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DOWNLOAD - US NAVY SEAL Physical Fitness Guide


New for all our Preppers out there! This NAVY SEAL Physical Fitness Guide is straight out of the NAVY SEAL handbooks. Learn what they learn, in the privacy of your own home.



US Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide

free doomsday prepper instructions and files physical fitness guide


This is a full 299 page PDF file of the original NAVY SEAL PATROL PHYSICAL FITNESS GUIDE.

Membership in the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) community requires an extraordinary high level of total body fitness.  A combination of muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness is essential to carry out assigned missions.

To train most effectively for these physically demanding tasks, SEALS and others within the NSW community need clear, concise, and authoritative guidance on physical fitness training regimens.  This manual, The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide, has been written to meet this need.

The authors of this comprehensive guide, physicians and physiologists, were chosen because of their special qualifications in the area of physical fitness and their knowledge of the NSW and SEAL community.  Their expertise ensured the guide would be written with the unique requirements of the NSW community in mind, and that our goal of expanding the individual Nave SEAL's knowledge of attaining and retaining a high level of fitness would be achieved.

I commend The Navy Seal Physical Fitness Guide as a superb source of information.  Following the advice in this guide will enable you to train like a SEAL (or try to!) and to prepare for the physically demanding tasks that your prepping will require.

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