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Sailboat Boat Plans, 24 Designs, Instant Download Access


24 Unique Sailboat Designs, instant access download! Simple easy to build small Sailboats. Perfect for the backyard boat building enthusiast. What are you waiting for?



24 Sailboats

Boat Plan Collection

24 Different and Unique Boat Designs

Instant Download Access!



Have you ever wanted to build a sailboat?  Are you unsure what kind of boat you want to build?  Do you need some guidance from a good quality set of plans and instructions?  Are you looking for ideas on building a boat?  Are you tired of surfing the internet looking at dead end after dead end when you want to find some good plans and guidelines on boat building?  If you know you want to build a sailboat, and don't want to purchase our entire set of boat plans, this package is for you.

This package, for immediate download, contains 24 Sailboat Plans in PDF format for different styles and shapes of sailboats. 

This is an unequaled deal not to be found elsewhere.  The best deal on all sorts of different sailboat plans!  These are all of the plans we sell.

All plans are in PDF format.  You can print out as many copies as you need on your home printer.  You will need a free copy of Adobe Reader (5.0 or later) that you can download for free online. 


24 Sailboat designs and plans, including:

Bannock:  A versatile craft is yours when you build this sturdy pram-it can be sailed either cat-rigged or sloop-rigged, paddled with oars or powered by a small outboard motor.

Sailboat Bannock Boat Plans

Biloxi Dinghy Sailboat Easy to build, small starter sailboat.

Blue Moon. 16-foot cruising sailboat that can be built complete on a low budget  It sleeps two comfortably on 6 foot 4 inch berths, and there’s sitting headroom in a cabin that has space for a chemical toilet and a small stove.  Very easy to build.

Blue Moon Sailboat Plans

Breeze-Baby 12 foot sailboat that actually planes with one person aboard.  Easily to handle under her simple sail- this would make an ideal FIRST boat. 

Cat’s Paw Another 12 ft sailboat that is easy to build with straight side hulls.   Very forgiving.  Ideal boat to learn or practice sailing in because she will forgive so many mistakes.

Crescent 15 and 1/2 ft sailboat for day sailing on a small lake, river, or protected waters of a bay.  Of course, day sailing doesn’t mean you can’t go for a moon light cruise.  This boat is not equipped with a cabin, galley and bunks for overnight cruising. 

Breeze Baby Sailboat Plans

Dart  A fast 13-foot sailboat.  As a one design, class, or general-purpose sailboat.  Jib and mainsail easily handled.  Points closely, foots quickly.  Ideal for protected waterways.  May be propelled with small outboard motors also.

Falcon is a general-purpose frisky 14 ft centerboard sailboat. It points closely and easily outdistances comparable one-design class boats.  This design is for those who want the very latest and best in small sailing craft.  Seats 4 persons. 

Graifen Ten Sailing Pram, ideal for learning the basics of sailing, also fun for more experienced sailors.

Gypsy 24 foot long sailer, 9 foot 2 inches beam, 6000 pound displacement, and seats 3 persons. Takes a 10 - 25hp motor.

Crescent Sailboat Plans

Hobby Kat Really neat catamaran that is fast.  Asymmetrical hulls and special trampoline supports, the Hobby Kat can reach 20 mph. 

Jamaican is a fiberglass sailboard. Lots of fun.  

Manu is a speedy 30 mph planing sailboat.  With load of more than five passengers, boat reacts like any conventional displacement-type sailboat.  Length 20 foot with a beam of 6 foot 1 inch.  Capacity 4 to 6 maximum. 

Missile is a 19-foot racing sailboat.  Small craft is designed for the backyard boat builder who wants competition or just plain speedy sailing at minimum cost.  50 inch beam.

Dinghy Sailboat Plans

Petrel is a 16 ft sailboat that can be built as a day sailor or a overnighter with cabin.  It is 70 inches wide.  Either model is constructed from the same basic design, and either model possesses unusual seaworthiness, stability, trim attractive lines, speed and ability to handle well on all points of sailing.

Sea Mite is a 10ft sailor, an outboarder, and an all around shoal draft utility boat for protected what fishing. .  This boat has an inverted V bottom, 65-inch beam and a 3-inch draft which combines to give two slim hulls that move with the lightest of breezes. 

Southwind is a 22-foot dory-sharpie.  This is a small, shallow-draft sailing craft, which combines sea-worthiness with economy and, with power, will make moderate speeds.

Star-Lite sporting an overall length of 27 feet 6 inches accommodates four people in 6 foot 4 inch bunks with enough space for a private head and a working galley.  You can live on this boat.  The Star-Lite is a proven design, improved slightly from the first ship built- the Tabu.  You can build it, but it will take some work!

Graefin Sailboat Plans

Tabu combines new materials with improved techniques of water dynamics, this sports sailor brings about a new concept of high in the –water speed sailing.  It rides over the surface instead of forcing its way through it.  Length is 18 feet with a 5 foot 8 inch beam, 2 people with a hull weight of 175 pounds.

Tern is a flying sailor.  Nature foots the power bill when the boat you build carries 72 square foot of sail.  It is remarkably stable, and packs as many as four persons aboard.

Zephyr is a refinement of a type of boat developed by the English for use in the rough open waters of the English Channel.  Speed, durable 14-foot international dinghy class sailboat.  Light weight, strong, compact hull, and maximum water line length for competition or thrilling sailing speeds of over 15 miles per hour.  Will out sail boats twice her length and will keep going in rough waters.  The beam is 5 feet and the weight is 165 pounds.

Zephyr Boat Plans

Plus 3 more sailboats!!



You can use all of these plans to figure out which boat you want to build and go for it.  Start building your dream!


Plans come from a variety of sources.  Many come from boat building magazines.  Various skill levels are required.  Some boats can be built by beginners in a garage, others require much more space and expertise to construct.

Sailboat Boat Plans 

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