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New for all our Preppers out there!  This NAVY SEAL Combat manual is straight out of the NAVY SEAL handbooks.  Learn what they learn, in the privacy of your own home.



US Navy SEAL Combat Manual

free doomsday prepper instructions and files combat manual


This is a full 250 page PDF file of the original NAVY SEAL COMBAT MANUAL.

This document provides a baseline framework for recommended tactics and preparation required for underwater amphibious landing and other underwater demolition projects.  This document gives a brief summary of the history and mission of the underwater demolition teams as well as their current mission.

The tactics, preparation and tools need to do underwater missions are really applicable to any prepper who believes they will need to perform any underwater task as part of their doomsday scenario.  Whether it is to fix a boat dock after dark or perform quiet boat repairs, we hope you will find the information relevant to your mission.

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