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Complete Library on Boxing, 50 Books, Self Defense, Train, History PDF CD

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The early years of the golden age of boxing is highlighted on this special DVD.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



The Complete Library of Boxing

Historic Books, Periodicals, and Classic Literature

Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing

50 Books and Publications included on this disk!

Boxing Boxing Boxing Boxing

A must have resource for anyone interested in learning about Boxing!

Neatly organized titles as shown, on one easy to use data disk for your computer.

Vintage Surgical Instruments Library

All books are PDF format that you know and trust, for easy reading and printingNo unknown or strange file formats!

Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).

FORMAT NOTICE: This disk is only for use in your computer's drive!  It will NOT play in the DVD Player hooked up to your TV or in your car!








This data disk includes 50 vintage books and periodicals detailing Boxing.  These books can only be read on your computer with a PDF Reader (such as the free Adobe Reader).

Please note that this collection contains vintage scans, some of which were in poor condition before being rescued and digitized for posterity.  This means that you may see some pages with creases and tears that show up in the scans.

Publications included:

Athletics and Manly Sport (1890) - By: John Boyle O'Reilly - 542 pages
Boxers and Their Battles: Anecdotal Sketches and Personal Recollections of Famous Pugilists (1900) - By: Thormanby - 383 pages
Boxing and How to Train (1904) - By: Sam C. Austin - 150 pages
Boxing and Self Defense Taught By the Marshall Stillman Principle (1919) - By: Marshall Stillman Association - 103 pages
Boxing: A Guide to the Manly Art of Self Defense, Giving Accurate Instructions for Becoming Proficient in the Science of Boxing: Rules of Boxing (1917) - By: American Sports Publishing Company - 180 pages
Counter Back on a Counter: Boxing Without a Teach or and Air to Teachers (1916) - By: O. S. Westerman - 64 pages
Defensive Exercises; Compromising Wrestling & Boxing (1840) - By: Donald Walker - 235 pages
Ethics of Boxing and Manly Sport (1888) - By: John Boyle O'Reilly - 437 pages
Fistiana; The Oracle of the Ring: Defence of British Boxing (1841) - By: WM. Clement - 349 pages
Heavy-Weight Champions (1910) - By: W. W. Naughton - 272 pages
Knuckles and Gloves (1922) - By: Bohun Lynch - 290 pages
Life & Battles of Jake Kilrain (1888) - By: Richard K. Fox - 90 pages
Life & Battles of James J. Corbett: The Champion Puglist of the World (1892) - By: Richard K. Fox - 108 pages
Life & Battles of Sir Dan Donnelly (1879) - By: ED James - 28 pages
Life & Battles of Tom Hyer (1879) - By: ED James - 30 pages
Life & Battles of Yankee Sullivan (1854) - By:  W. H. Trent - 104 pages
Life and Reminiscences of a 19th Century Gladiator (1892) - By: John L. Sullivan - 330 pages
Life, Battles and Career of Battling Nelson: Lightweight Champion of the World (1908) - By: Himself - 280 pages
Manual of Boxing, Club Swinging and Manly Sports (1886) - By: Geo. H. Benedict - 140 pages
My Fighting Life (1920) - By: George Carpentier (Champion Heavy-Weight Boxer of Europe) - 288 pages
Physical Culture of Self-Defense (1901) - By: Robert Fitzsimmons - 198 pages
Practical Training for Running, Walking, Rowing, Wrestling, Boxing, Jumping and all Kinds of Athletic Feats (1877) - By: ED James - 128 pages
Pugilistica: The History of British Boxing Volume 1 (1906) - By: Henry Downes Miles - 608 pages
Pugilistica: The History of British Boxing Volume 2 (1906) - By: Henry Downes Miles - 603 pages
Pugilistica: The History of British Boxing Volume 3 (1906) - By: Henry Downes Miles - 587 pages
Rules for Boxing (1918) - By: War Department Commission on Training Camp Activities - 20 pages
The Art of Boxing, Swimming and Gymnastics Made Easy (1883) - By: Hurst & Co - 98 pages
The Complete Boxer (1914) - By: J. G. Bohun Lynch - 290 pages 
The Complete Handbook of Boxing and Wrestling with Full and Simple Instructions (1878) - By: ED James - 84 pages
The Fighting Man (1916) - By: William A. Brady - 282 pages


20 more books!!!

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