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Old English Furniture and its Surroundings, 1920, Vintage Woodworking Book


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Old English Furniture and its Surroundings, 1920
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Author: MacIver Percival
Publisher: William Heinemann
Publish date (if known): 1920
296 Pages

Everyone collects something nowadays : Old furniture, silver, china or glass, perhaps all of them ; and such collections are not only interesting in themselves, but often add much beauty to the homes of their owners.

In many cases, however, they are not seen to the best advantage, because they are only too often arranged in a milieu which is totally unsuited for them, and thus not only is the general effect less good than it should be, but the beauty of the individual pieces is obscured.

Seventeenth century pewter on a Sheraton sideboard, Chippendale chairs with covers of printed linen copied from the design of Jacobean needlework hangings ; William and Mary stools covered with Louis Seize striped brocade are combinations which are not seldom seen among the belongings of collectors who should know better.

Fine pieces are, of course, fine anywhere, but when placed in their right environment new beauties show themselves, while others, though individually less beautiful, may be invaluable when filling their proper purpose in a well thought out scheme.

While it is hardly possible, indeed it is scarcely desirable, that the rooms inhabited by twentieth century folk should be replicas in every detail of those of bygone days, it is certainly useful to know exactly what was then used, in order that the modifications rendered necessary by our different ways of living may be of a sympathetic character. But information on many points is hard to find, and can only be obtained by consulting endless books dealing with different features, and original authorities, which, in many cases, are difficult of access, and it is hoped that in *' Old English Furniture and its Surroundings," artists, collectors, decorators, and others who have occasion to plan harmonious interiors in the styles of bygone days will find a convenient book of reference.

The period covered—from the Restoration of the Monarchy to the Regency—has been divided into four sections :

I The Restoration.
II The End of the Seventeenth Century and the Early Eighteenth.
III Early Georgian.
IV Late Georgian.

Each of these sections contains chapters dealing with Permanent Decoration, Furniture, Upholstery (including Wall and Floor Coverings), Table Appointments and Decorative Adjuncts. Obviously it would be impossible to treat all these subjects exhaustively in one volume ; but as far as possible all essentials have been included.

The illustrations in a book of this kind are quite as important as the text, and great care has been taken in selecting them. Almost all may be considered as representing typical specimens of the style in vogue at their respective periods. Transition and unique pieces are extremely interesting and often very beautiful, but are less well suited for the present purpose than patterns which met with more general acceptance.

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