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New York NY, People, Cities and Towns History and Genealogy 126 Books DVD

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Learn all about the towns, cities, and villages of the people of the great state of New York!  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



History and Genealogy Collection

History and Genealogy Records of

The People of New York

Ultimate Genealogy and History Library

126 Total titles on the People of New York and their
history, including the Civil War

We routinely see just ONE of these titles for sale for the same price or more than our entire collection!  Read about the various towns and counties, town gatherings and events, and stories about prominent towns folk throughout the state's history, and do it at the lowest price per book on disk!

Learn all about your ancestors!

The best selling Genealogy Collection on one easy to use DVD! 

A must have resource for any Genealogist or Historian.

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on one easy to use DVD.



New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy


New York History and Genealogy

All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing.  Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).


Most of these are scanned books that are indexed and searchable!  Some scans may not be perfect due to their age.

14 Titles about The People of New York:

A History Of Lewis County, In The State Of New York From The Beginning Of It’s Settlement To The Present Time, By Franklin B. Hough,  Albany: Munsell & Rowland, 78 State Street, 1860 - 407 Pages

History Of Oswego County, New York, Illustrations And Biographical Sketches, Published By L.H. Everts & Co., 1877 - 769 Pages

History Of Orange County, New York, With Illustrations And Biographical Sketches Of Many Of Its Pioneers And Prominent Men, Compiled By E.M. Ruttenber And L.H. Clark, 1881 - 1338 Pages

A History Of Hillsdale, Columbia County, New York, Memorabilia Of Persons And Things Of Interest, Passed And Passing, By The Hon. John Feancis Collin, Ex-M. C, And Edited By Prof. H. S. Johnson, Editor Of The Hillsdale Herald, With An Appendix, Philmont, N.Y., Printed By E. J. Beardsley, Sentinel Office, 1883 - 356 Pages

History Of Rockland County, New York, With Biographical Sketches Of Its Prominent Men. Edited By Rev. David Cole. D. D, 80 Pages

The History Of Rockland County, New York, By Frank Bertangue Green, M. D.,  A. S. Barnes & Co., New York, 1886 - 463 Pages

A History Of Herkimer County, New York, Illustrated With The Portraits Of Many Of Its Citizens, By George A. Hardin, 1893, 956 Pages

History Of The Settlement Of Steuben County, N. Y., Including Notices Of The Old Pioneer Settlers And Their Adventures, By Guy H. Mc Master, R. S. Underhill & Co., 1853 - 216 Pages

Our County And Its People, A Descriptive And Biographical Record Of Madison County, New York, Edited By John E. Smith, The Boston History Company, Publishers, 1899 - 944 Pages

Schenectady County, New York It’s History To The Close Of The Nineteenth Century, Historian And Editor-In-Chief Hon. Austin A. Yates, Counselor-At-Law,  Published By,  The New York History Company, 1902 - 773 Pages

History Of Livingston County, New York, From Its Earliest Traditions To The Present Together With Early Town Sketches, Edited By Lockwood R. Doty, Illustrated, W.J. Van Deusen, Publisher, Jackson, Michigan, 1905, 1412 Pages

A History Of Mattituck, Long Island, New York, By Rev. Charles E. Craven, 1906 - 408 Pages

History Of Oneida County, New York, From 1700 To The Present Time, Illustrated, Volume 1 And Volume 2, Chicago, The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1912 - 1122 Pages

112 New York Civil War Books:

A Brief History Of The Thirty-Fourth Regiment, N. Y. S. V.: Embracing A Complete Roster Of All Officers And Men And A Full Account Of The Dedication Of The Monument On The Battlefield Of Antietam, September 17, 1902 By Louis N. Chapin - (1903) - 197 Pages

A Brief History Of The Twenty-Eighth Regiment New York State Volunteers, First Brigade, First Division, Twelfth Corps, Army Of The Potomac From The Author's Diary And Official Reports. With The Muster-Roll Of The Regiment ... And ... With The Report Of Proceedings Of The Thirty-Fifth Annual Reunion Held At Albion, New York, May 22, 1896 By Charles William Boyce - (1896) - 378 Pages

