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Modern Gunsmith + 74 Classic Gunsmithing Reference Books on DVD-Snail Mail

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The largest gunsmith library on one DVD.  Learn anything you can think of in the field of gunsmithing.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



Gunsmith Reference Library on DVD
The Modern Gunsmith
Vintage and Antique Gun Repair Manuals
Antique Gun Shooting and Hunting Guides
74 Total Books on DVD Included

A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds firearms. This occupation is different from an armorer. The armorer primarily maintains (disassembly, cleaning) weapons and limited repairs involving parts replacement and possibly work involving accurization. A gunsmith does factory level repairs, renovation (such as applying metal finishes), and makes modifications and alterations for special uses.

Gunsmiths may be employed in:

-factories by firearms manufacturers,
-armories by military or law-enforcement agencies,
-sporting goods stores, or
-small gunsmith shops, as either the owner, or as one of a handful of employees.

To pursue the entirety of this trade, a gunsmith must possess skills as a mechanic, a metalworker, a woodworker, and an artisan; be knowledgeable in shop mathematics, ballistics, and chemistry; and be capable of working accurately and precisely. Those who are (self-) employed in small gunsmith shops must also possess skills as small business operators; work effectively with a wide variety of customers; and remain abreast of, and comply with federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and requirements.

Due to the great breadth of subject matter to be mastered, many gunsmiths specialize in only a few of the skills required of the general gunsmith. Alternatively, some gunsmiths learn many of the skills of the trade, but only apply them to a few weapon types (e.g. only pistols, only shotguns, only specific brands or models).

This collection of gunsmithing reference manuals is specifically geared for someone who is interested in working on antique or vintage guns.  Most manuals date to the turn of the last century, making them ideal for someone who is interested in working on 1800 or early 1900 era firearms.  This collection is not specifically intended for someone working on modern era firearms, although the techniques that are discussed here can be applied to more modern firearms.  Also included is a section of reference material on vintage ammunition, as well as many old books on hunting and shooting.  Overall, a very well rounded collection for anyone interesting in working with, or working on, antique firearms.

This collection totals 74 total books one DVD in PDF format.  Note the collection consumes approximately 1.5 GB of disk space.  The books are PDF scans in high quality.  The sample images below have been scaled down.  This item is for a DVD, not a download.

The Modern Gunsmith, Volume 1 and Volume 2

This book is considered one of the most important gunsmith reference books available.  Regardless of your skill level, this book goes into the details of the design and building of a firearm.  While many modern books tell you to purchase aftermarket parts, this book goes into detail about proper techniques on making your own parts.  This turns the amateur gunsmith into the professional gunsmith.
Volume 1, Table of Contents: Volume 2, Table of Contents:
The Workshop, Tools & General Equipment Machinery, Power & General Tool Equipment
Special Home-Made Tools & Equipment Special Gunshop Tools & Accessories
Materials, Metals & Supplies Tools & Methods of Tool Making
The Use of Tools Die Making
Reading & Making Drawings Whims & Fancies in Firearms
Safety with Firearms Principles of Iron & Steel
Selection of Woods Heat-Treatment of Steel
Designing the Gun Stock Rifle Barrel Design & Fitting
Laying Out the Stock, Inletting the Action Barrel Tools & Their Construction
Modeling & Shaping the Stock Barrel Drilling & Reaming
Bedding Barrels & Actions Rifling Barrels
Giving the Stock Its Final Finish Barrel Turning, Chambering & Headspacing
Checkering, Carving & Inlays The .22 Caliber Hornet: Design & Conversion
Stock Surgery Relining of Rifle Barrels
Laminated Woods for Gun Stocks Striking Barrels & Polishing Gun Parts
Modernizing Military Small Arms The Art of Bluing & Browning
Fitting of Sighting Equipment Care of Firearms: Cleaning Bores & Removing Obstructions
Replacement of Small Working Parts Lapping Barrels & Polishing Shotgun Bores
Hand-forging & Heat-Treatment Special Gun Parts & Their Construction
Revolver and Pistol Repairs Manufacture of Gun Sights
Problems of the Trigger Pull Spring Making
Amateur Etching & Engraving Bullet Swages & Case-Resizing Dies
Stripping Actions, Oiling & Minor Repairs Bullet Moulds
Minor Repairs & Adjustments Restoration & Preservation of Antique Firearms
Miscellaneous Formulas & Methods Shotgun Repairs
Soldering, Brazing & Welding The Art of Gun Engraving
Field Repair Kits & Devices Appraisal of Craftsmanship
Experimental Factors Governing Small-Arms Ammunition Review of Military Small Arms
Mechanical Definitions & Phrases  


