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The Complete Distiller, Moonshine Still Plans and Guides on DVD

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Have you ever thought about making your own shine?  Well, can't say that we recommend doing that, but we do have a library of moonshine books that describes the process.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



Distilling and Brewing Collection
Vintage guides and books, showing the old time
secrets and recipes of distilling alcohol, making wine,
and brewing beer. 

Very hard to find vintage books and guides!

This unique set will be great for the expert or anyone that is interested in learning more about the hobby of distilling!

125+ Total books and guides, on DVD included

Moonshining and brewing your own beer has been around since the dawn of time.  While moonshining is currently outlawed in the USA, we provide these books for informational purposes only, for those that are interested in researching the history of moonshining.  Included are books and guides that go into the details of building a still and how moonshine was made properly and safely.  We also have included a great section on old time beer brewing, and a ton of mixed drink recipes!  

Here are just some of the topics that are included within these books and plans:

ALCOHOL, ITS VARIOUS PORMS AND SOURCES. Its chemical structure. How produced. Boiling points. Alcohol and water. Alcohol, where found. Produced from decomposition of vegetables. Principal alcohols,

THE PREPARATION OF MASHES, AND FERMENTATION. A synopsis of steps. Mashing starchy materials. Gelatinizing apparatus and processes. Saccharifing. Cooling the mash. Fermentation. Yeast. and its preparation. Varieties of fermentation: —Alcoholic, acetous, lactic and viscous. Fermenting periods. Fermenting apparatus and rooms. Strengthening alcoholic liquors.

DISTILLING APPARATUS. The simple still. Adams still. Concentrating stills. Compound distillation. Dorn’s still. Continuous distillation. The Cellier-Blumenthal still. Coffey's still. Current stills. Regulating distillery fire.

MODERN DISTILLING APPARATUS. The principles of modem compound stills. Vapor traps and their construction. Steam regulation. Feed regulation. American apparatus. The Guillaume inclined column still.

RECTIFICATION. General principles of “fractionation.” Old form of rectifying still. Simple fractionating apparatus. “Vulcan” rectifier. Barbet’s twin column rectifier. Guillaume’s “Agricultural” rectifying apparatus. Rectifying by filtration.

MALTING. The best barley to use. Washing. Steeping. Germinating. The “wet couch.” The “floors.” “Long malt.” Drying. Grinding and crushing.

ALCOHOL FROM POTATOES. Washing. Gelatinizing and saccharifying. Low pressure steaming and apparatus therefor. Crushing the potatoes. High pressure steaming and apparatus. The vacuum cooker. The Henze steamer. Isolation of starch without steam. English methods. Saccharifying the starch.

ALCOHOL FROM GRAIN, CORN, WHEAT, RICE, ANII OTHER CEREALS. Relative yields of various cereals. Choice of grain. Proportions of starch, etc., in various grains. Grinding. Steeping. Preparatory mashing. Saccharifying. Treatment of grain under high pressure. Softening grain by acid.

ALCOHOL FROM BEETS. Beet cultivation. Composition. Soil and manures. Sowing. Harvesting. Storing. Production of alcohol from beets. Cleaning and rasping. Extraction by pressure. Extraction by maceration and diffusion. The diffusion battery. Fermentation. Direct distillation of roots.

ALCOHOL FROM MOLASSES AND SUGAR CANE. The necessary qualities in molasses. Beet sugar. Molasses mixing and diluting. Neutralizing the wash. Pitching temperature. Distilling. Fermenting raw sugar. Cane sugar molasses. “Dunder.” Clarifying. Fermenting. Various processes.

ALCOHOLOMETRY. Hydrometers in general. Proof spirit. Syke’s hydrometer. Gay-Lassacs hydrometer. Tralles alcoholometer. Hydrometric methods. Estimation of alcohol.. Field's alcoholometer. Grisler’s method and apparatus. Estimating sugar in mash. Determination of alcoholic fruits. Physical tests. Chemical tests. The Permanganate of Potash test. Results by Barbet.

DISTILLING PLANTS, THEIR GENERAL ARRANGEMENT AND EQUIPMENT. Simple apparatus. Elaborate plants. Steam stills. The fermenting room. Ventilation. Fermenting vats. Preparatory vats. Arrangement of grain distillery. A small beet distillery. Large beet distilling plant. Transporting beets. Potato distillery. Molasses distillery. Fermenting house for molasses. Transportion of molasses to distillery. Coal consumption.