A Complete Military History And Record Of The 108th Regiment N.Y. Vols., From 1862 To 1894. Together With Roster, Letters, Rebel Oaths Of Allegiance, Rebel Passes, Reminiscences, Life Sketches, Photographs, Etc., Etc By George H. Washburn - (1894) - 1316 Pages

A Condensed History Of The 56th Regiment, New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry, Which Was Part Of The Organization Known As The "Tenth Legion" In The Civil War, 1861-1865, Together With A Register Or Roster Of All The Members Of The Regiment, And The War Record Of Each Member As Recorded In The Adjutant General's Office At Albany, New York By Joel C Fisk And H.D. William - (1906) - 436 Pages

A History Of The Forty-Fourth Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry, In The Civil War, 1861-1865 By Eugene Arus Nash - (1911) - 668 Pages

A Memorial Of Brevet Brigadier General Lewis Benedict, Colonel Of 162nd Regiment N. Y. V. I., Who Fell In Battle At Pleasant Hill, La., April 9, 1864 By Henry Marvin Benedict - (1866) - 162 Pages

A Regimental History: The One Hundred And Twenty-Fifth New York State Volunteers By Ezra De Freest - (1888) - 422 Pages

A Reminiscence Of Washington And Early's Attack In 1864 By Edgar Swartwout Dudley - (1884) - 25 Pages

Album Of The Second Battalion Duryee Zouaves, One Hundred And Sixty -Fifth Regt. New York Volunteer Infantry By The U.S. Army Infantry Regiment 165th - (1906) - 204 Pages

Alphabetical Card-Index Of The Rolls Of The 164Th New York Infantry By The United States Adjutant Generals Office - (1889) - 280 Pages

An Historical Sketch Of The 162nd Regiment N.Y. Vol. Infantry : (3D Metropolital Guard), 19th Army Corps, 1862-1865 By The United States Army New York Infantry Regiment 162nd - (1867) - 78 Pages

Biographical Sketch Of James Clark Strong By James Clark Strong - (1910) - 126 Pages

Brief History Of Company B, 27th Regiment N.Y. Volunteers; Its Organization And The Part It Took In The War By D.E. Buell - (1874) - 24 Pages

Camp And Field Life Of The Fifth New York Volunteer Infantry. (Duryee Zouaves.) By Alfred Davenport - (1879) - 947 Pages

Casualties By Battles And By Names In The Eighth New York Heavy Artillery, August 22, 1862 - June 5, 1865, Together With A Review Of The Service Of The Regiment Fifty Years By James Monroe Hudnut - (1913) - 61 Pages

Cayuga In The Field : A Record Of The 19th N. Y. Volunteers, All The Batteries Of The 3rd New York Artillery, And 75th New York Volunteers By Henry And James Hall - (1873) - 625 Pages

Chronicles Of The One Hundred Fifty-First Regiment New York State Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865 By Helena Adelaide Howell - (1911) - 585 Pages

Chronicles Of The Rebellion Of 1861, Forming A Complete History Of The Secession Movement From Its Commencement, To Which Are Added The Muster Roll Of The Union Army And Explanatory And Illustrative Notes Of The Leading Features Of The Campaign By Charles J. Ross - (1861) - 71 Pages

Chronicles Of The Twenty-First Regiment New York State Volunteers: Embracing A Full History Of The Regiment From The Enrolling Of The First Volunteer In Buffalo, April 15, 1861, To The Final Mustering Out, May 18, 1863 : Including A Copy Of Muster Out Rolls Of Field And Staff, And Each Company By John Harrison Mills - (1887) - 392 Pages

Company G. : A Record Of The Services Of One Company Of The 157th N. Y. Vols. In The War Of The Rebellion, From Sept. 19, 1862 To July 10, 1865, Including The Roster Of The Company By Albert Rowe Barlow - (1899) - 250 Pages

Deeds Of Daring : Or, History Of The Eighth N.Y. Volunteer Cavalry, Containing A Complete Record Of The Battles, Skirmishes, Marches, Etc., That The Gallant Eighth New York Cavalry Participated In, From Its Organization In November, 1861, To The Close Of The Rebellion In 1865. By Henry Norton - (1889) - 193 Pages

Drum Taps In Dixie; Memories Of A Drummer Boy, 1861-1865 By Delavan S. Miller - (1905) - 269 Pages

