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Norway, People Cities and Towns, History and Genealogy 37 Books DVD

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Learn all about the towns, cities, and villages of the people of Norway!  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



History and Genealogy Collection

History and Genealogy Records of

The People of Norway

Ultimate Genealogy and History Library

37 Total titles on the People of Norway 

We routinely see just ONE of these titles for sale for the same price or more than our entire collection!  Read about the various towns and counties, town gatherings and events, and stories about prominent towns folk throughout the state's history, and do it at the lowest price per book on disk!

Learn all about your ancestors!

The best selling Genealogy Collection on one easy to use CD! 

A must have resource for any Genealogist or Historian.

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on one easy to use CD.



Norway History and Genealogy

Norway History and Genealogy

Norway History and Genealogy

Norway History and Genealogy

Norway History and Genealogy

Norway History and Genealogy

All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing.  Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).


Most of these are scanned books that are indexed and searchable!  Some scans may not be perfect due to their age.

37 Titles about The People of Norway:

A History Of Norway : From The Earliest Times By Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen - (1886) - 594 Pages

A History Of Norwegian Immigration To The United States : From The Earliest Beginning Down To The Year 1848 By George T. Flom - (1909) - 411 Pages

A History Of The Norwegians Of Illinois; A Concise Record Of The Struggles And Achievements Of The Early Settlers Together With A Narrative Of What Is Now Being Done By The Norwegian-Americans Of Illinois In The Development Of Their Adopted Country By Algot E. Strand - (1905) - 567 Pages

Aasegg, Osen Area Of Norway, Fosna, No. Trondalag, Norway : People With Names Aasegg, Buaro Nordenclan, Sundet And Others - (1900) - 228 Pages (Language: Norwegian)

Altar Book Of The Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church : A Translation By Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church Of America - (1915) - 473 Pages

Christmas Fireside Stories; Or, Round The Yule Log; Norwegian Folk And Fairy Tales By Peter Christen Asbjornsen - (1919) - 339 Pages

East O' The Sun And West O' The Moon: With Other Norwegian Folk Tales By Various Authors - (1912) - 223 Pages

History Of Denmark, Sweden, And Norway, In 2 Volumes, By Samuel Astley Dunham - (1839) - 719 Total Pages

History Of The Church And State In Norway From The Tenth To The Sixteenth Century By Thomas Benjamin Wilson - (1903) - 424 Pages

History Of The Norwegian People In America By Olaf Morgan Norlie - (1922)-  518 Pages

History Of The Norwegian People, Volume 1, By Knut Gjerset - (1915) - 575 Pages

History Of The Norwegian People, Volume 2, By Knut Gjerset - (1915) - 713 Pages

History Of The Scottish Expedition To Norway In 1612, 1886, By Thomas Mitchell - 228 Pages

Home Life In Norway By HK Daniels - (1911) - 339 Pages

Journal Of A Residence In Norway, During The Years 1834, 1835, And 1836, Made With A View To Enquire Into The Moral And Political Economy Of That Country, And The Condition Of Its Inhabitants By Samuel Laing - (1837) - 517 Pages

Norway And Its Fjords By M.A. Wyllie- (1907) - 397 Pages

Norway And The Norwegians By Charles Francis Keary - (1892) - 426 Pages

Norway And The Union With Sweden, 1905, By Fridtjof Nansen -  169 Pages

Norway, Illustrated And Embellished With One Hundred And Twenty-Eight Reproductions Of Photographs, By John Lawson Stoddard - (1897) - 121 Pages

Norway By Nico Jungman - (1905) - 368 Pages

Norway By Sigvart Sorensen - (1899) - 367 Pages

Norwegian Immigrant Contributions To America's Making By Harry Sundby-Hansen - (1921) - 171 Pages

Norwegian Laws Concerning Illegitimate Children By Leifur Magnusson (U.S. Dept. Of Labor - Childrens Bureau) - (1918) - 47 Pages

The Constitution Of The Kingdom Of Norway, An Historical And Political Survey, With A Complete Translation Of The Norwegian Constitution And The Act Of Union Between Norway And Sweden By Hans Lien Braekstad - (1905) - 128 Pages

The Early Kings Of Norway; Also An Essay On The Portraits Of John Knox By Thomas  Carlyle - 370 Pages

The First Chapter Of Norwegian Immigration (1821-1840) : Its Causes And Results By Rasmus Bjorn Anderson - (1895) - 618 Pages

The Fjords And Folk Of Norway By Samuel J. Beckett - (1915) - 385 Pages

The History Of Norway, Comprising A Minute Account Of Its First Settlement, Town Officers, The Annual Expenditures Of The Toavn, With Other Statistical Matters: Interspersed With Historical Sketches, -Narrative And Anecdote, And Occasional Remarks By The Author. By David Noyes - (1852) - 221 Pages

The Naturalist In Norway, 1869, By John Bowden - 298 Pages

The Norse-Folk; Or, A Visit To The Homes Of Norway And Sweden By Charles Loring Brace - (1857) - 538 Pages

The Norway Register, 1903-4 By Harry Edward Mitchell - 123 Pages

The Norwegian Farmers In The United States By Torger Anderson Hoverstad - (1915) - 133 Pages

The Saga Of King Olaf Tryggwason Who Reigned Over Norway A.D. 995 To A.D. 1000 By John Sephton - (1895) - 534 Pages

The Skavlem And Odegaarden Families : Being A Genealogical Record And Pioneer History Of The Skavlem And Odegaarden Families From Their Emigration From Norway Down To The Present ; With Ninety-Nine Portraits And Other Illustrations By Halvor L. Skavlem - (1915) - 277 Pages

The Story Of Norway By Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen - (1886) - 595 Pages

The Vanderlip, Van Derlip, Vander Lippe Family In America; Also Including Some Account Of The Von Der Lippe Family Of Lippe, Germany, From Which The Norwegian, Dutch And American Lines Have Their Descent By Charles Edwin Booth - (1914) - 204 Pages

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