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Wood Finishing Comprising Staining, Varnishing, and Polishing, Vintage Wood


Welcome to our classic woodworking literature collection. This classic piece of literature pertaining to woodworking and woodcrafts is available for immediate download. We hope you enjoy this piece of work.


Wood Finishing comprising Staining, Varnish, and Polishing, 1897
wood finishing staining varsnishing polishing book download

Author: Paul Hasluck
Publisher: Cassell and Company
Publish date (if known): 1897
127 Pages

This handbook contains, in a form convenient for every day use, a comprehensive digest of the knowledge of Staining, Varnishing, and Polishing Woods, and supplies concise information on the general principles of the woodworking crafts involved.  This was meant to be a one encompassing reference work on the finishing of your woodworking projects.  Great for the old woodworker as well as the woodworking student.

Part of the vintage wood working book collection. All of our vintage woodworking books are available for immediate download after checkout. All of our woodworking books come in .pdf format for easy viewing and reading.


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