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How to Build a Deluxe Workbench, Workshop Tool Plans, IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD


The centerpiece of any workshop is the workbench! Easy to follow plans make construction a breeze. We have the best selection of these plans on the net. As always, all our wood plans are available for immediate download.



How to Build a Deluxe Workbench Plans

Wood Plans


workbench plans for download

Bring your shop to the next level with a professional-grade workbench that you can build yourself.  Complete with a wide end vise, bench dogs and a versatile patternmaker's vise on the side, this bench sets the standard for everything you'll make with it. 

Most of us don't think of a workbench as a tool. After all, it doesn't have a motor, you don't plug it in and it never gets dull. But the fact is, it's probably the most important piece of equipment in your shop. It's where you hold, measure, mark, shape and assemble the pieces that make up most of what you create. And like any tool, a good bench makes it easier to do good work. 

Our ideal bench starts with an ample, flat work surface. A flat top is important because everything you build will be gauged against it and guided by it. In addition, the bench must be solid and stable enough to withstand sawing and pounding without racking or sliding across the floor. To achieve these ends, we built our bench out of 8/4 (2-in.) hard maple for stability, strength and weight, and included a massive trestle stand that's assembled with heavy-duty threaded bench fasteners. 

Without the ability to hold stock while it's worked, though, even the best bench is nothing but a heavy table. To keep things in place we've incorporated a full-width end vise, complete with bench dogs for gripping long panels. And in place of the standard woodworker's vise, we've chosen a cast-iron patternmaker's vise that adjusts to almost any angle for maximum versatility.

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