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Learn How to Run a Lathe-Do Metal Turning Boring and Fabrication DVD

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Working on a lathe is a high skill.  Learn the basics of that craft with our educational lathe instruction manual on DVD.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



The Ultimate Lathe Guide
Reference Library


Included:  Over 11 hours of Instructional Videos

Included:  How To Manuals and Guides

Included:  Instructional Books

Included:  Simple Lathe Project Plans


3 Gigabyte Collection on one data DVD

This collection includes video in .mp4 format.  This is a data DVD can be played in any computer.  It cannot be played in a DVD player attached to your TV.

-->Do you want to learn how to run a lathe?

-->Are you interesting in how to evaluate a used lathe for purchase?

-->Do you want solid instructional videos as well as historical guides and perspective?


If you have any interest in operating a lathe, or buying a lathe, either from a professional or amateur standpoint, then this collection is for you!


13 videos are included on this disk, in .mp4 format that can be played on any computer.  These videos combined are over 10 hours long!  You can save them to your hard drive, and then place them on your Ipad or tablet or phone, and watch them in your shop at your convenience.  They provide a great instruction on proper lathe and milling techniques.  Great tips and tricks!

Advance Metal Lathe- Boring steady rest facing -
A basic instructional video on boring with a metal lathe.
Basic Metal-Working Skills -
- This 2 hour video is for the beginner. Learn basic techniques on milling, drilling, cutting and basic machine shop usage.
Essential Machining Skills - Working with a Lathe -
This 2 hour professional video gives you a solid overview or working with a lathe.  Proper techniques are discussed, setup, and maintenance.
Essential Machining Skills- Working with a Milling Machine -
This 3 and a half professional video goes through a milling machine in the same detail as done previously for a lathe,  Learning all the secrets the pros use.
Evaluating and moving a used metalworking lathe -
This is a great 1 hour video that is a must for anyone shopping for a used lathe.  Learn how to look at them and tell how used and abused they are and make a good judgment call.  Don't buy a lathe without watching this video first.
How to Cut a Fine Thread on a Lathe (Training Film) -
Classic footage from industry showing basic thread cutting.
How to machine a shaft at two different diameters -
Additional classic industrial training film use to train new machine shop workers.
How to Shape Lathe Cutting Tools (Training Film) -
This interesting old time video tells you how to make tools for your lathe.
Machining an Acme Thread (Training Video) -
A training film on the proper techniques used for cutting threads.
Milling machine tutorial - cutter selection, speeds and feeds, coolant, high speed machining -
This 30 minute video gives you an overview of how to select the proper cutting tools for the right job.
Plain Turning on the Metal Working Lathe (Training Film) -
This training film for new workers talks about turning on the metal lathe.
Southbend Metal Lathe (basic use) -
A 20 minute introductory training film on teh Southbend metal lathe.
The Bible of Metal-Working with a Lathe! -
A classic introduction that everyone needs for the metal working lathe.

Screen Captures:

We are not going to stop there.  In addition to those videos, we are also including over 80 books and projects to help you learn more about working with lathes!  Some of these are short reference guides, where as some of them are full length books.  They are provided here to help you start building your reference library on your lathe.  Some of them are probably being the range of the average user, but they are great set of reference material for the beginner or expert alike. 

The follow topics are covered, just as an example:  types of lathes, engine lathes, lathe components, care and maintenance of lathes, general purpose cutting tools, single point tool bits, tool holders and tool posts, work holding devices, lathe attachments, rests, tools necessary for lathe work, cutting fluids, laying out and mounting work, methods of mounting work, lathe speeds, feeds, and depth of cuts, micrometer collars, facing, straight turning, machining shoulders, corners, undercuts, grooves and parting, radii and from turning, taper turning, screw thread cutting, thread and fit classifications, thread cutting tool bits, thread cutting operations, tapered screw threads, measuring extern V-shaped screw threads, cutting internal threads, cutting external ACME threads, cutting square threads, knurling on the lathe, drilling with the lathe, boring with the lathe, tapping and hand die threading, reaming on the lath, filing and polishing on the lathe, eccentric work on the lathe, recessing drilled and bored holes, lathe tool post grinder, milling on the lathe, using micrometer carriage stop, and so much more!!:

