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Ammunition Reloading Manuals, Learn to Reload Ammo on DVD- Snail Mail

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Reloading your own ammo is key to any good survival strategy.  Learn how to do it with our videos and guides on one DVD.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



Reloading Ammunition
Over 9 hours of Instructional Videos

How To Manuals and Guides

Historical Books

4 GB Collection on one data DVD

This collection includes video in .mp4 format.  This is a data DVD can be played in any computer.  It cannot be played in a DVD player attached to your TV.

25 videos are included on this disk, in .mp4 format that can be played on any computer.  These videos combined are over 9 hours long!  You can save them to your hard drive, and then place them on your Ipad or tablet or phone, and watch them in your shop at your convenience.  They provide a great overview of the process of reloading ammunition for beginners and experts alike.  Great tips and tricks!

Advanced Safety Information on Bullet Casting and Ingot Making - An important part of reloading is learning how to make bullet castings out of lead.  This video shows you how.
All The Equipment Needed To Start Reloading Ammunition -
his video presents an overview of what you need to reload bullets. It shows you all the equipment you will need to reload ammunition.
Beginner Guide To Reloading Equipment -
This will explain the differences in single, turret, and progressive presses and what to start with and why.
Beginners Reloading- Do's and Dont's -
An important overview of the safety concerns with reloaded ammunition and what you should do to ensure your own safety and that of others.
How to Reload 45 ACP -
This reloading video is specifically focused on the proper technique of reloading a .45 ACP
How to reload high accuracy 223 Remington (5.56mm) varmint and target shooting ammunition. -
The .223 is the most popular rifle hunting round.  Now you can learn how to reload it using this simple easy to follow video.
Reloading - A Complete Beginners Guide To Handloading For Your Rifle -
A great long video on hand loading.  Topics covered include: Reloading Presses, What happens when a cartridge is fired, Why Handload?, Reloading Dies, Lubricating Cases, A few basic case prep tools, Calipers and Scales, Powder Measures, The components of a Cartridge, Case tumbling, Quality Control of brass, Installing your shellholder and Resizing die, Sizing Cases, Trimming Cases, Checking for fit in the rifle, Priming, Throwing Powder, Setting up your seating die, Seating bullets.
Reloading .223 Rem on the Dillon XL 650 -
The entire process from start to finish using the Dillon XL 650. I wanted to show how easily you can reload ,223 ammo on this press once it is properly set up. All you need is the powder, primer, bullets and or course the brass to produce a lot of ammo in a short amount of time.
Reloading .223 Remington - 50 rounds on a single stage press from start to finish. -
A step by step review of the reloading process for .223 rounds, all the way from finding the casings to getting them ready to fire.
Reloading 101- .223 Reloading From Start To Finish -
In this video a .223 is reloaded with Hornady 75 grain HPBT bullets under 25.2 grains of Hodgdon's BL-C(2) powder
Reloading 7.62x54R Mosin-Nagant Ammo -
An abbreviated process of reloading some 7.62x54 rifle ammo.
Reloading 9mm Ammunition Using a Lee Classic Turret Press -
An introduction to reloading specifically focused on 9mm casings.
Reloading ammunition for rifles -
Hand reloading ammunition for rifles. Custom made dies, bullet seater and neck die. Precision powder measure and arbor press. Demonstration of how to reload rifle ammunition with precise tools
Reloading for Beginners on a Budget HD -
This video is a tutorial on the equipment you are going to need to get started on reloading pistol ammunition. It covers the very basic items you need to get started (must haves and optionals) and more importantly, It is for those of you that would like to keep your investment to a minimum without wasting money on cheap impractical items.
Reloading for beginners -
The simple process of reloading using a single stage press is shown.
Reloading Handgun Ammunition - .45 ACP -
A basic look at handgun cartridge reloading - in this case, .45 ACP. This is directed more at the novice or prospective reloader and is by no means a thorough or comprehensive set of instructions.
Reloading On A Budget - 7 parts. 
This series is broken up into 7 individual parts - part1_Overview And Equipment,  Part2_Cleaning And Polishing, Part3_Brass Sizing And Decapp, Part4_Case Priming, Part5_Measure Gun Powder, Part6_Seating Bullets, Part7_Summary And Cost Break
The importance of powder weighing in hand loading ammo -
The importance of making sure your powder weights are as perfect as you can get them is critical. However the importance in smaller loads (.380 or 9mm) is drastically increased. In this load, you see we are loading 4.9gr of VV-N350 and as you will see in the video my $300 Lyman automatic powder thrower can be over 0.1gr off. Now on something like a 22gr .223 load 0.1gr is only 1/220th of the total load, not a huge deal. However on this load where 0.1gr is 1/49th of the load in the video it's almost 5 times as important. It would be like being 4.48gr +/- on the 22gr load.
Ultimate Guide To Reload Your Own Ammunition -
The necessary steps on how to reload your ammunition in a progressive reloader.

