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Germany People Cities Towns History and Genealogy 102 Books DVD

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Learn all about the towns, cities, and villages of the people of the great state of Germany!  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



History and Genealogy Collection

History and Genealogy Records of The People of Germany

Ultimate Genealogy and History Library

102 Total titles on the People of Germany and their history.

We routinely see just ONE of these titles for sale for the same price or more than our entire collection!  Read about the various towns and counties, town gatherings and events, and stories about prominent towns folk throughout the state's history, and do it at the lowest price per book on disk!

Learn all about your ancestors!

The best selling Genealogy Collection on one easy to use DVD! 
A must have resource for any genealogist or historian.

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on one easy to use DVD.


Germany History and Genealogy

Germany History and Genealogy

Germany History and Genealogy

Germany History and Genealogy

Germany History and Genealogy

Germany History and Genealogy

Germany History and Genealogy

Germany History and Genealogy

Germany History and Genealogy

All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing
.  Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).


Most of these are scanned books that are indexed and searchable!  Some scans may not be perfect due to their age.

102 Titles about The People of Germany:

A Connected Series Of Notes On The Chief Revolutions Of The Principal States Which Composed The Empire Of Charlemagne, From His Coronation In 814, To Its Dissolution In 1806: On The Genealogies Of The Imperial House Of Habsburgh, And Of The Six Secular Electors Of Germany; And On Roman, German, French And English Nobility By Charles Butler - (1807) – 347 Pages

A Critical And Legendary History Of The Ephrata Cloister And The Dunkers By Julius Friedrich Sachse, 1898 - 646 Pages

A Genealogical Table And History Of The Springer Family, In Europe And North America, For Eight Centuries, From The Earliest German Princes By Moses C. Springer - (1881) – 172 Pages

A Genealogy Of The Nye Family, Volume 1 Through 3 By George Hyatt Nye - (1907) – 1,546 Pages

An Account Of The Manners Of The German Inhabitants Of Pennsylvania Benjamin Rush, By Theodore E. Schmauk, 1910, - 156 Pages

Descendants Of Henry Melchior Mühlenberg By Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards - (1900) – 138 Pages

Early German American Newspapers By Daniel Miller - (1910) – 116 Pages

Experience Of German Methodist Preachers By Adam Miller - (1859) – 439 Pages

Family Records Of Jacob Raber From Germany And His Lineal Descendants By John A. Raber - (1914) – 85 Pages

Genealogy Of The Anthony Family From 1495 To 1904 Traced From William Anthony, Cologne, Germany, To London, England, John Anthony, A Descendant, From England To America By Charles L. Anthony - (1904) – 423 Pages

German Archives As Sources Of German-American History By Joseph George Rosengarten - (1907) – 25 Pages

German Religious Life In Colonial Times (1906) By Lucy Bittinger - 148 Pages

German Settlers And German Settlements In Indiana; By William August Fritsch - (1915) – 75 Pages

Historic Background And Annals Of The Swiss And German Pioneer Settlers Of Southeastern Pennsylvania, And Of Their Remote Ancestors, From The Middle Of The Dark Ages, Down To The Time Of The Revolutionary War; An Authentic History, From Original Sources ... With Particular Reference To The German-Swiss Mennonites Or Anabaptists, The Amish And Other Nonresistant Sects By Henry Frank Eshleman - (1917) – 398 Pages

Historical Sketch Of Bethlehem In Pennsylvania (1873) By John Hill - 176 Pages

History Of German Immigration In The United States: And Successful German-Americans And Their Descendants By George Von Skal - (1910) – 284 Pages

History Of The Descendants Of Mathias Slaymaker Who Emigrated From Germany And Settled In The Eastern Part Of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, About 1710 By Henry Cochran Slaymaker - (1909) – 426 Pages

History Of The Eberharts In Germany And The United States From AD 1265 To AD 1890--625 Years By Uriah Eberhart - (1891) – 273 Pages

History Of The German Settlements And Of The Lutheran Church In North And South Carolina, From The Earliest Period Of The Colonization Of The Dutch, German And Swiss Settlers To The Close Of The First Half Of The Present Century By Gotthardt D. Berheim - (1872) – 557 Pages

Ludwig Genealogy : Sketch Of Joseph Ludwig, Who Was Born In Germany In 1699, And His Wife And Family, Who Settled At "Broad Bay", Waldoboro', 1753 By M.R. Ludwig - (1886) – 235 Pages

Memorials Of The Quisenberry Family In Germany, England And America By Anderson Quisenberry - (1900) – 267 Pages

Pennsylvania Dutch And Other Essays (3rd Edition), Phebe Earle Gibbons, 1882 - 210 Pages

Pennsylvania Genealogies; Chiefly Scotch-Irish And German (1896) By William Egle - 814 Pages

Redemptioners And Indentured Servants In The Colony And Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania (1901) By Karl Geiser - 137 Pages

Scandinavian Immigrants In New York, 1630-1674; With Appendices On Scandinavians In Mexico And South America, 1532-1640, Scandinavians In Canada, 1619-1620, Some Scandinavians In New York In The Eighteenth Century, German Immigrants In New York, 1630-1674, By John O. Evjen- (1916) – 507 Pages

Studies In Pennsylvania German Family Names By Oscar Kuhns, 1901 - 361 Pages

The Beginnings Of The German Element In York County, Pennsylvania By Abdel Ross Wentz -  (1916) – 223 Pages

