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Old English Furniture, 1904, Vintage Woodworking Book Download


Welcome to our classic woodworking literature collection.  This classic piece of literature pertaining to woodworking and woodcrafts is available for immediate download.  We hope you enjoy this piece of work.


Old English Furniture 1904
classic woodworking furniture book download Author: Fenn, Frederick
Publisher: London, G. Newnes, limited; New York, C. Scribner's sons
Publish date (if known): 1904
272 Pages

Introduction to Oak furniture in the walnut wood period.  Also there is an introduction of mahogany, inlaid mahogany and satinwood and painted furniture like chairs and sofas.


This is a wonderful prowl through extremely antique furniture with a chatty expert, rather like going on a shop crawl with him. It's fun to read, easy-going, but dead-on accurate. He takes you through the history of English furniture from the Tudors forward, and doesn't hesitate to get into detail, like breaking down Chippendale into his many periods. Rather uniquely, he sees where the economics and technology come into play in the development of styles: that Chippendale simplified his styles for early mass production, or that early dower chests had such thick lids because they were hewn from the log with an axe, not sawn into thinner planks. There's hundreds of these little illuminations throughout.

I found the chapter on painted furniture rather inspirational, more so than some modern books on painted furniture meant to inspire. Looking at these I could see how a plainer piece of furniture could be brought up to the slightly fantasy level I wanted with a restrained taste. Considering that I'll probably be painting over cheap finish over particle board, it's not like my painting will reduce its value.

The chapters are Oak Furniture, The Walnut Wood Period, The Introduction of Mahogany, Inlaid Mahogany and Satinwood, Painted Furniture, and Chairs and Sofas. The "List of Books of Reference" will give you more titles to dig for here in the Archive. There are XCIV monotone plates.



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