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We are not going to stop there.  In addition to those videos, we are also including over 200 manuals and books to help you learn more about reloading ammunition.  Some of these are short reference guides, where as some of them are full length books.  They are provided here to help you start building your reference library on reloading ammunition.  Some of them are probably being the range of the average user, but they are great set of reference material for the beginner or expert alike:


A Handbook of the Manufacture and Proof of Gunpowder - London 1870
Ammunition Data Sheets for Land Mines
Ammunition Data Sheets Military Pyrotechnics
Ammunition Maintenance
Army Ammunition Data Sheets - Small Caliber Ammunition - TM43-0001-27
Army Ammunition Handbook
Army Canon Ammunition Course
Army Data Sheets - Guns, Howizers, Mortars, Rifles, Gren Launchers & Arty Fuzes
Army Data Sheets Ammunition Peculiar Equipment
Army Data Sheets for Cartridges, Cartridge Activated Devices, & Propellant Activated Devices
Army Field Artillery Ammunition Course
Army Identifying Ammunition Course
Army Military Explosive Manual
Army Small Caliber Ammunition Data
Cartridge Manufacture -- (Covers All Aspects of Metal Forming - Important Text)
Expedient Home-Made Ammunition Manual - EHF_Handgun_Ammo_Book
Expedient Home-Made Shotgun Ammunition - EHF_Shotgun_Ammo_Book
Government Report - More Ammunition Manufacturing Capability is Needed -- GAO d05687
Gunpowder and Ammunition -- Their Origin and Peogress - Hine
High Explosive Shell Manufacture - DT Hamilton
History of Small Arms Ammunition - McConnaughy (excellent technical detail)
Lectures on Chemistry and Explosives (Propellants) - Munroe 1888
Manufacture of Artillery Ammunition - Deventer and Mawson
Military Explosives (Propellants and Primers) - GPO 1919
Nitro Explosives - A Practical Treatise (Propellants and Primers) - Sanford 1896
Notes On Ammunition - Compiled by WR Barl 1877 (fuzes, propellants, shells)
Punches Tools and Dies for Manufacturing (Ammunition, Magazines, and Guns) in Presses - Woodworth
Report on the Manufacture of Firearms -- (Barrel Drilling Machinery and Gun Parts)
Rifle Ammunition - Notes on the Manufacture (Black Powder and Percussion Cap Technology) - Hawes
Shrapnel Shell (and Fuze) Manufacture - (Advanced Forging Techniques) - Hamilton
Small Arms Ammunition to 30 Millimeter Inclusive
The Manufacture of Explosives (Black Powder and Nitrate Raw Materials) - Guttmann 1895
Treatise on Ammunition - London 1874
Treatise on Ammunition - London War Office 1902


Accuracy and Shooting:

Accuracy International Ae
AMCP 706-106 Sources of Energy [clean scan]
AMCP 706-140 Trajectories, Differential Effects, And Data For Projectiles [clean scan]
AMCP 706-160 Terminal Ballistics Kill Mechanisms [clean]
Army Bullet Trap Feasability Assessment
Army Introduction to Field Artillery Meteorology Course
Army Machine Gunners Card
Ballistics, U.S. Army
Instruments for Calculating Mortar Firing Data, Canadian Defense Dep.
Notes on Ballistics, by G. A. Wildrick & A. Hamilton, 1915
Rifle Marksmanship, by the US Navy
Sniper Training, by the U.S. Army
The Bullet's Flight, by F. W. Mann, 1909

Reloading Guides and Books:

Accurate Load Guide for Rifle & Handgun
Accurate Shotshell Reloading Guide
ADI Handloaders' Guide
Alcan Shotshell Reloader's Manual
Alliant Reloader's Guide
Getting Started in Reloading Cartridges & Casting
Hodgdon Basic Reloading Manual
Introduction to Reloading Cartridges
Lessons in Reloading Cartridges & Shotshells
Match Grade Reloading
MEC How to Reload Shotshells
Ramshot Load Guide
Reloading the .50BMG
Reloading the 308
Remington Shotgun & Shotshell Ammunition Manual
VihtaVouri Reloading Guide, edition 9
Winchester Ammunition Reloading
Winchester Reloader's Manual
Winchester Reloading Components Guide