The Belmont-Belmonte Family, A Record Of Four Hundred Years, Put Together From The Original Documents In The Archives And Libraries Of Spain, Portugal, Holland, England And Germany, As Well As From Private Sources By Richard James Horatio Gottheil - (1917) – 277 Pages

The Descendants Of Jacob Schoff, Who Came To Boston In 1752 And Settled In Ashburnham In 1757 : With An Account Of The German Immigration Into Colonial New England By Wilfred H. Schoff - (1910) – 180 Pages

The Domestic Life And Characteristics Of The Pennsylvania-German Pioneer : A Narrative And Critical History ; Prepared At The Request Of The Pennsylvania-German Society By Franklin Jakob Fogel Schantz - (1900) – 113 Pages

The Dunkers : A Sociological Interpretation (1906), By John Gillin - 247 Pages

The German And Swiss Settlements Of Colonial Pennsylvania; A Study Of The So Called Pennsylvania Dutch By Oscar Kuhns - (1901) – 279 Pages

The German Element In The United States Albert Bernhardt Faust, 1909 Volume 1 - 704 Pages

The German Element In The United States Albert Bernhardt Faust, 1909 Volume 2 - 668 Pages

The German Emigrants; Or, Frederick Wohlgemuth's Voyage To California (1850s), By Dr. Dietrich - 59 Pages

The German Emigration From New York Province Into Pennsylvania ... Prepared At The Request Of The Pennsylvania-German Society, By Henry Matthias Richards - (1899) – 122 Pages

The German Emigration To America, 1709-1740 By Henry Eyster Jacobs Part 3 - 151 Pages

The German Exodus To England In 1709, (Massenauswanderung Der Pfälzer.) (1897), By Frank Deffenderffer - 361 Pages

The German Immigration Into Pennsylvania Through The Port Of Philadelphia From 1700 To 1775 : Part II: The Redemptioners By Frank Ried Diffenderffer - (1900) – 426 Pages

The German Newspapers Of Lebanon County; Read Before The Lebanon County Historical Society, April 13, 1910 By Daniel Miller - (1910) – 27 Pages

The German Pietists Of Provincial Pennsylvania 1694-1708 By Julius Friedrich Sachse, 1895 - 573 Pages

The German Sectarians Of Pennsylvania 1708-1800, Volume 1 And 2, By Julius Sachse - 1,262 Pages

The German Settlement By Briscoe Goodhart - (1900) – 14 Pages

The German Settlement Society Of Philadelphia, And Its Colony, Hermann, Missouri By William G. Bek - (1907) – 231 Pages

The German Soldier In The Wars Of The United States, By J. G. Rosengarten, 1886 - 182 Pages

The Germans Of 1849 In America : An Address Delivered Before The Monday Club Of Columbus, Ohio, March 14, 1887 (1887) - 54 Pages

The Hessians And The Other German Auxiliaries Of Great Britain In The Revolutionary War By Edward Jackson Lowell - (1884) – 364 Pages

The History Of The Old Eagle School, Tredyffrin, In Chester County, Pennsylvania: With Alphabetical Lists Of Interments In The Graveyard And Of German Settlers In Chester County, And A Poem Presenting The Suggestive Features Of The Place By Henry Pleasants - (1909) – 221 Pages

The Keim And Allied Families In America And Europe, Volume 1 And 2 By De B. Randolph Keim - (1898) – 888 Pages

The Life Of Francis Daniel Pastorius The Founder Of Germantown By Marion Dexter Learned, 1908 - 505 Pages

The Mennonites Of America (1909), By Henry Smith - 519 Pages

The Penn Germania, A Popular Journal Of German History And Ideals In The United States Volumes 1, 2, & 3 - (1912) – 1,705 Pages

The Pennsylvania-German In Civil Life (1918), By Benjamin Nead - 57 Pages

The Pennsylvania-German In The Settlement Of Maryland By Daniel Wunderlich Nead - (1914) – 358 Pages

The Pennsylvania-German Society (1891 - 1918) Volume 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25,  27, 28, 29, Proceedings And Addresses - 8,207 Total Pages

The Pennsylvania-German, Devoted To The History, Biography, Genealogy, Poetry, Folk-Lore And General Interests Of The Pennsylvania Germans And Their Descendants, Volumes 1-12 - (1900) - 10,198 Total Pages

The Reformed Church In Pennsylvania : Part IX Of A Narrative And Critical History, Prepared At The Request Of The Pennsylvania-German Society By Joseph Henry Dubbs -  (1902) – 441 Pages

The Settlement Of Germantown, Pennsylvania, And The Beginning Of German Emigration To North America By Samuel W. Pennypacker - (1899) – 378 Pages

The Settlement Of The German Coast Of Louisiana And The Creoles Of German Descent (1909), By J Deiler - 153 Pages

The Story Of The Pennsylvania Germans: Embracing An Account Of Their Origin Their History And Their Dialect (1898) - By William Beidelman - 269 Pages

The Vanderlip, Van Derlip, Vander Lippe Family In America; Also Including Some Account Of The Von Der Lippe Family Of Lippe, Germany, From Which The Norwegian, Dutch And American Lines Have Their Descent By Charles Edwin Booth - (1900-1911) – 203 Pages

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