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How to Build A Remote Control RC Lawn Mower, Full Color Instruction Plans

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Why sweat in the sun? INCLUDES 90 MINUTE VIDEO FOR DOWNLOAD! Easy download immediately after checkout! Purchase a download today!



RC Lawn Mower

How To Build A Remote Control Lawn Mower


Instructional plans
90 Minute How To Video

Do you enjoy pushing a mower across the lawn on a 100 degree day?

Do you enjoy sweating?

Is it easier to get your kids to the dentist than it is for them to help with the lawn?

Do you want to do a father-son project with junior and teach him a little about mechanics and electro-mechanical design?

Now there is a solution:


RC Lawn Mower

This is an instructional guide on how to build your own remote control lawn mower!  This guide contains step by step instructions and material list on building your own RC lawn mower.  46 full color pages with pictures and instructions on what to do.

The following is included, available for Immediate Download after checkout:

1) Full Color 46 Page Instructional Guide.

2) Full Materials List, with suggestions on where to purchase major components.

3) Full Tools list needed to build this project.  No specialty tools required, what you have in your home workshop can be used.  No tool is needed that you can't find at your local hardware store.

4) Step by Step instructions that show how this lawnbot was built.  Pictures guide the way of every major construction step.

5) Full wiring instructions, including the components to buy, where to find them, and how each and every single wire is to be connected and run.  No prior electronics experiences or knowledge is necessary.  We include a wire by wire guide in simple terms.  These are not wiring diagrams for an electrical engineer.  We made it SIMPLE so anyone can figure out what to get and how to hook it up.  You would be amazed at how EASY we make it.  Anyone can do it!

6) 90+ minutes of instructional video is provided in downloadable .mp4 video files.  The videos will show you step by step how the above lawnbot was built and wired.  They are meant to complement the written plans.  They can be downloaded and viewed on any computer!  Follow along step by step and do it with us!

The downloadable plans and downloadable videos are available immediately after checkout.

RC Lawn Mower

Think about...  Sitting in a lawn chair, underneath a tree, drinking a beer, pushing a few buttons on a transmitter, while watching your neighbor sweat his butt off.  How cool is that?  Your kids will actually fight you for getting to mow the lawn!  Ever thought you'd see the day?

RC Lawn Mower

This project requires some basic mechanical skill and basic electrical skills.  No expert skills are needed.  Just basic cutting and drilling.  This is a perfect project to hone your skills on, or teach them to your kid.

This whole project was built for under 500 bucks. That includes all the parts that were used!  Look around, a factory built remote control mower can run for $3,000!  Who wants to spend that much?  Build your own, have fun and bond with your kids, and then drink some beer while the lawn gets cut.  What else could be better?

It is possible to build this project in just a couple of weekends in your garage.

  • Model: DL-RCLM-020

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