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The Library of Pigeons, 60 Books, Raise, Profit Fancier Breed Squab, PDF CD

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Want to learn about how to take care of, and train, pigeons?  This collection of books is for you.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



The Complete Library of Pigeons

Historic Books, Periodicals, and Classic Literature

Pigeon Raising Books Pigeon Raising Books Pigeon Raising Books Pigeon Raising Books

60 Books and Publications included on this disk!

Pigeon Raising Books Pigeon Raising Books Pigeon Raising Books Pigeon Raising Books

A must have resource for anyone interested in learning about Pigeons!

Neatly organized titles as shown, on one easy to use data disk for your computer.

Vintage Surgical Instruments Library

All books are PDF format that you know and trust, for easy reading and printingNo unknown or strange file formats!

Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).

FORMAT NOTICE: This disk is only for use in your computer's drive!  It will NOT play in the DVD Player hooked up to your TV or in your car!



Pigeon Raising Books




Pigeon Raising Books




Pigeon Raising Books




Pigeon Raising Books


This data disk includes 60 vintage books and periodicals detailing pigeons.  These books can only be read on your computer with a PDF Reader (such as the free Adobe Reader).

Please note that this collection contains vintage scans, some of which were in poor condition before being rescued and digitized for posterity.  This means that you may see some pages with creases and tears that show up in the scans.

Publications included:

A Practical Treatise on Breeding, Rearing, and Fattening, All Kinds of Domestic Poultry (1819) - By: Bonington Moubray - 319 pages
A to Z of Pigeons and Bantams (1910) - By: Frank W. DeLancey - 98 pages
A to Z of Pigeons: Fancy and Utility (1921) - By: J. W. Williamson - 94 pages
A Treatise on the Art of Breeding and Managing, Tame, Domesticated, Foreign, and Fancy Pigeons (1858) - By: John Matthews Eaton - 244 pages
American Squab Culture (1916) - By: E. H. Eggleston - 200 pages
Birds and the War (1919) - By: Hugh S. Gladstone - 209 pages
Diseases of Pigeons (1899) - By: J. A. Summers - 62 pages
Fancy Pigeons: Containing Full Directions for Their Breeding and Management With Descriptions of Every Known Variety, and All Other Information of Interest or Use to Pigeon Fanciers (1887) - By: James C. Lyell -544 pages
Food Value of Squabs (1918) - By: American Squab Breeders Association - 16 pages
Guide to Successful Squab Raising (1909) - By: Milton O. Jones - 36 pages
Homing and Related Activities of Birds (1915) - By: K. S. Lashley - 158 pages
How to Breed, Rear, & Train the Macclesfield Tippler and the High-Flying Tumbler Pigeon (1886) - By: G. Smith - 70 pages
How to Make Money With Squabs (1916) - By: Plymouth Rock Squab Company - 42 pages
Indian Pigeons and Doves (1913) - By: E. C. Stuart Baker - 342 pages
Money in Squabs (1898) - By: J. C. Long and G. H. Brinton - 98 pages
My Foreign Doves and Pigeons (1911) - By: Rosie Alderson - 104 pages
Our Domestic Birds: Elementary Lessons in Aviculture (1913) - By: John H. Robinson - 336 pages
Pigeon Raising (1913) - By: Alice Macleod - 136 pages
Pigeons (1923) - By: George Robertson - 28 pages
Pigeons and All About Them (1898) - By: Major F. M. Gilbert - 268 pages
Pigeons Diseases: With a Chapter on Feeding (1919) - By: E. J. W. Dietz - 84 pages
Pigeons: Their, Structure, Varieties, Habits, and Management (1868) - By: W. B. Tegetmeier - 235 pages
Profitable Pigeon Breeding: A Practical Manual Explaining How to Breed Pigeons Successfully, Whether as a Hobby or as an Exclusive Business (1922) - By: F. Arthur Hazard - 264 pages
Profitable Squab Breeding: A Complete Illustrated Guide (1914) - By: Carl Dare - 76 pages
Propagation of Wild Birds: A Manual of Applied Ornithology (1915) - By: Herbert K. Job - 378 pages
Raising P. V. Squabs for Profit (1920) - By: John S. Trecartin - 36 pages
Squab Culture (1916) - By: D. Russ Wood - 76 pages
Squabs for Profit (1907) - By: J. A. Summers - 60 pages
The Dovecote and the Aviary: Being Sketches of the Natural History of Pigeons and Other Domestic Birds in a Captive State: With Hints for Their Management (1851) - By: Rev.  E. S. Dixon - 486 pages
The Feather's Practical Pigeon Book (1903) - By: J. C. Long - 174 pages
The Feather's Practical Squab Book: Questions and Answers (1904) - By: W. E. Rice - 120 pages
The Fertilization and Early Development of the Pigeon Egg (1902) - By: Eugene Howard Harper - 49 pages
The Home or Carrier Pigeon: Its History, General Management, and Method of Training  (1871) - By: W. B. Tegetmeier - 135 pages
The Myology of the Pigeon: A Study of the Muscular System of the Pigeon (1893) - By: Charles M. Burk - 88 pages
The National Standard Squab Book (1921) - By: Elmer C. Rice - 424 pages
The Naturalist's Library: Ornithology: Pigeons (1833) - By: Prideaux John Selby - 324 pages
The New and Complete Pigeon-Fancier: or, Modern Treatise on Domestic Pigeons (1900) - By: Daniel Girton - 67 pages
The Oriental Frill Pigeon: With Notes on Breeding, Management, Exhibiting, Feeding, Etc. (1920) - By: Frank Machin - 124 pages
The Passenger Pigeon in Pennsylvania (1919) - By: John C. French - 318 pages
The Pigeon Standard (1900) - By: C. E. Twombly - 92 pages
The Pleasures of a Pigeon Fancier (1886) - By: Rev. J. Lucas - 188 pages
The Practical Pigeon Keeper (1879) - By: Lewis Wright - 248 pages
The Robinson Method of Breeding Squabs (1901) - By: Elmer Rice - 76 pages
The Working Homer (1904) - By: J. A. Webber - 84 pages
Squab Raising (1903) - By: William Rice - 28 pages


15 more books!!!


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