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Wood Sculpture, 1911, Vintage Woodworking Book Download


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Wood Sculpture, 1911
vintage woodworking book download

Author: Alfred Maskell
Publisher: GP Putnam's Sons
Publish date (if known): 1911
592 Pages

This book discusses old time wooden sculpture history and techniques.  From the introduction:

Hardly any other division of the arts covers so wide a field as that which is open before us in the study of the use of wood in its decorative applications of every kind. The history of all the arts in all countries from the earliest Egyptian times ; the schools of painting, of engraving, and of sculpture in other materials ; the goldsmiths', metalworkers', and even the potters' crafts ; church lore and liturgiology ; the varieties of furniture of every description, ecclesiastical and domestic ; the science and art of coins and medals ; symbolism, natural history, botany, even heraldry these things and more, perhaps, confront us from time to time, and present points of contact which cannot be ignored. In endeavoring, therefore, to treat so comprehensive a subject, in a single volume, I cannot but be aware that I lay myself open to the criticism of specialists in all the many divisions with which I may have the hardihood to connect it, and I can scarcely expect to avoid the numerous pitfalls.

After about the twelfth century the quantity of available material is so great that it seemed to me that the only plan would be to restrict the general scope in the main to figure sculpture and to certain decorative work in relief, and to consider what examples could be selected which would best illustrate the evolution of the art and the influences exerted by one country on another. It may be asked why such and such a figure or other work has been included, or why such another one has been passed over.  The only answer is that a choice had to be made. It was necessary, also, to draw a line somewhere, and I have done this generally speaking at the end of the Gothic period. Whole geographical divisions Russia, China, Japan, and the East have, perforce also, been left untouched.

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