In total, a whopping 74 antique gunsmith and antique gun related reference books are included!  Here is the list of volumes included in this DVD:

Ammunition Related

Breech Loading Firearms and Ammunition 1879
Cartridge Manufacture 1916
Field Artillery Cannon Ammunition
Guns Ammunition and Tackle 1904
High-Explosive Shell Manufacture 1916
How To Select Reloading Equipment 1955
Identifying Ammunition
Manufacture of Artillery Ammunition 1917
RCBS 2 Shell Holders and Case Gauges 1956
RCBS Bullet Pullers 1956
Small Caliber Ammunition Data
Smokeless Powder and its Influence on Gun Construction 1890
Straightline Handloading Equipment 1957
Treatise on Ammunition 1915


Advanced Gunsmithing 1940
Deep Hole Drilling in Gun Construction 1910
Gun Making in the United States 1907
Gunline Tools Checkering Tool 1955
Repair of Wooden FiberGlass-Plastic 1970
The Elastic Strength of Guns 1906
The Modern Gunsmith Vol1 1941
The Modern Gunsmith Vol2 1941
Theory and Design of Recoil Systems and Gun Carriages 1921

Additional Reference Books

American Inventions and Improvements in Breech-Loading Small Arms 1880
American Machinists Handbook 1914
Compound guns many-barrelled rifle batteries machine guns 1874
Guns and Gunning 1908
Heat-Treatment of Steel 1914
Machine Guns 1917
Machine Tools and Their Operation Vol 1 1922
Machine Tools and Their Operation Vol 2 1922
Machine-Gun Drill Regulations 1918
Machinery's Handbook 1941
Modern Shot Guns 1891
New Methods of Machine-Gun Fire 1916
Our Rifles Firearms in American History 1920
Text-Book of Advanced Machine Work 1919
The Breech Loader 1898
The Breech Loader and How To Use It 1892
The Gun and its Development 1897
The Guns of Europe 1915
The Modern Sportsman's Gun and Rifle 1884
The Shot-Gun and Sporting Rifle 1859
United States Rifles and Machine Guns 1917

Shooting and Hunting Books

American Duck Shooting 1901
American Game Bird Shooting 1882
American Game Bird Shooting 1910
American Wild-fowl Shooting 1874
Big Game Shooting 1894
Big Game Shooting Records 1932
Crocodile Shooting 1800
Experts on Guns and Shooting 1900
Fishing and Shooting 1902
Fishing and Shooting Sketches 1907
Hints on Revolver Shooting 1904
Letters to young sportsmen on hunting angling & shooting 1920
Long-range rifle shooting 1877
Pheasants and covert shooting 1913
Pigeon Shooting 1896
Pistol and revolver shooting 1916
Pistol and revolver shooting 1922
Practical rifle shooting 1906
Rifles and rifle shooting 1912
Rough Shooting 1889
Shooting 1903
Shooting field and covert 1887
Shooting for boys 1917
Shooting in China 1908
Shooting Moor and marsh 1893
Sporting rifles and rifle shooting 1920
Wild Fowl Shooting 1888
Wing and Trap Shooting 1911
Wing-shooting 1881
Woodcock Shooting 1908

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