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Fury in the Pacific, Battles of Peleliu and Angaur, WWII Battles

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This DVD attempts to document these two classic battles in the Pacific during World War II. Amazingly in their coverage, this is a must for any WWII collector.



Pacific WWII Battles, Peleliu and Angaur, on DVD

An original production published by The Classic Archives!

The Battle of Peleliu, codenamed Operation Stalemate, was fought between the United States and Japan in the Pacific Theater of World War II, taking place between September 15 and November 25, 1944. The U.S. Forces, consisting of the 1st Marine Division and the Army's 81st Infantry Division, fought to capture an airstrip on the small coral island. U.S. Commander William Rupertus predicted that the island would be secured within three days, but due to Japan's well-crafted fortifications and stiff resistance, the battle lasted for over two months. The battle remains one of the war's most controversial, due to its questionable strategic value and high death toll. When considering the number of men involved, Peleliu had the highest casualty rate of any battle in the Pacific War.

Bombardment of Angaur by USS Tennessee, cruisers, and Dauntless dive bombers from USS Wasp began on 11 September 1944. Six days later on 17 September, the U.S. 81st Infantry Division commanded by Major General Paul J. Mueller landed on the northeast and southeast coasts. Mines and congestion on the beach initially gave more trouble than Japanese counter-attacks. But resistance stiffened as the Americans advanced on "the Bowl", a hill near Lake Salome in the northwest of the island where the Japanese planned to make their last stand. From 20 September the 322nd battalion repeatedly attacked the Bowl, but the 750 defenders repulsed them with artillery, mortars and machine guns. Gradually hunger, thirst, and American shellfire and bombing took their toll on the Japanese, and by 25 September the Americans had penetrated the Bowl. Rather than fight for possession of the caves, they used bulldozers to seal the entrances. By 30 September, the island was secure.

This DVD aims to document these two important battles of WWII.

Fury in the Pacific (1945)

Fury in the Pacific is a 1945 documentary short film about a pair of World War II battles in the Pacific: the Battle of Peleliu and the Battle of Angaur.

It was co-produced by the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Marines, and directed by a series of combat cameraman — of whom nine became casualties of the battles they were filming.  The film is especially noteworthy for its praise of the fighting abilities of Japanese soldiers (a rarity for American propaganda during World War II), and its fast-paced editing.


Sound, B&W, 19:44

Fury in the Pacific - Pacific WWII Battle of Peleliu and Angaur movie download Fury in the Pacific - Pacific WWII Battle of Peleliu and Angaur movie download 2 Fury in the Pacific - Pacific WWII Battle of Peleliu and Angaur movie download 3

Third Army blasts Nazi Strongholds (1944 Newsreel)

(1) 3rd Army blasts Nazi Strongholds - "Siege of Metz - Gen. Eisenhower visits Gen. Patton's American 3rd Army, on the battle lines at Metz. Tanks, mortars, bazookas, 155mm. artillery - all are used in battering at this Nazi location in the famed Siegfried Line." (2) Free Greeks Hail Allied Deliverance - "Athens Is Free - A British armada steams into the port of Athens, to be joined ashore by colorful bewhiskered Greek partisans. The undamaged Acropolis signalizes the eternal will of the Greeks to return to their rightful place in a world of nations." (3) Marines Take New Palau island - "Capture of Nglsebus - Nglsebus and Peleliu, in the Pulans, are completely occupied by the U.S. Marines in fierce fighting which features their use of flame throwers and dynamite charges." (4) U.S. Envoy To France Takes Post - "U.S. Embassy Opens - U.S. Ambassador Jefferson Cuffrey opens the American Embassy in Paris, as once again we are represented in a free france." (5) Hindu Leaders Hold Confab - "Gandhi Appears - In a vain effort to adjust the differences between the Hindus and the Muslems, Gandhi makes one of his rare public appearances in a meeting with Mohammed Jinnah." (6) Rumanian Bomb Ruins - "Ruins of Ploesti - General Eaker and General Twining visit the Ploesti oil fields in Rumania to survey the damage caused by the repeated air poundings which the U.S. Army Air Force had administered. (7) First Pictures MacArthur's Return To The Philippines - "Invasion of the Philippines - With his high command, General Douglas MacArthur sets sail for Leyte Island, in the Philippines, in the largest armada to ever ply the Pacific. Terrific naval and air bombardments precede the landings of amphibious craft. G.I.'s wade ashore, then Douglas MacArthur wades ashore with Pres. Osmena. "Jap equipment lies in ruins - Filipino natives are happy in the wreckage of their fragile homes. And at the ornate Provincial Capitol Building in Tacloban, Pres. Osmena speaks to his nation. [illegible] Crotchett and Irving Smith of Universal, were among the aces who filmed this history-making event." Newsreel The End. (complete newsreel)

Sound, B&W, 7:49

Fury in the Pacific - Pacific WWII Battle of Peleliu and Angaur movie download 4 Fury in the Pacific - Pacific WWII Battle of Peleliu and Angaur movie download 5 Fury in the Pacific - Pacific WWII Battle of Peleliu and Angaur movie download 6

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