First Organization Of Colored Troops In The State Of New York, To Aid In Suppressing The Slaveholders' Rebellion: Statements Concerning The Origin, Difficulties And Success Of The Movement, Including Official Documents, Military Testimonials, Proceedings Of The "Union League Club," Etc. By New York Association For Colored Volunteers - (1864) - 28 Pages

From Bull Run To Chancellorsville; The Story Of The Sixteenth New York Infantry Together With Personal Reminiscences By Newton Martin Curtis - (1906) - 417 Pages

Grand Army Of The Republic. History Of The Order In The U. S. By Counties. Otsego County Posts, Department Of New York, Including A Complete Record Of Soldiers Surviving And Buried In The County, With Company And Regiment ... Compiled By D. A. Ellis - (1892) - 275 Pages

Heavy Guns And Light: A History Of The 4th New York Heavy Artillery By Hyland Clare Kirk - (1890) - 672 Pages

Historic Records Of The Fifth New York Cavalry By Louis Napoleon Beaudry - (1865) - 363 Pages

Historical Roll Of Company D, 8th Regiment, New-York Heavy Artillery. Originally 129th N. Y. Infantry By James Monroe Hudnut - (1887) - 22 Pages

Historical Sketch Of The Sixteenth Regiment N. Y. S. Volunteer Infantry, April 1861 - May 1863 : St. Lawrence. Clinton. Franklin. First Reunion, Potsdam, NY, August 31st And September 1st, 1886 By William W. Thompson - (1886) - 113 Pages

History And Honorary Roll Of The Twelfth Regiment, Infantry, N.G.S.N.Y. Containing A Full And Accurate Account Of The Various Changes Through Which The Organization Has Passed Since Its Formation (1847) To The Present; Also Biographical Sketches Of General Butterfield, Ward, And Barlow, And Rev. Stephen H. Tyng, Jr., As Well As The Names And Rank Of Several Hundred Members Of The "Twelfth" Who Rose To Distinction During The War For The Suppression Of The Great Rebellion By Morris Francis Dowley - (1869) - 453 Pages

History Of Company "K" Of The 17th Regiment, N. Y. V. By Harwood A. Dudley - (1901) - 16 Pages

History Of The 10th Regiment N. Y. Heavy Artillery, From Madison Barracks To Appomattox, With Reminiscences, By Edward P. Webb - (1887) - 149 Pages

History Of The 114th Regiment, New York State Volunteers : Containing A Perfect Record Of Its Services, Embracing All Its Marches, Campaigns, Battles, Sieges And Sea-Voyages, With A Biographical Sketch Of Each Officer, And A Complete Register Of The Regiment, Wherein Appears The Name Of Every Officer And Enlisted Man Who Has Ever Belonged To The Same, With Full Remarks Relating Thereto, And Several Illustrations By Elias Porter Pellet - (1866) - 820 Pages

History Of The 121st New York State Infantry By Isaac Oliver Best - (1921) - 279 Pages

History Of The 159th Regiment, N.Y.S.V By Edward Duffy - (1890) - 53 Pages

History Of The 179th Regiment N. Y. S. V. Rebellion Of 1861-65 By New York Infantry 179th Regiment - (1900) - 73 Pages

History Of The 184th Regiment, New York State Volunteers By Wardwell G. Robinson - (1895) - 67 Pages

History Of The 27th Regiment N.Y. Vols By Charles Bryant Fairchild - (1888) - 327 Pages

History Of The Dewitt Guard, Company A, 50th Regiment National Guard, State Of New York By United States Army New York Infantry Regiment - (1866) - 200 Pages

History Of The Fortieth (Mozart) Regiment, New York Volunteers, Which Was Composed Of Four Companies From New York, Four Companies From Massachusetts And Two Companies From Pennsylvania By Frederick Clark Floyd - (1909) - 612 Pages

History Of The Forty-Ninth New York Volunteers By Frederick David Bidwell - (1916) - 341 Pages

History Of The Ninth Regiment, New York Volunteer Cavalry. War Of 1861 To 1865 - (1901) - 439 Pages

History Of The One Hundred And Eighty-Ninth Regiment Of New-York Volunteers By W.H. Rogers - (1865) - 120 Pages

