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Elements of Radio Servicing, How to Repair Old Time Radio, Comprehensive CD

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Superheterodyne Receivers, Servicing Procedure, Multimeters, Setting up the Signal Generator are all covered in this book in high resolution PDF format.



Elements of Radio Servicing

by Marcus & Levy, 1947

(with 21 extra bonus titles included)


  Elements of Radio Servicing 


475 pages showing a comprehensive approach to tube radio repair and service!

Contents include the following topics in great detail:

  • Introduction
  • Superheterodyne Receivers
  • Servicing Procedure
  • Multimeters
  • Signal Generator
  • Setting up the Signal Generator
  • Signal Generator Applications
  • AC Power Supply
  • Loudspeakers
  • Second or Power Audio Amplifier Stage
  • First Audio - Amplifier Stage
  • Detector Stage - AVC
  • IF Amplifier Stage
  • Converter: Mixer and Amplifier Stages
  • Further Notes on the Converter
  • RF Amplifier Stage
  • Antennas
  • AC/DC Power Supply
  • Automobile Radio Installation
  • Auto Radio Power Supplies
  • Push-Pull Output Stage
  • Alignment of a Superheterodyne Receiver
  • Survey of the Servicing Procedure
  • The Service Bench

    Elements of Radio Servicing

We are also including the following 21 books as a FREE BONUS on this CD:
Basic Theory and Applications of Electron Tubes, Departments of the Army and Air Force, 1952, 229 pages
Cathode-Ray Tube - DuMont - 1956
Conductance Curve Design, Dr. Keats A. Pullen, 1958, 127 pages
Data and Circuits of TV Receiving Valves - Jager 1953 231 pages
Electric Rectifiers and Valves, Dr, ing. A. Guntherschulze, 1928, 227 pages
Electron Tube Design RCA, 1962, 951 pages
Electron Tubes Volume 1, RCA, 1935-41, 483 pages
Electron Tubes Volume 2, RCA, 1942-48, 462 pages
Electronic Circuits and Tubes - Cruft Labs at Harvard - Chaffee, 1947, 1017 pages
Electronics and Electron Tubes E. D. McArthur, 1936, 180 pages
Everybody's Radio Manual, How to Build and Repair Radio Receivers, by Popular Science, 1934, 257 pages
Electron-Tube Circuits , Samuel Seely, 1950, 540 pages
FTR Handbook of Tube Operation, Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation, 1944, 68 pages
Getting the Most Out of Vacuum Tubes, Robert B. Tomer, 1960, 164 pages
Graphical Constructions for Vacuum Tube Vircuits, Albert Preisman, 1943, 245 pages
Grondslagen van de Radiobuizentechniek, Philips'  Gloeilampenfabrieken te Einhioven, 1943 (Dutch)
How to Use Meters, John F. Rider, 1960
Handbook of Piezoelectric Crystals, by John P. Buchanan, 1956, 702 pages
How to Build 4 Doerle Shortwave Sets, 37 Pages
Radio Experimenters Guide, 53 pages
You Can Build Your Own Speaker Systems, 41 pages


Elements of Radio Servicing Elements of Radio Servicing Elements of Radio Servicing Elements of Radio Servicing Elements of Radio Servicing Elements of Radio Servicing Elements of Radio Servicing Elements of Radio Servicing

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