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New for all our Preppers out there!  This NAVY SEAL Nutrition Guide is straight out of the NAVY SEAL handbooks.  Learn what they learn, in the privacy of your own home.



US Navy SEAL Nutrition Guide

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This is a full 208 page PDF file of the original NAVY SEAL NUTRITION GUIDE.  One of our most popular selling prepper manuals.  Learn the very best of nutrition fit for a fighting soldier.

The demands imposed by SEAL training are profound, and success requires the mustering of all your strength - physical and mental.  One fact that may bring you closer to success is nutritional interventions.  It is well known that appropriate nutritional habits and interventions can enhance your ability to perform, and we want you to be familiar with those successful habits.  This manual is for you to read, participate in, and use as a resource when you have questions about nutrition and no one is available to get answers from.

The first five chapters are very basic - they provide background information about nutrition concepts in general, and little to nothing about performance.  However, they are very important for fully understanding the information in subsequent chapters.  In the remaining chapters, we have tried to be as specific as possible in terms of what we think you should and shouldn't do, and given you reasons for our recommendations.  For example, in Chapter 8: Restaurants, Fast Foods, and Eating Out, we have given you sample menus at Fast Foods places so you can select a high carbohydrate diet.  In the chapter on Mission Recovery, we target three areas you need to focus on and provide ways to ensure a rapid recovery.  In Chapter, 15, Ergogenic Agents, we discourage the use of some products because not only is there insufficient information, but there may be potential risks and adverse effects associate with using them.  Again, our objective is to make you more informed so that you can make educated choices about foods and supplements.  Many commercial products sold in stores through magazines make claims so you will purchase them.  With some products you are wasting your money, and with others, possibly hurting yourself.  Other products may actually give you the "edge" and improve your performance, but it takes information to be able to do that.  This manual should help you do that.

This manual is intended to document the proper nutritional habits of a full time fighting machine, such as a US NAVY SEAL.

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