History Of The One Hundred And Twenty-Eighth Regiment : New York Volunteers (U.S. Infantry) ; In The Late Civil War By David Henry Hanaburgh - (1894) - 549 Pages

History Of The One Hundred And Twenty-Fourth Regiment, N. Y. S. V. By Charles H. Weygant - (1877) - 899 Pages

History Of The One Hundredth Regiment Of New York State Volunteers : Being A Record Of Its Services From Its Muster In To Its Muster Out, Its Muster In Roll, Roll Of Commissions, Recruits Furnished Through The Board Of Trade Of The City Of Buffalo, And Short Sketches Of Deceased And Surviving Officers By George H. Stowits - (1870) - 461 Pages

History Of The Second Battalion Duryee: Zouaves By U.S. Army New York Infantry Regiment 165th - (1905) - 342 Pages

History Of The Seventh Regiment Of New York, 1806-1889 By Emmons Clark - (1890) - 555 Pages

History Of The Seventh Regiment, National Guard, State Of New York, During The War Of The Rebellion : With A Preliminary Chapter On The Origin And Early History Of The Regiment, A Summary Of Its History Since The War, And A Roll Of Honor, Comprising Brief Sketches Of The Services Rendered By Members Of The Regiment In The Army And Navy Of The United States By William Swinton - (1870) - 536 Pages

History Of The Seventy-Sixth Regiment New York Volunteers; What It Endured And Accomplished; Containing Descriptions Of Its Twenty-Five Battles; Its Marches; Its Camp And Bivouac Scenes; With Biographical Sketches Of Fifty-Three Officers And A Complete Record Of The Enlisted Men By Abram P. Smith - (1867) - 439 Pages

History Of The Sixth New York Cavalry (Second Ira Harris Guard) Second Brigade -- First Division -- Cavalry Corps, Army Of The Potomac, 1861-1865; By Hillman Allyn Hall - (1908) - 612 Pages

History Of The Sixtieth Regiment New York State Volunteers, From The Commencement Of Its Organization In July, 1861, To Its Public Reception At Ogdensburgh As A Veteran Command, January 7Th, 1864 By Richard Eddy - (1864) - 376 Pages

History Of The Tenth Regiment Of Cavalry New York State Volunteers, August, 1861, To August, 1865 By Noble D. Preston - (1892) - 740 Pages

History Of The Third Regiment, Excelsior Brigade, 72nd New York Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865 By Henri Le Fevre Brown - (1902) - 186 Pages

History Of The Twenty-Second Regiment Of The National Guard Of The State Of New York; From Its Organization To 1895 By George Wood Wingate - (1896) - 748 Pages

History Of The Two Hundred And Third Regiment, New York Infantry Volunteers By Peter Samuel Rigney - (1899) - 99 Pages

Last Days Of The Rebellion : The Second New York Cavalry (Harris' Light) At Appomattox Station And Appomattox Court House, April 8 And 9, 1865 By Alanson M Randol - (1883) - 12 Pages

My Life In The Army, Three Years And A Half With The Fifth Army Corps, Army Of The Potomac 1862-1865 By Robert Tilney - (1912) - 252 Pages

New York In The War Of Rebellion, 1861-1865, Volumes 1 Thru 6 By Frederick Phisterer - (1912) - 4,954 Pages

One Hundred Forty-Third Regiment New York Vols. Inft., Sullivan Co By United States Army New York Infantry Regiment 143rd - (1892) - 35 Pages

Our Campaign Around Gettysburg : Being A Memorial Of What Was Endured, Suffered, And Accomplished By The Twenty-Third Regiment (N.Y.S.N.G.) And Other Regiments Associated With Them, In Their Pennsylvania And Maryland Campaign, During The Rebel Invasion Of The Loyal States In June-July, 1863 By John Lockwood - (1864) - 174 Pages

Perry's Saints; Or, The Fighting Parson's Regiment In The War Of The Rebellion; By James Moses Nichols - (1886) - 313 Pages

Personal Recollections Of The War. A Record Of Service With The Ninety-Third New York Vol. Infantry, And The First Brigade, First Division, Second Corps, Army Of The Potomac By Robert Stoddart Robertson - (1895) - 130 Pages

Proceedings Attending The Presentation Of Regimental Colors To The Legislature, April 20, 1864 By New York Adjutant Generals Office - (1864) - 93 Pages

