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New Mexico, NM, People Cities and Towns History and Genealogy 215 Books DVD

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Learn all about the cities and towns and villages of the people of the great state of New Mexico!  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



History and Genealogy Collection

History and Genealogy Records of

The People of New Mexico

Ultimate Genealogy and History Library

215 Total titles on the People of New Mexico and their history. 

We routinely see just ONE of these titles for sale on ebay for the same price or more than our entire collection!  Read about the various towns and counties, town gatherings and events, and stories about prominent towns folk throughout the state's history, and do it at the lowest price per book on disk!

Learn all about your ancestors!

The best selling Genealogy Collection on one easy to use DVD! 

A must have resource for any Genealogist or Historian.

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on one easy to use DVD.

Don't be fooled by inferior collections.  Our collection remains the largest and most complete collection available on one disk online!


New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy

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All books are PDF format that you know and trust, for easy reading and printing No unknown or strange file formats!

Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).

FORMAT NOTICE: This disk is only for use in your computer's drive!  It will NOT play in the DVD Player hooked up to your TV or in your car!


Most of these are scanned books that are indexed and searchable!  Some scans may not be perfect due to their age.

215 Titles about The People of New Mexico:

An illustrated History of New Mexico - containing full-page portraits of some of its eminent men, and biographical mention of many of its pioneers and prominent citizens. by The Lewis Publishing Company - (1895) - 750 pages

Berger's Tourists' Guide to New Mexico - including descriptions of towns, pueblos, churches, pictures, statues, ruins and antiquities
by William M. Berger - (1883) - 84 pages

El Gringo; or, New Mexico and her people
by W.W.H. Davis - (1857) - 448 pages

Historical Sketch of Las Vegas New Mexico
by H.T. Wilson - (1880) - 78 pages

Historical Sketches of New Mexico from the Earliest Records to the American Occupation
by L. Bradford Prince - (1883) - 337 pages

Compilation of the School Laws of New Mexico, all Laws and parts of Laws relating to Public Schools of the Territory of New Mexico
by J.A. Carruth - (1889) - 62 pages

Old Santa Fe, a Magazine of History, Archaeology, Genealogy and Biography, Volumes 1,2 & 3
by Ralph Emerson Twitchell- (1913) - 2858 total pages

Observations of a Ranchwoman in New Mexico
by Edith Nichill - (1898) - 300 pages

Indian Hostilities in New Mexico by House of Representatives
- (1860) - 76 total pages

A Brief sketch of the Red River Land & Water Company's project in Sunshine Valley, the cream of the world-famous San Luis Valley in Taos County, New Mexico
(1910) 42 Pages

A campaign from Santa Fe to the Mississippi; being a history of the old Sibley brigade from its first organization to the present time; its campaigns in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas
174 Pages

A Campaign in New Mexico with Colonel Doniphan
(1847), by Theo Noel, 174 Pages

A Concise History of New Mexico
(1912), by L. Prince, 292 Pages

A Daughter of the Dons - A Story of New Mexico Today
(1914), by William Raine, 332 Pages

A Forgotten Kingdom - The Spanish frontier in Colorado and New Mexico,
1540-1821, by Frederic Athearn, 114 Pages

A Frontier Doctor
(1929), by Henry Hoyt, 310 Pages

A History of Education in New Mexico. Pertinent advice to students. Education and its relations to the discovery, conquest, civilization and colonization of New Mexico; the minister of God and the teacher
(1911), by Benjamin Reed, 26 Pages

A History of Military Government in Newly Acquired Territory of the United States
(1904), by David Thomas, 342 Pages

A Narrative of Explorations in New Mexico, Arizona, Indiana, etc. - Together with a brief history of the department
(1906), by Warren Moorehead, 204 Pages

A New Mexico David and Other Stories and Sketches of the Southwest
(1912), by Charles Lummis, 261 Pages

A Preliminary Study of the Pueblo of Taos, New Mexico
(1898), by Merton Miller, 64 Pages

A sketch of Kingston and its surroundings - the mining center of the famous Percha district, New Mexico - its resources and advantages truthfully presented to the attention of business men and capitalists
(1883) 52 Pages

Across the San Juan Mountains
(1903) 126 Pages

Address of Mr. Adolph F. Bandelier ..
(1882) 16 Pages

Addresses Delivered at the Ceremonies Incident to the dedication of the Cross of the martyrs September 15, 1920
(1920) 32 Pages

Albuquerque Business Directory for 1883
(1883) 102 Pages

Americanizing an Industrial Center; An account of experience and procedure in the towns of the St. Louis, Rocky Mountain & Pacific Company in Colfax County, New Mexico
(1920) 34 Pages

An Illustrated History of New Mexico from the earliest period of its discovery to the present time, together with...biographical mention of many of its pioneers and prominent citizens of today ..
(1895) 750 Pages

An Introductory Paper on the Tiwa language, dialect of Taos, New Mexico
(1910) 52 Pages

Antiquities of the Jemez Plateau, New Mexico;
(1906) 97 Pages

History and Civics of New Mexico
(1914) 346 Pages

History and Government of New Mexico
(1921) 395 Pages

History of Arizona and New Mexico, 1530-1888
(1889) 869 Pages

History of New Mexico - its resources and people
(1907) v1 654 Pages

History of New Mexico - its resources and people
(1907) v2 667 Pages

History of New Mexico from the Spanish conquest to the present time, 1530-1890 - with portraits and biographical sketches of its prominent people
(1891) 658 Pages

History of New Mexico Spanish and English missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church from 1850 to 1910, in decades
(1908) v2 474 Pages

Horace Mann's Letters on the Extension of Slavery into California and New Mexico and on the duty of Congress to provide the trial by jury for alleged fugitive slaves
(1850) 36 Pages

Illustrated Catalogue of the Collections Obtained from the Indians of New Mexico and Arizona in 1880
(1883) 62 Pages

Illustrated History of New Mexico
(1912) 680 Pages

Illustrated New Mexico
(1884) 185 Pages

Inaugural Address of Hon. W.G. Ritch, president - delivered before the Society, Feb. 21 1881, Santa Fe, New Mexico
(1881) 24 Pages

Las Vegas Hot Springs and Vicinity
(1898) 56 Pages

Las Vegas, Gallimac park and the scenic highway
(1904) 112 Pages

Life of Major General Zachary Taylor; with notices of the war in New Mexico, California and in southern Mexico;
(1847) 368 Pages

Life of the Right Reverend Joseph P. Machebeuf, D.D., pioneer priest of Ohio, pioneer priest of New Mexico, pioneer priest of Colorado, vicar apostolic of Colorado and Utah, and first bishop of Denver
(1908) 442 Pages

Lincoln County, New Mexico ..
(1909) 36 Pages


165 more books!!!


New Mexico Genealogy New Mexico Genealogy New Mexico Genealogy New Mexico Genealogy

New Mexico Genealogy New Mexico Genealogy New Mexico Genealogy New Mexico Genealogy

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