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CHOPPER PILOT, Vietnam War Era Helicopter Training Video US Army DVD

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This short Vietnam era film shows helicopter pilots preparing to go to war.  This is a region free DVD.


Chopper Pilot

Vietnam Era Helicopter Training Video

A Film by the US Army

Chopper Pilot Chopper Pilot

Chopper Pilot Chopper Pilot 

A must have resource for anyone interested in learning about Vietnam era helicopters!

This training film was produced by the United States Army during the Vietnam War.  It shows the helicopter training conducted mainly at Fort Rucker, Alabama, in which the new pilots are taught how to fly helicopters with day and night navigation, instrument training, machine gun range training and the final eight day testing period required before the new helicopter pilot got his wings as a U. S. Army aviator.  The new helicopter pilots started their actual training in small two place helicopters and transitioned into the famous Huey helicopter of Vietnam War fame.  Upon completion of the course the newly minted aviators were commissioned as Warrant Officers. Included is some Vietnam footage.

Color, Sound - Run time is 28:28


Region Free DVD.

Chopper Pilot Chopper Pilot Chopper Pilot Chopper Pilot 

  • Model: CA-H87

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