Random Sketches And Wandering Thoughts, Or, What I Saw In Camp, On The March, The Bivouac, The Battle Field And Hospital, While With The Army In Virginia, North And South Caroline, During The Late Rebellion: With A Historical Sketch Of The Second Oswego Regiment, Eighty-First New York State V.I., A Record Of All Its Officers, And A Roster Of Its Enlisted Men, Also An Appendix By Bartholomew S. De Forest - (1866) - 332 Pages

Record Of The 114th Regiment, N.Y.S.V. : Where It Went, What It Saw, And What It Did By Harris H Beecher - (1866) - 595 Pages

Records Of The 24Th Independent Battery, N. Y. Light Artillery, U. S. V By Julian Whedon Merrill - (1870) - 314 Pages

Regimental History Of The First New York Dragoons (Originally The 130th N.Y. Vol. Infantry) During Three Years Of Active Service In The Great Civil War By James Riley Bowen - (1900) - 481 Pages

Reminiscences And Record Of The 6Th New York V.V. Cavalry By Alonzo Foster - (1892) - 275 Pages

Reminiscences Of The 123nd Regiment, N.Y.S.V., Giving A Complete History Of Its Three Years Service In The War By Henry C Morhous - (1879) - 227 Pages

Report Of The Monument Committee Of The One Hundred And Twenty-Third Regiment New York Infantry Volunteers. 1st Brig., 1St Div., 20th Corps By New York Infantry 123rd Regiment - (1891) - 34 Pages

Roster Of The 185th Regiment N.Y.V. By The New York Infantry 185th Regiment - (1889) - 23 Pages

Selections From The Letters And Diaries Of Brevet-Brigadier General Willoughby Babcock Of The Seventy-Fifth New York Volunteers: A Study Of Camp Life In The Union Armies During The Civil War By Willoughby Babcock - (1922) - 139 Pages

Services Of The Tenth New York Volunteers (National Zouaves,) In The War Of The Rebellion By Charles W. Cowtan - (1882) - 912 Pages

Sketches In Prison Camps: A Continuation Of Sketches Of The War, U.S. Army New York Infantry Regiment 176Th - (1865) - 213 Pages

Testimonial To Col. Rush C. Hawkins, Ninth Regiment N. Y. V., "Hawkins' Zouaves." - (1863) - 14 Pages

The "Dutchess County Regiment" (150th Regiment Of New York State Volunteer Infantry) In The Civil War By Stephen Guernsey Cook - (1907) - 541 Pages

The "Ulster Guard" (20Th N. Y. State Militia) And The War Of The Rebellion, Embracing A History Of The Early Organization Of The Regiments Its Three Months Service...Complete Roster, Etc ...Its Reorganization And Subsequent Services... Together With A Brief Treatise Upon The Origin And Growth Of Secession,; The Militis System, And The Dependence Of The Federal Government Upon It In The Beginning Of The War; With A Critical History Of The First Battle Of Bull Run; Campaign Of Gen. Pope; Mcclellan's Maryland Campaign; Battle Of Frederickburg: Hooker's Chancellorsville Campaign: Gettysburg Campaign; And A Glance At The Campaign From The Rapidan To Appomattaz Court House By Theodore Burr Gates - (1879) - 651 Pages

The 159th Regiment Infantry, New York State Volunteers, In The War Of The Rebellion, 1862-1865 By William Francis Tiemann - (1891) - 222 Pages

The Diary Of A Line Officer By Augustus Cleveland Brown - (1906) - 126 Pages

The Diary Of A Young Officer Serving With The Armies Of The United States During The War Of The Rebellion, New York Infantry Regiment 57th, By Josiah Marshall Favill - (1909) - 327 Pages

The First New York (Lincoln) Cavalry From April 19, 1861, To July 7, 1865 By William Harrison Beach - (1902) - 647 Pages

The Hawkins Zouaves: (Ninth N. Y. V.) Their Battles And Marches By Jhe Whitney - (1866) - 218 Pages

The History Of A Volunteer Regiment: Being A Succinct Account Of The Organization, Services And Adventures Of The Sixth Regiment New York Volunteers Infantry Known As Wilson Zouaves : Where They Went, What They Did, And What They Saw In The War Of The Rebellion, 1861 To 1865 By Gouverneur Morris - (1891) - 168 Pages