Beginner Instruction:

Elementary Lathe Practice, T. J. Palmateer, 1917
Elementary Machine Shop Practice, J. A. Pratt, 1921
Elementary Machine Shop Practice, T. J. Palmateer, 1920
First Year Lathe Work - How to Build an 8'' Grinder, O'Brien 1920
First Year Lathe Work - How to Make an 8'' Inch Bench O'Brien 1920
First Year Lathe Work - Introduction, J. J. O'Brien 1917
How to Run a Lathe for the Beginner, J. J. O'Brien 1914
How to Run a Lathe or Instructions on How to Run a Lathe
Lathe & Planer Tools, W. J. Kaup, J. F. Sallows, 1912
Lathe Operations, US Army, 1988
Lathe Work - A Practical Treatise, P. N. Hasluck, 1883
Lathe Work for Beginners, R. F. Yates, 1922

Intermediate and Advanced Instruction:

A Manual of the Hand Lathe - Origin & Development, Watson 1869
A Treatise on Lathes & Turning, W. H. Northcott, 2nd ed 1876
Hartness Flat Turret Lathe Manual, Jones & Lamson 1915
Hartness Flat Turret Lathe Manual, Jones & Lamson 1910
Lathe Bed Design, J. G. Horner, 1913
Lathe Design for High & Low-Speed Steels, J. T. Nicolson 1908
Lathe Design, Construction & Operation, O. Perrigo 1919
Lathe Work, Drilling, etc, ITC, 1901
Lathe Work, etc., R. H. Smith, 1915
Lathe Work, Planer, Shaper, etc, ITC, 1903
Lathe Work, Working Drawings, etc., ITC, 1901
Lathes, etc. , F. H. Colvin &, F. A. Stanley, 1922
Lessons on the Speed Lathe, A. G. Compton & J. H. De Groodt 1898
Metal Spinning, C. Tuells & W. A. Painter, 2nd ed. 1912
Metal Spinning, F. D. Crawshaw, 1909
Modern American Lathe Practice, O. Perrigo, 1907
Practical Metal Turning, J. G. Horner, 1906
The Complete Practical Machinist Embracing Lathe Work 1876
The Lathe & Its Uses, J. Lukin, 1898
The Lathe, D. Burghardt, 1919
The Metal Turner's Handybook, P. N. Hasluck, 1906
The Screw-Cutting Lathe, J. F. Hobart, 1907
The Wood Turner's Handybook, P. N. Hasluck, 6th ed., 190
Turning & Boring, F. D. Jones, 1915

Projects for your Lathe:

A 2 in Lathe You Can Build  Foot Powered Scrollsaw
 A Centerpunch Grinding Post  Freehand_Metal_Turning
 A home buiillt heat treatment  Grinder
 A Modern Build of a Medieval Spring Pole Lathe  Hand Operated Hole Punch
 A Portable Bench Sander  Heavy Duty Grinder
 A Radial Drill Press Made From Spare Parts  Homemade Bandsaw for your Workshop
 A simple lathe countershaft unit  How to Make an 8 inch Bench Lathe
 A Small Bench Grinder  Make a 4 in Bench Slotter
 A Small Bench Miller  Making a Boring Bar
 Ball Bearing Lathe Center  Metal Bending Machine
 Basic Machines Training Course  Metal Brake
 Bearings, Design and Instruction  Metal Cutting Shears
 Bench Saw Table For A Wood Lathe  Metal Shaper For Your Shop
 Boring In- The Lathe  Metal Turning Lathe
 Boring Tools  Pipe Bending Machine
 Build a 6 in Turret Lathe  Shop Forge
 Build an Abrasive Cutoff Wheel  Simple Decorative Lathe Work
 Chop Saw  Slip Roll Machine
 Cutting Lubricants, Machinery's Reference Book  Textbook of Advanced Machine Work
 Cutting Tool Applications  The TextBook of Turning
 Cutting Tools Worked by Hand and Machine  Treadle Powered Wood Lathe
 DIY Fly Cutter  Using The DBit
 Flywheels, Machinerys Reference  Welders Grill and Grinder
 Foot Operated Drill  

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