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Hobby Plans and Projects - IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD, Build some sleds and toys!


Collection of Hobby Plans available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. Go Karts, Scooters, Toys, Planes, Little Carts, Science Projects, Sleds, Golf Carts, ATV's, Airplanes, and much more to offer!



Home Hobby, Crafts, and Toys Project Plans
Instant DOWNLOAD Access

The one stop resource for the home DIY'er who is interested in building their own wood and machine hobbies such as Go Karts, Sleds, Toys, Scooters, and Science projects for the kids, etc.  Plenty of stuff to keep you busy!

Apache Wood Working Airplane Plans


Whatever your tastes or dreams are, you will find it here!  This download package is full of hobby project plans that you could spend your lifetime building.  Please read the entire listing so that you can have an idea of what is being offered for sale.

This is a download package that contains over 115 pdf files of my most popular hobby and kids project plans that contain well over 500 wood working and metal projects that you can do with your kids. Not to mention hundreds of extra pdf files on wood working tips, tricks, techniques, and other hobby projects that are discussed below.  No links or garbage.  These are all pdf files that you can print out as much as you like on your home printer.  A partial list of files that are in this package are below.  There's simply too much to list.  There is tons of bonus material consisting of guides and instructions on various home repair projects for the Do It Yourselfer.  I guarantee you will get a lot more on this disc than I list here.  More plans, more instructions, more more more!!

Wood Go Kart Building Plans

The primary focus of this compilation is hobbies and fun projects to do with your kids!  The 115+ pdf files mentioned above are plans hobby and science projects such as:  Scooters, Go Karts, Airplanes, Sleds, ATV's, Kids' Cars, Mini Bikes, Science Projects, etc!.  The list goes on and on!

All plans are in PDF format that is available for immediate download immediately after you check out!  You can print out as many copies as you need on your home printer. 

Here is a partial list of what is being offered here:

Wood Trailer Plans

Kids Sleds, Cars, bikes, and toys
1901 Packard kids car Classic Touring Car Little Ironing Board
1901 Truck kids car Doll Clothes Dryer Mancala Game
Auto Giro Model 1 Electric Model Hydroplane Merry Go Round
Auto Giro Model 2 Falling Blocks Periscope
Bike Trailer Folding Sled RC Air Boat, Gas Powered
Billy Cart Racer Car Folk Toys Scamper model car
Bob sled Ice Scooter Snow Toboggan
Boomerangs kites Table top Hand Loom
Classic Sidewalk Car Land Yacht Model Racer  
Wood Dump Trailer
Powered Bikes and Scooters
Gas Engine Scooter 1 Mini Bike 2 Pocket Bike
Gas Engine Scooter 2 Mini Bike 3 Super Gas Scooter
Mini Bike 1 Motorized Power Bicycle Vintage Mini Motorcycle
Snowmobile Wood Trailer Plans
Go Karts
3 Wheel Go Cart ATV v1 Golf Cart V1 Six Wheel ATV
3 Wheel Go Cart ATV v2 Golf Cart V2 Snow Mobile Air Boat
Airboat Snow Sled Mini Dump Traditional Go Kart
Flying Hovercraft Racer Type Car  
Model Airplane Plans
90AF ApachePt1 Champ
Albatross ApachePt2 Homebuilt Airplane
Wood Go Kart Plans
Bird Feeder Birdhouse Guidance Bird nesting Box
Bird Table Bluebird House Plans Hanging Birdhouse
Kids Go Kart Racer Plans
Science Projects
10 Dollar Telescope Dry Washer Prospecting Machine Shortwave Radio
3 Inch Refractor Emergency Radio Receiver Simple Telescope
6 inch Reflector Observatory Small Experimental Electric Motors
Battery Power Flashlight Radio Outfit your chemistry lab Terrestrial Telescopes
Battery Power Flashlight Radio2 Photo Developing Darkroom Uranium Detector for Prospecting
Binoculars and Spotting Scopes Radio Tuner Vintage Transistor Radio
Dobsonian Telescope Richest Field Telescope  
Model Airplane Plans
Woodworking Hobby Projects
Acoustic Guitar Flight Bow Playground Go Round
American Flat bow Foldable Field Rifle Rack Playground Merry Go Round
Artist Easel Folk Rebec Fiddle Recurve bow
Easel Plans Fooseball table Rocking Horse
Fish head ashtray Go Kart(1) Sandbox Back hoe
Fishing Rod Rack Go Kart(2) Sandbox steam shovel
Repeating Crossbow Heirloom Photo Album Shop or Lemonade Stand
Beehive box Hunting Bow Corner picket Fence
Family Gamebox Make your own tobacco pipe Steel Guitar
Chess board CD Carousel Tic Tac Toe Board
Caboose Toybox(1) Long Bow Toy box on castors
Caboose Toybox(2) Toy Car  

The best part about this package, is that's not all you get.  You also get an additional 120 ebooks on PDF for the Do It Yourselfer!  That's in addition to the plans above.  Various topics on home repair and how to guides.  Things like kitchen design, bathroom design, windows, radiators, plumbing, brickwork, toilets, electrical safety, sealants, insulation, hanging wallpaper, wiring plugs, laying tiles, outdoor lighting, painting tips,  renovating wood, etc etc. 

That's not all you get.  You also get another 175 ebooks woodworking tips on ebooks!  Clamping, routing, drilling, painting, cutting, sanding, finishing, sharpening, etc etc etc.

And finally, I'm including an additional 500 home fun projects projects.  Ranging from toys like like waddling ducks, rocking horses, puzzles, toy cars, etc. Also there are ornamental projects, cribs, high chairs, garden projects, and some workshop projects.  There are over 500 additional home hobby projects to keep you busy!!!!

The list goes on and on!!!  I can't list them all here, just not enough room, and you're probably bored by now.  But you get them all, all 120 ebooks on Do It Yourself items and over 175 ebooks on woodworking tips that will help you save money by no longer needing to hire a professional and the 500+ additional projects.  If you do one project yourself on this list instead of hiring it out, you've already paid for the disc, and look how much you have here!  Unbeatable!

All plans are in PDF format that is available for immediate download immediately after you check out! 

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