The History Of The Forty-Eighth Regiment New York State Volunteers, In The War For The Union, 1861-1865 By Abraham John Palmer - (1885) - 347 Pages

The Honors Of The Empire State In The War Of The Rebellion By Thomas Seaman Townsend - (1889) - 422 Pages

The Iron Hearted Regiment: Being An Account Of The Battles, Marches And Gallant Deeds Performed By The 115th Regiment N.Y. Vols By James H. Clark - (1865) - 354 Pages

The Last Campaign Of The Twenty-Second Regiment, N.G., S.N.Y. June And July, 1863 By George Wood Wingate - (1864) - 61 Pages

The Life And Adventures, Songs, Services, And Speeches Of Private Miles O'Reilly (47th Regiment, New York Volunteers) By Charles Graham Halpine - (1864) - 259 Pages

The Long Roll; Being A Journal Of The Civil War, As Set Down During The Years 1861-1863 By Charles F. Johnson - (1911) - 303 Pages

The Ninth New York Heavy Artillery. A History Of Its Organization, Services In The Defenses Of Washington, Marches, Camps, Battles, And Muster-Out ... And A Complete Roster Of The Regiment By Alfred S. Roe - (1899) - 716 Pages

The Ninth Regiment, New York Volunteers (Hawkins' Zouaves); By Matthew J. Graham - (1900) - 651 Pages

The One Hundred And Twentieth Regiment New York State Volunteers. A Narrative Of Its Services In The War For The Union By Santvoord Cornelius Van - (1894) - 343 Pages

The Red Neck Ties Or History Of The Fifteenth New York Volunteer Cavalry By Chauncey S. Northon - (1891) - 158 Pages

The Sergeant's Memorial, U.S. Army New York Infantry Regiment 106th - (1863) - 250 Pages

The Seventy-Ninth Highlanders, New York Volunteers In The War Of Rebellion, 1861-1865 By William Todd - (1886) - 533 Pages

The Story Of A Cavalry Regiment: "Scott'S 900" Eleventh New York Cavalry, From The St. Lawrence River To The Gulf Of Mexico, 1861-1865 By Thomas West Smith - (1897) - 434 Pages

The Story Of A Trooper By Francis Colburn Adams U.S. Army Cavalry Regiment 1st - (1865) - 624 Pages

The Story Of The Thirty-Third N.Y.S. Vols, Or, Two Years Campaigning In Virginia And Maryland By David Wright Judd - (1864) - 438 Pages

The Veteran Volunteers Of Herkimer And Otsego Counties In The War Of The Rebellion; Being A History Of The 152nd N. Y. V. With Scenes, Incidents, Etc., Which Occurred In The Ranks, Of The 34th N. Y., 97th N. Y., 121st N. Y., 2nd N. Y. Heavy Artillery, And 1st And 2nd N. Y. Mounted Rifles; Also The Active Part Performed By The Boys In Blue Who Were Associated With The 152nd N. Y. V. In Gen. Hancock's Second Army Corps During Grant's Campaign, From The Wilderness To The Surrender Of Gen. Lee At Appomattox Court House, Va By Henry Roback - (1888) - 389 Pages

The Young Patriot; A Memorial Of James Hall - (1862) - 202 Pages

Three Years' Campaign Of The Ninth, N. Y. S. M., During The Southern Rebellion By John Wesley Jaques - (1865) - 257 Pages

Three Years With The Adirondack Regiment : 118th New York Volunteers Infantry By John Lovell Cunningham - (1920) - 613 Pages

To Sacrifice, To Suffer, And If Need Be, To Die : A History Of The Thirty-Fourth New York Regiment By Louis N. Chapin - (1903) - 213 Pages

Veterans Of The Seventh Regiment, National Guard, S. N. Y By United States Army New York Infantry Regiment 7th - (1884) - 72 Pages

War Letters Of William Thompson Lusk, Captain, Assistant Adjutant-General, United States Volunteers 1861-1863, Afterward M.D., Ll. D United States Army Infantry Regiment 79th - (1911) - 344 Pages

William Benjamin 107th New York Infantry - Pension Paper - 1 Pages

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