Reloading Manuals and Guides

Accurate Data Powder 2200  Lee Turret Press
Accurate Data Powder 68  Lyman 4500 Bullet Sizer & Lubricator
Accurate Data Powder 73  Lyman Accutrimmer
Accurate Data Powder 74  Lyman Balance Scale
Accurate Data Powder 79  Lyman Black Powder Measure 55
Accurate Data Powder 85  Lyman Black Powder
Accurate Data Powder 86 - Extruded  Lyman Crusher II Press
Accurate Powders 2000 Guide  Lyman Digital Powder Scale
Accurate Powders 2003 Guide  Lyman Electronic Scale 1000XP
Accurate Powders Complete Guide Version 3.4  Lyman Electronic Scale 1500XP
Bersin_ammunition_measuring_tool  Lyman Mag 20 Furnace
Dremel Accessories  Lyman Minimag Furnace
Dremel Drill Press Stand Model 212  Lyman Powder Measure 55
Dremel Moto Tool Models 275-285-395-595  Lyman T-Mag II Press
Forster 50 BMG Case Trimmer  Lyman Turbo Tumblers
Forster Bench Rest Die  Lyman Universal Case Trimmer
Forster Bench Rest Powder Measure  Lyman Universal Power Trimmer
Forster Bullet Puller  MEC 250 & Super 250 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Case Graphiter  MEC 310 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Classic Case Trimmer  MEC 500 Progressive Reloader
Forster Coax-Case & Cartridge Inspector  MEC 600 Jr Mark 5 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Coax-Press  MEC 600 Jr Shotshell Reloader
Forster Coax-Primer Seater  MEC 650 Shotshell Reloader with Memory
Forster Gold & Silver Filling Kit  MEC 700 Versamec Shotshell Reloader
Forster Handheld Outside Neck Turner  MEC 8567 Grabber Shotshell Reloader
Forster Headspace Gage  MEC 9000 Series Shotshell Reloaders
Forster Hollowpointer  MEC Case Conditioner
Forster Neck Reamer  MEC E-Z Prime S
Forster Original Case Trimmer  MEC E-Z Prime V
Forster Outside Neck Turning Accessory  MEC Grabber Shotshell Reloader
Forster Power Adapter  MEC Sizemaster Shotshell Reloader
Forster Power Case Trimmer  MEC Speedwer 300 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Primer Pocket Cleaner & Chamfering Tool  MEC Super Speeder 400 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Stuck Case Remover  MEC Supersizer Shotshell Resizer
Forster Superfast Bullet Puller  RCBS 10-10 Scale
Forster Swiv-O-Ling Vise  RCBS 4x4 Progressive Reloading Press
Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture  RCBS 502 Scale
Frankford Arsenal SS-99 Reloading Press  RCBS 505 Scale
Frankford Case Neck Lubricator  RCBS 510 Scale
Frankford Impact Bullet Puller  RCBS Accessory Base Plate-2
Frankford Jiffy Powder Trickler  RCBS Ammomaster .50 BMG Pack
Frankford Powder Funnel  RCBS Ammomaster Auto Progressive Reloading press
Frankford Rotary Media Separator  RCBS Ammomaster Single Stage Reloading Press
Frankford SS-99 Reloading Press  RCBS APS Priming Tool
Frankford Super Charger Powder measure  RCBS Auto 4x4 Progressive Reloading Press
Frankford Vibratory Case Tumbler  RCBS Big Max Heavy Duty ReloadingPress
Hornady 366 Loader  RCBS Bullet Casting Accessories
Hornady Apex 3.0 Press  RCBS Bullet Casting Lead Thermometer
Hornady Apex 3.1 Press  RCBS Bullet Casting Lube-A-Matic
Hornady Apex Press  RCBS Bullet Pro-Melt Electric Lead Furnace
Hornady GS-1000 Electronic Scale  RCBS Checkmaster 1500 Scale & Dispenser
Hornady GS-350 Electronic Scale  RCBS Competition Dies
Hornady Lock-N-Load Press  RCBS Cowboy Dies
Hornady Metallic Reloading Press 00-7  RCBS Electronic Digital Micrometer
Hornady Metallic Reloading Press 0-7  RCBS Electronic Scale RangeMaster 750
Hornady New Dimension Dies  RCBS Electronic Scale RangeMaster
Hornady Pacific 105 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Goldmedal Dies
Hornady Pacific 155 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Hand Priming Tool
Hornady Pacific DL-110 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Lube Die
Hornady Pacific DL-200 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Micro Pro Electronic Scale
Hornady Pacific DL-266 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Partner Electronic Powder Scale
Hornady Pro-7 Press  RCBS Parts Book
Hornady Pro-Jector  RCBS Piggyback II Conversion Unit
Lee Auto Disk  RCBS Piggybag Conversion Unit
Lee Auto Prime  RCBS Powder Pro Digital Scalel
Lee Auto-Prime II  RCBS R130 Mechanical Scale
Lee Bullet Feeder  RCBS Reloading Die (General)
Lee Bullet Lubricating Sizing Kit  RCBS Reloading Dies (New)
Lee Bullet Mold  RCBS Reloading Dies (Old)
Lee Challenger  RCBS Reloading Scale Check Weight Set Deluxe
Lee Electric Meltesr EM 1142  RCBS Reloading Special 3 Press
Lee Handpress  RCBS Reloading Special Press
Lee Load-All  RCBS Rock Chucker Reloading Press
Lee Load-Fast  RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press
Lee Load-Master  RCBS Sidewinder Case Tumbler
Lee Perfect Powder Measure  RCBS Single-to-Auto Conversion Instructions
Lee Pro 1000  RCBS The Grand Progressive Shotshell Reloading Press
Lee Pro 20 Series Melter  RCBS The Green Machine a Progressive Reloading Tool
Lee Reloader Press  RCBS Turret Press
Lee Rifle Loader  RCBS Universal Decap Die
Lee Safety Powder Scale  RCBS X Die

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