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Pattern Making, 1902, Vintage Woodworking Book Download


Welcome to our classic woodworking literature collection. This classic piece of literature pertaining to woodworking and woodcrafts is available for immediate download. We hope you enjoy this piece of work.


Pattern Making, 1908
vintage woodworking book download

Author: James Ritchey
Publisher: American School of Correspondance
Publish date (if known): 1908
168 Pages

"In recent years, such marvelous advances have been made in the engineering and scientific fields, and so rapid has been the evolution of mechanical and constructive processes and methods, that a distinct need has been created for a series of practical working guides, of convenient size and low cost, embodying the accumulated results of experience and the most approved modern practice along a great variety of lines. To fill this acknowledged need, is the special purpose of the series of handbooks to which this volume belongs.

In the preparation of this series, it has been the aim of the publishers to lay special stress on the practical side of each subject, as distinguished from mere theoretical or academic discussion. Each volume is written by a well-known expert of acknowledged authority in his special line, and is based on a most careful study of practical needs and up-to-date methods as developed under the conditions of actual practice in the field, the shop, the mill, the power house, the drafting room, the engine room, etc.

These volumes are especially adapted for purposes of self instruction and home study. The utmost care has been used to bring the treatment of each subject within the range of the common understanding, so that the work will appeal not only to the technically trained expert, but also to the beginner and the self taught practical man who wishes to keep abreast of modern progress. The language is simple and clear; heavy technical terms and the formulae of the higher mathematics have been avoided, yet without sacrificing any of the requirements of practical instruction; the arrangement of matter is such as to carry the reader along by easy steps to complete mastery of each subject; frequent examples for practice are given, to enable the reader to test his knowledge and make it a permanent possession; and the illustrations are selected with the greatest care to supplement and make clear the references in the text.

The method adopted in the preparation of these volumes is that which the American School of Correspondence has developed and employed so successfully for many years. It is not an experiment, but has stood the severest of all tests that of practical use which has demonstrated it to be the best method yet devised for the education of the busy working man.

For purposes of ready reference and timely information when needed, it is believed that this series of handbooks will be found to meet every requirement.

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