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Hydroplanes Boat Plans, 19 Designs, Instant Download Access


19 Hydroplane Boat Plans, instant access download! Simple easy to build small inboard and outboard boat plans. Perfect for the backyard boat building enthusiast. What are you waiting for?



19 Hydroplanes Boat Plans

19 Different and Unique Boat Plans

Instant Download Access!



Have you ever wanted to build a boat?  Are you unsure what kind of boat you want to build?  Do you need some guidance from a good quality set of plans and instructions?  Do you want to have fun out there?  Then this boat plan collection is for you.  Are you tired of surfing the internet looking at dead end after dead end when you want to find some good plans and guidelines on boat building?  If you know you want to build a large kind of boat, and don't want to purchase our entire set of boat plans, this package is for you.

This package, for immediate download, contains 19 HYDROPLANE BOAT PLANS in PDF format for different styles and shapes of rowboats. 

This is an unequaled deal not to be found elsewhere.  The best deal on all sorts of different boat plans!  These are all of the inboard and outboard plans we sell.

All plans are in PDF format.  You can print out as many copies as you need on your home printer.  You will need a free copy of Adobe Reader (5.0 or later) that you can download for free online. 

19 Hydroplane Boat designs and plans:

Air Marine Special  This class F hydroplane is fast! Joe Michelini drove the Airmarine Special at over 85 mph in 1958 National Championships. He took first place in Class B, C, F and CU events. Not for the faint of heart.

Atomite   9 and a 1/2 ft hydroplane for high speed fun. Its fast and furious but at the same time highly maneuverable 9.5 foot outboard hydroplane, designed for outboard motors of 7.5 to 10 hp.

Banshee "Z" Class racing runabout will do about 45 mph with a 48 c.i. converted engingine.  10' 6" long, 4' 8" beam

Banshee Boat Plans

Cab Over Hydro  Originally called the X-1, this three point hydroplane has hit 75 mph. Closely resembling big Unlimited Class hydros, it can be powered by 50 to 100 hp motors.

Dingbat  You can build this most-fun-per-horsepower 8 ft water scooter on Saturday and have it in the water for a full day of boating thrills on Sunday.


katamaran boat plans

Doodle Bug  The Doodle Bug Hydroplane is a trim, single cockpit, outboard hydroplane with a new type of convex bottom and no tripping chines which combine to produce a remarkably fast boat with excellent maneuverability.

Dragonfly  The Dragonfly is a 10 ft hydroplane that is adapted to all classes of outboard motors from 4 hp row boat to motor to the largest racing engines. Streamlined in design, the constructional features are unique and present such developments as extended motor wells fro quick planning action and a combination of V and convex bottom for safe and super-efficient high speed operation with low and high powered outboard motors.

Dingbat Boat Plans

EL CTD Is a sport boat that you can build in days for very little money. It will provide you hours of safe fun for youngsters of all ages. El CTDis a mini inboard hydro that's powered with a 4 hp air cooled engine. It's top speed is about 16 mph with a 100 lb. teenager aboard. It features a "dead man's" throttle that shuts the motor off when the driver lets go of the throttle, so there's no danger if the operator falls off the boat.

Sea Craft Boat Plans

Flyer  Absolute maximum speed is the cry of many race drivers. For a race they want a boat that will go fast. Sufficiently fast to win and if it will win then the other features do not matter. The 135-Class Flyer is designed to give maximum speed under normal competitive conditions. Factors of design giving straight away speed, turning ability and ability to ride rough water have been so proportioned that in an actual race a high peak of speed is reached.

Plus 10 more unique hydroplanes:

Hornet, Jet Joe, Mini Max, Rocket, Scat Cat, Skeeter, Spit Fire, Sports Hydro

Yellow Jacket and Zipper

 You can use all of these plans to figure out which boat you want to build and go for it.  Start building your dream!


Plans come from a variety of sources.  Many come from boat building magazines.  Various skill levels are required.  Some boats can be built by beginners in a garage, others require much more space and expertise to construct.

Sailboat Boat Plans 


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