sadie Blake
The Shawnee Raid The Grass Valley Swindle aka Half Pint Outlaw Wires to the West
The Two-Faced Horny Toad Death on the Desert Livin' Lightning
The Forged Fire Timothy Dolan's Last Stand The Trap at Pistol Springs [Rebroadcast]
Secret of the Hard Luck Mine Big Welcome at Shady Rest High Pressure Killers
Revenge of Red Man The Gun Belt Treasure Trigger Treachery
The Mark of a Killer The Killer of Candy Flat The Missing Reporter
Dark Horse Candidate Hand of Death Grandpa and the Dynamite
Gunsmoke Pass Struggle for the Main Divide The Telltale Scar
A Trail of Vengeance Dodge City or Bust Little Man with the Gun
The Treasure of the Old Number Nine Cry of a Killer Log Thief
The River Boat Killer Carnival of Danger Dangerous Advice
The Mysterious Bell Ringer Jingles to the Rescue The Rimrock Rainmaker
Gunsmoke and Violet Coyote Kid's Return Stone Valley Sheep War
Buckshot's Victory Broken Wheel Grade A Long Shadow
The Flame Riders Tarnished Gold The Frozen Desert
Fightin' the Bits The Big Clean-Up The Voodoo of Fiddler's Bend
Phantom of the Gold Circle Wild Horse Mesa The Stranger [Rebroadcast]
Thunder on the Plain The Trail to Dead Rock Lanky Joe
Big John and Little Mike The Trail of the Killer Wolf Trail of the Cougar
Death at Sunset Trail One Man Rule Satan at the Circus
Battle at Bear Creek The Cash in Bat Wing Cave The Monster in the Cave
Pettigrew's Prize Pig Half-Pint Outlaw Runaway Buckboard
Jokes and Gunsmoke Wild Bill's New Deputy The Bellson Boys
The Wild Miller of Paiute Falls Grandpa Rides Again The Ride to Crossbone Valley
A Shot in the Dark The Ten Minute Mayor Red Measles and Black Death
Rescue at Salvation Falls One Fresh Onion The Highest Bidder
The Monstrous Toothache Little Lady in Distress Rustlers' Reckoning
Thunder and Lightning A Day of Danger The Old Hometown
A Snap for Snooper The Whining Arrow Grandpa Granger's Train Ride
The Secret of Sandy Hook The Battle of Buzzard Lake The Honest Swindler
Deadlock at Silver Site The Little Dude A Message from the Sun
Bullets at the Silver Bell The Rocks of Rawhide Canyon The Timber Trail
A Hornet's Nest The Fabulous Wind Wagon Wild Bill's Birthday
Jingles, The Ladies' Man River of Death The Shadow of Hangman's Tree
The Black Canyon Gang Teller's Gold Born Mean
Alkali Justice A Dirtied Shirt Six Gun Serenade
Two Plus Two The Red Skull Deadlock at Big Run
The Champion of Faro Flats The Green Valley Feud Gunsmoke on the Triple-X
Bandits of Badwater Country Daylight Dan Return of the Phantom
Shotgun Swindle A Land Office Business Two Way Take
The Rawhide Whip The Lucky Stampede Mighty Dangerous Laughter
Whine of a Saw The Thundercloud The Thirty-Five Caliber Killer
The Du Caine Revenge The House on Windy Hill Miss Petty's Predicament
Baron of the Badlands Aunt Sarah's Gunfight The Rocks of Black Hill
The Daring of Digby Dean Gundown Tunnel Ridin' for a Fall
Letter of Warning A Trap for Wild Bill A Shiny Silver Star
The Sunny Side Scrap Riverboat to Saint Jo Silver Dollar Revenge
The Secret of Mile High Rock Shotgun Gang Shortcut to Danger
The Queen of Quantrills Tucson Terror Happy New Year

Will Rogers:

William Penn Adair "Will" Rogers (November 4, 1879 – August 15, 1935) was an American cowboy, vaudeville performer, humorist, social commentator and motion picture actor. He was one of the world's best-known celebrities in the 1920s and 1930s. Known as "Oklahoma's Favorite Son," Rogers was born to a prominent Cherokee Nation family in Indian Territory (now part of Oklahoma). He traveled around the world three times, made 71 movies (50 silent films and 21 "talkies"), wrote more than 4,000 nationally syndicated newspaper columns, and became a world-famous figure. By the mid-1930s, the American people adored Rogers. He was the leading political wit of the Progressive Era, and was the top-paid Hollywood movie star at the time. Rogers died in 1935 with aviator Wiley Post, when their small airplane crashed in Alaska. Rogers' vaudeville rope act led to success in the Ziegfeld Follies, which in turn led to the first of his many movie contracts. His 1920s syndicated newspaper column and his radio appearances increased his visibility and popularity. Rogers crusaded for aviation expansion, and provided Americans with first-hand accounts of his world travels. His earthy anecdotes and folksy style allowed him to poke fun at gangsters, prohibition, politicians, government programs, and a host of other controversial topics in a way that was appreciated by a national audience, with no one offended. His aphorisms, couched in humorous terms, were widely quoted: "I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat." Another widely quoted Will Rogers comment was "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts." Rogers even provided an epigram on his most famous epigram: When I die, my epitaph, or whatever you call those signs on gravestones, is going to read: "I joked about every prominent man of my time, but I never met a man I didn't like." I am so proud of that, I can hardly wait to die so it can be carved.

The following left in existence classic episodes are included in this DVD in .mp3 format:

A New Slant on War Guest on Calvacade of America
All I Know Is What I Read In The Papers 1923 Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day
Henry Ford For President Guest on Calvacade of America
Will Rogers Nominates Henry Ford for President Guest on Information Please (2 shows)
First Political Speech Guest on Behind The Scenes
Talk to Bankers All I know Is what I read in the papers
Debt Ballad of Will Rogers
Politics Baseball In Baltimore
Bacon, Beans, and Limousines Congress and Law
Unemployment Famous Quotes
Mother's Day Government Money
Day of Jubilo Pilgrims
Roosevelt Campaign Speech Plan To End War
Wall Streeters Plans
Will Rogers and FDR Thoughts from Will Rogers
Puts Laugh In Campaign For Roosevelt Will Rogers Highway
Guest on Good Gulf Program ( 4 shows)  

Other Bonus Radio Shows:

As a sampler of our old time radio library, we are including a sampler edition of an additional set of 121 old time radio shows of these classic series:

Sun Up Serenade Sunday Down South Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
Tennessee Jamboree Tennessee Jed Sloane Yank Bandstand
Yank Swing Yankee Yarn Time Yankee Yarns
Yarns for Yanks    

  • Model: CA-F78

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