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Inboard and Outboard Boat Plans, 34 Designs, Instant Download Access


34 Inboard and Outboard Boat Plans, instant access download! Simple easy to build small inboard and outboard boat plans. Perfect for the backyard boat building enthusiast. What are you waiting for?



34 Inboard and Outboard

Boat Plans Collection

34 Different and Unique Boat Plans

Instant Download Access!



Have you ever wanted to build a boat?  Are you unsure what kind of boat you want to build?  Do you need some guidance from a good quality set of plans and instructions?  Were you thinking a classic inboard boat, or perhaps a classic outboard boat?  Are you looking for ideas on building a boat?  Are you tired of surfing the internet looking at dead end after dead end when you want to find some good plans and guidelines on boat building?  If you know you want to build a boat, and don't want to purchase our entire set of boat plans, this package is for you.

This package, for immediate download, contains 34 Inboard and Outboard boat plans in PDF format for different styles and shapes of rowboats. 

This is an unequaled deal not to be found elsewhere.  The best deal on all sorts of different boat plans!  These are all of the inboard and outboard plans we sell.

All plans are in PDF format.  You can print out as many copies as you need on your home printer.  You will need a free copy of Adobe Reader (5.0 or later) that you can download for free online. 

7 Runabout Inboard boat designs and plans, including:

Chum 15 footer  This speedy inboard runabout is designed for a converted Jeep motor!  15 and a half ft long, 6 ft beam, and a maximum draft of  20 inches.  Designed to be used with an old Marined Jeep 60 hp engine.

Large Sea Skiff   A 17 ft Seabright skiff.  Can go 14 mph with a 5 hp engine, hits 20 mph with a 10 hp.  5 foot beam, 900 lbs displacement.

Boat Plans Instructions

Nancy Jane 19 footer  All purpose craft designed to fulfill a great variety of uses in one boat.  With a length, beam, and depth generous enough to be usable anywhere, this sea worth design provides a craft that may be equipped with a marine or converted auto engine from 15 to 100 hp.

Panther 15 footer    High speed inboard runabout.  Here, veritable, is a projectile for waterborne space travel, and inboard speedster with super clean and efficient running lines.  With any automobile motor since the 50's, speeds of 75 mph are possible, with no sacrifice of stability.

Panther Boat Plans

Riveria 17 footer 6th place luxury boat designed for ski towing and all water sports is powered by your choice of 100 to 225 hp auto engines converted for marine use.

Sea Scout 14 footer  Sea scout is the type of boat its name implies, a small inboard runabout with single cockpit destined for use by one to three people and for fairly high speeds with comfort not found in outboards and convenience comparable to a coupe ashore.

Small inboard boat Just the size for little kids, this midget inboard has an outboard for a power plant.


Houseboat boat plans

26 Runabout Outboard boat designs and plans, including:

Ace 2 seater  Speedy two-cockpit runabout for towing water skiers and general family boating pleasure.  12' 4 " long, 5' 9" beam, 200 lbs with all equip aboard except a motor.

All Purpose portable boat A winter eveing project for the sportsman who wants his own boat for next summer's outings.  Inexpensive, easily built, a safe and satisfactory performer.

Houseboat Boat Plans

Banta 12 footer  If you want a lightweight utility boat with a nice turn of speed and easy handling, build a "banta".  A boat like this has a lot to recommend it, simple, inexpensive construction, a 1 man weight of less than 150 lbs, practically leak proof, she's a smooth easy sailer on any man's river.

Bebop Kids 8 footer Small runabout for youngsters.  Costs almost nothing to build.

Bebop Boat Plans

Blitzen  Speedy outboard runabout for Class B racing, beveled chines for safe high speed operation.  2 hull stules for same basic design given - one for general utility, one for racing.  Performs well with outboard motors of from 10 to 25 hp.

Blue Streak  Prop ridin on her hydro-conic bottom, Blue Streal takes class "B" outboard motors for a merry spin in stock utility races.

Buzz A lightweight, easily handled outboard hydroplane, adapted to car top carrying, and designed for use with 5 to 10 hp outboard motors.  11' 1" long, 55" Beam, 22" depth, complete weight of 135 lbs.

Pontoon Boat Plans

Cobra 15 footer Fin Tailed outboard runabout. Used with any outboard motor from 10 hp to 50 hp, Cobra will achieve speeds of from 20 mph to 4- mph and will leave most kit or factory built boats well in its wake.

DragonFly II  Her mama (Dragonfly I) was one of the speediest sweethearts of a speedboat we've ever seen.  But daughter's new lines make her even speedier, and a more stable hydroplane.

Firefly  You can go places in this speedy hydroplane, which is designed for the largest outboard motor available.  Try your hand building her.  She's guaranteed fun.

Flying Fisherman Fast outboard utility, 11 1/2 feet overall, with an easily driven hull, planked with plywood or thin cedar.

Jumping Jack General purpose small outboard runabout. Designed as a combination fold up boat and trailer.  Power with outboard motors up to 5 hp.  9' 7" long, 2' depth, 3' 10.5" beam, seats 2 comfortable, and 4 rather uncomfortably.

Cruiser Boat Plans

Plus 14 more:

Maximus, Merry Maid, Meteor, Mustang 10 footer, Mustang 12-14 footer, Playboy 14 footer, PM-38 13 footer, Sea Fury 15 footer, Sea King, Shore Lark 13 footer, Small Skiff, Swift Swoose, Torpedo, Victory.

Inboard Boat Plans

Here are some comments and pics a customer sent us of a boat he built.  Click on each pic for a full size version:

The boat plan I used to build my boat was the 14' Playboy Runabout. I have pics from start to finish of the project and i'm very proud of it. I customized the plans a little to suit my needs better. I built her to drive with remote controls not from the motor, and I closed in the sides and put a storage compartment on both sides. I put a bench seat accross the back with storage underneath instead of a seat down both sides and I closed in the rear of the boat for extra storage (gas tank, battery box, tools, etc). I also fiberglassed the outside and painted it. I think the plans were great and easy to follow for the first time builder.

Playboy Runabout Boat Plans Front Playboy Runabout Boat Plans Side Playboy Runabout Boat Plans Rear

Playboy Runabout Boat Plans Corner Playboy Runabout Boat Plans Water

Have some fun in the sun!


You can use all of these plans to figure out which boat you want to build and go for it.  Start building your dream!


Plans come from a variety of sources.  Many come from boat building magazines.  Various skill levels are required.  Some boats can be built by beginners in a garage, others require much more space and expertise to construct.

Sailboat Boat Plans 


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