DE-NATURED ALCOHOL, AND DE-NATURING FORMULA. Uses of alcohol. De-natured spirit :—Its use in Germany, France and England. The “De-naturing Act.” The uses of denatured alcohol. Methods and Formula for denaturing. Denatured alcohol in the industrial world

DE-NATURING REGULATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. The Free Alcohol Act of 1906, and proposed changes therein. The Amendment of 1907. Internal Revenue Regulations

All of these topics, and more are in these included books on DVD, with year of publication if known:

Still Guides and Plans:

Amazing Still Construction Instructions -
Shows a simple design of a still that is simple and inexpensive to make and easy to dismantle.

Building a Home Distillation Apparatus - A guide that shows how to build a relatively sophisticated distillation apparatus from commonly available materials, for about 100 bucks.  Pot stills and reflux stills are covered.  Distillation purity considerations, boiler selection, top end design, tools and techniques, internal reflux condensor, internal reflux top end, valved reflux still head, valved reflux column, still assembly, heating and cooling the still, still operation and optimization, are all covered in solid detail.

Building an Ethanol Still - A 40 page guide on how to build a still that can actually produce fuel.  Contains enough information to get you well on your way to being self sufficient.

Distillation of Alcohol - The Processes of Malting; Mashing and Mascerating; Fermenting and Distilling Alcohol from Grain, Beets, Potatoes, Molasses, etc., with Chapters on Alcoholometry and the de-naturing of alcohol, for use in Farm Engines, Automobiles, Launch Motors, and in Heating and Lighting.

Distilling Principles -
A brief overview on the process to help you understand the basics.

Home Distillation Handbook - How to Distill Quality Alcohol at Home Inexpensively and Safely  This reference manual is a must for anyone researching distillation.  Contains great tips and tricks.

Simple Moonshine Overview Book - Just what it sounds, a brief guide that covers the basics of the construction of a simple still.

The Spiral Ethanol Still - Shows the design and construction of a simple ethanol still that is very easy to build.

Medieval Distilling - Apparatus of Glass

Distillation Books -
These books go into the pre-prohibition era of alcohol manufacturing.  They show the tips, tricks, recipes, and processes that were popular in the olden days.  Read about how our ancestors created stills and made alcohol for inspiration.  A must for anyone interested in how liquor used to be made:

A Treatise on the Manufacture and Distillation of Alcoholic Liquors 1871

A Treatise on the Manufacture Imitation Adulteration and Reduction of Foreign Wines Brandies Gins Rums 1860

Chemistry and Technology of Wines and Liquors 1935

Distillation Principles and Processes 1922

Fermented Liquors 1858

The Art of Blending and Compounding Liquors and Wines 1885

The Art of Distillation 1651

The Art of Making Whiskey and Gin 1819

The Cause and Prevention of Acidity in Malt Liquors 1842

The Complete Distiller 1757

The Complete Grocer - Valuable Receipts for Brandy Rum, Gin and Cordial of All Kinds 1832

The Complete Practical Distiller 1880

The Distiller 1818

The Distillers Guide Comprehending the Art of Distillation and Rectification 1818

The Independent Liquorist; or, the Art and Manufacturing and Preparing 1866

The Manufacture of Liquor and Preserves, translated from the French 1893

The Practical Distiller 1809

The Practical Distiller 1889

Historical Books -
What collection would be complete without some historical perspective?  This complements our other books with some perspective on alcohol and drinking in the late 1800's:

Bartenders Encyclopedia 1903

Modern American Drinks 1900

New and Improved Bartenders Manual 1888

Nineteen Centuries of Drink in England 1888

The Brewing Industry 1905

The Law and history of Intoxicating Liquors 1881

Twenty five Years of Brewing 1891

Beer Brewing Guides -
We spent all this time talking about distillation, but this collection also has a TON of beer brewing guides and books.  Anyone who is interested in learning how beer is to be brewed needs to start with this collection.  Learn how it was done in the olden days and then you'll understand how to brew the best batch in modern times:

A Practical Treatise on Brewing 1835

A Practical Treatise on Brewing 1842

A Practical Treatise on Brewing, and on Storing of Beer Reduced from Forty Years Experience 1835

A Practical Treatise on Malting and Brewing 1862

A Systematic Handbook of Practical Brewing 1885

A Textbook of the Science of Brewing 1891

A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Malting and Brewing 1835

A Treatise on Family Winemaking 1814

A Treatise on the Art of Making Wine from Native Fruits 1820

A Treatise on the Culture of the Apple and Pear and on the Manufacture of Cider and Perry 1801

A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine and the Art of Making Wine 1825

