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Sweden. People Cities and Towns, History and Genealogy 27 Books DVD

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Learn all about the towns, cities, and villages of the people of Sweden!  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



History and Genealogy Collection

History and Genealogy Records of

The People of Sweden

Ultimate Genealogy and History Library

27 Total titles on the People of Sweden 

We routinely see just ONE of these titles for sale for the same price or more than our entire collection!  Read about the various towns and counties, town gatherings and events, and stories about prominent towns folk throughout the state's history, and do it at the lowest price per book on disk!

Learn all about your ancestors!

The best selling Genealogy Collection on one easy to use CD! 

A must have resource for any Genealogist or Historian.

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on one easy to use CD.


Sweden Swedish History and Genealogy
Sweden Swedish History and Genealogy
Sweden Swedish History and Genealogy
Sweden Swedish History and Genealogy
Sweden Swedish History and Genealogy   Sweden Swedish History and Genealogy   Sweden Swedish History and Genealogy

All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing.  Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).


Most of these are scanned books that are indexed and searchable!  Some scans may not be perfect due to their age.

27 Titles about The People of Sweden:

250th Anniversary Of The First Swedish Settlement In America, September 14th, 1888 By Hans Mattson - (1888) - 82 Pages

A Brief History Of The Colony Of New Sweden By Carl David Arfwedson - (1909) - 67 Pages

A History Of New Sweden; Or, The Settlements On The River Delaware. Translated From The Swedish, With An Introduction And Notes By Israel Acrelius - (1874) - 514 Pages

A History Of The Original Settlements On The Delaware : From Its Discovery By Hudson To The Colonization Under William Penn : To Which Is Added An Account Of The Ecclesiastical Affairs Of The Swedish Settlers, And A History Of Wilmington, From Its First Settlement To The Present Time By Benjamin Feris - (1846) - 639 Pages

Annals Of The Swedes On The Delaware, From Their First Settlement In 1636, To The Present Time By Jehu Curtis Clay - (1858) - 194 Pages

Catalogue And Errata Of The Records Of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church By The Holy Trinity Swedish Lutheran Church (Wilmington, Del) - (1919) - 173 Pages

Celebration Of The Decennial Anniversary Of The Founding Of New Sweden, Maine By William Widgery Thomas - (1881) - 94 Pages

Crane Hook Church, Predecessor Of The Old Swedes' Church At Wilmington, Delaware By Pennock Pusey - (1895) - 30 Pages

History Of The Counties Of Berks And Lebanon : Containing A Brief Account Of The Indians ... And The Numerous Murders By Them ; Notices Of The First Swedish, Welsh, French, German, Irish, And English Settlers, Giving The Names Of Nearly Five Thousand Of Them, Biographical Sketches, Topographical Descriptions ... Religious History ... Statistical Information, Notices Of The Press & Education By Israel Daniel Rupp - (1844) - 527 Pages

History Of The Swedes Of Illinois, Volume 1 By Ernst Wilhelm Olson - (1908) - 944 Pages

History Of The Swedes Of Illinois, Volume 2 By Ernst Wilhelm Olson - (1908) - 689 Pages

History Of The Swedish Baptists In Sweden And America: Being An Account Of The Origin, Progress And Results Of That Missionary Work During The Last Half Of The Nineteenth Century By Gustavus Wilhelm Schroeder - (1898) - 318 Pages

Minnen By Ofverste H. Mattson - (1890) - 386 Pages

Reminiscences; The Story Of An Emigrant By Hans Mattson - (1892) - 323 Pages

Swedish Contributions To American National Life, 1638-1921, By Amandus Johnson, 1921, 70 Pages

Swedish Holsteins In America, From 1644 To 1892. Comprising Many Letters And Biographical Matter Relating To John Hughes, The "Stamp Officer," And Friend Of Franklin, With Papers Not Before Published Relating To His Brother Of Revolutionary Fame, Colonel Hugh Hughes Of New York. The Families Of De Haven, Rittenhouse, Clay, Potts, Blackiston, Atlee, Coates, And Other Descendants Of Matthias Holstein Of Wicaco, Philadelphia, Are Included .. By Anna Morris Holstein - (1892) - 407 Pages

The Descendants Of J├Âran Kyn Of New Sweden By Gregory Bernard Keen - (1913) - 343 Pages

The Old Swedes' Church Of St. James Of Kingsess, 1762 By Philadelphia St. James Of Kingsess Church - (1911) - 23 Pages

The Records Of Trinity Episcopal Church (Old Swedes), Swedesboro, Gloucester County, New Jersey, 1785-1975 By Trinity Episcopal Church 9 Sweesboro, N.J. - (1979) - 493 Pages

The Story Of New Sweden As Told At The Quarter Centennial Celebration Of The Founding Of The Swedish Colony In The Woods Of Maine, June 25, 1895 By Stanley J. Estes - (1896) - 138 Pages

The Swedes' Church And House Of Sven Sener By Hohn Fanning Watson - (1907) - 20 Pages

The Swedes In America, Volume 1,  1638-1900 By Amandus Johnson - (1914) - 467 Pages

The Swedes On The Delaware And Their Intercourse With New England By Frederic Kidder - ( 1874) - 28 Pages

The Swedish Element In Illinois : Survey Of The Past Seven Decades : With Life Sketches Of Men Of Today By Ernst Wilhelm Olson - (1917) - 709 Pages

The Swedish Element In Rockford : Industrial, Religious And Social Activities Of Men And Women Of Swedish Descent By O.M. Nelson - (1940) - 150 Pages

The Swedish Settlements On The Delaware, Their History And Relation To The Indians, Dutch And English, 1638-1664, With An Account Of The South, The New Sweden, And The American Companies, And The Efforts Of Sweden To Regain Their Colony, Volume 1 And 2  By Amandus Johnson - (1911) - 461 & 508 Pages

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