American Handy-Book of the Brewing Malting and Auxiliary Trades 1902

An Elementary Dictionary for Distillers and Brewers 1838

An Elementary Dictionary of the brewers trade 1838

An Elementary Treatise on American Grape Culture and Wine Making 1867

An Essay on Brewing with a View of Establishing the Principles of the Art 1758

Brewing and Distillation 1849

British and Foreign Spirits 1864

British Winemaker and Domestic Brewer 1835

Cottage Economy Containing Information Relative to the Brewing of Beer 1825

Every Man His Own Brewer 1767

Every Man His Own Brewer or A Compendium of the English Brewery 1768

Fermented Liquors-A Treatise on Brewing Distilling and Rectifying 1858

Grape Culture Wines and Wine-Making 1862

Guide to the Analysis of Potable Spirits 1904

Handy-book for Licenced Victuallers Brewers Wine Retailers 1865

How to Brew with three-fourths Barley to One Fourth Malt 1848

Instructions for Brewing Porter and Stout at an Expense of 4d and 5d per Gallon 1853

Key to Grays Brewers Assistant 1848

London Complete Art of Cookery also The Complete Brewer Explaining the Art of Brewing Porter Ale Twopenny and Table beer
Observations on the Vinous Fermentation 1823

Practical Information on the Best Method of Brewing from Sugar 1847

Practical Treatise on Brewing 1805

Remarks and Experiments on Different Parts of the Process of Brewing 1807

The American Vine-Dressers Guide Being a Treatise on the Cultivation of the Vine and the Process of Wine Making 1826

The Art and Mystery of Making British Wines Cider Perry Cordials and Liquors-Also the Whole Art of Brewing 1865

The Art of Brewing 1829

The Art of Brewing and Fermenting in the Summer-and the Making of Malt 1836

The Brewer-A Familiar Treatise on the Art of Brewing with Directions for the Selection of Malt and Hops 1856

The Compleat Brewer 1760

The Compleat Brewer or the Art and Mystery of Brewing Explained 1760

The Complete English Brewer-or the Art and Mystery of Brewing in All its Various Branches 1773

The Complete Practical Brewer 1852

The Cultivation of the Native Grape and Manufacture of American Wines 1866

The Culture of the Grape and Wine Making - 1852

The Distillers Guide Comprehending the Art of Distillation and Rectification 1818

The Inkeepers and Butlers Guide- or a Directory for Making and Managing British Wines 1810

The London and Country Brewer 1744

The Manufacture of Cider and Perry 1828

The Manufacture of Liquors Wines and Cordials without the Aid of Distillation 1853

The Principles and Practice of Brewing 1907

The Private Brewers Guide to the Art of Brewing Ale and Porter 1822

The Scottish Ale-Brewer and Practical Maltster-Including India Pale Ale 1847

The Secrets of the Mash Tun or Causes of Failure in Producing Good Ale or Beer 1847

The Theory and Practice of Brewing 1804

The Theory and Practice of Brewing Illus 1846

The Town and Country Brewery Book 1829

The Universal Cook and City and Country Housekeeper 1792

The Vine and its Fruit 1864

The Vine-Dressers Manual, an Illustrated Treatise on Vinyards and Wine-Making 1855

The Vintners and Brewers Guide-Manufacturing Wines Malted Liquors Cider Perry Vinegar Spirits 1826

The Wine Drinkers Manual 1830

The Wine Merchants Manual, A Treatise on the Fining 1845

Theory and Practice of Brewing With Malted and Unmalted Corn 1829

Treatises on Brewing

Drink Mixing Recipes -
And finally, how could we not include drink recipes?  Hundreds of recipes for all your favorite hard liquor drinks are included from various sources.  You'll be able to make a perfect martini in no time!:

100 Recipes for Beer Wine Whiskey other Spirits and Accoutrements

American and Other Drinks 1878

Rum Drink Recipes

Bartending Tips and Tricks

Beverages Deluxe 1914

Burkes Complete Cocktail and Drinking Recipes 1936

4 different Vodka Drink Recipe Guides

Cocktail Recipes

Collection of Reciepts For Making Various Beverages 1835

Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks 1869

Dalys Bartenders Encyclopedia 1903

How to Mix Drinks or the Bon Vivants Companion 1862


Tea Vodka Recipes

Tequila Recipes

Liqueur Drink Recipes

The 20th century guide for mixing fancy drinks 1900

The Art of Blending and Compounding Liquors and Wines 1885

The Complete Bartender 1884

The Ideal Bartender 1917 

Vermont Drink Recipes

This collection totals 125+ total books and guides one DVD in PDF format.  Note the collection consumes approximately 1 GB of disk space.  The books are PDF scans in high quality.  Shown below are low resolution sample images. 

Sample Low Resolution Images:

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