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Ireland Vol 3, People Cities Towns, History and Genealogy 138 Books DVD

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Learn all about the towns, cities, and villages of the people of Ireland!  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



History and Genealogy Collection

History and Genealogy Records of

The People of Ireland, Volume 3

Ultimate Genealogy and History Library

138 Total titles on the People of Ireland and their history

The 3rd Volume in our 3 Volume Set

We routinely see just ONE of these titles for sale for the same price or more than our entire collection!  Read about the various towns and counties, town gatherings and events, and stories about prominent towns folk throughout the state's history, and do it at the lowest price per book on disk!

Learn all about your ancestors!

The best selling Genealogy Collection on one easy to use DVD! 

A must have resource for any Genealogist or Historian.

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on one easy to use DVD.


Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing.  Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).


Most of these are scanned books that are indexed and searchable!  Some scans may not be perfect due to their age.

138 Titles about The People of Ireland, Volume 3:

The English Conquest Of Ireland, A.D. 1166-1185 By Cambrensis Giraldus (1896) – 195 Pages

The Famous Cities Of Ireland By Stephen Lucius Gwynn - (1915) – 374 Pages

The Foundation Of Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford By John Henry Bernard - (1917) - 18 Pages

The Genealogies, Tribes, And Customs Of Hy-Fiachrach, Commonly Called O'Dowda's Country : Now First Published From The Book Of Lecan, In The Library Of The Royal Irish Academy, And From The Genealogical Manuscript Of Duald Mac Firbis, In The Library Of Lord Roden  By John O’Donovan - (1844) – 565 Pages

The Genealogy Of The Family Of Cole : Of The County Of Devon, And Of Those Of Its Branches Which Settled In Suffolk, Hampshire, Surrey, Lincolnshire, And Ireland By James Edwin Cole - (1867) – 74 Pages

The General Armory Of England, Scotland, Ireland, And Wales; Comprising A Registry Of Armorial Bearings From The Earliest To The Present Time By Sir Bernard Burke - (1884) – 1365 Pages

The Great Landowners Of Great Britain And Ireland; A List Of All Owners Of Three Thousand Acres And Upwards ... Also, One Thousand Three Hundred Owners Of Two Thousand Acres And Upwards In England, Scotland, Ireland And Wales, Their Acreage And Income From Land Culled From The Modern Domesday Book By John Bateman - (1883) – 570 Pages

The History And Antiquities Of The County Of The Town Of Carrickfergus, From The Earliest Records Till 1839, Also A Statistical Survey Of Said County By Samuel Mcskimin - (1909) – 562 Pages

The History And Genealogy Of The Gurley Family By Albert E. Gurley - (1897) – 323 Pages

The History Of Drogheda With Its Environs, And An Introductory Memoir Of The Dublin And Drogheda Railway By John Dalton, Volume 1 & 2 - (1844) - 922 Pages

The History Of Enniskillen With Reference To Some Manors In Co. Fermanagh, And Other Local Subjects Volume 1 & 2 By William Copeland Trimble - (1919) - 784 Pages

The History Of Ireland, Ancient And Modern, Taken From The Most Authentic Records, And Dedicated To The Irish Brigade By James Macgeoghegan - (1845) – 645 Pages

The History Of Ireland, From The Treaty Of Limerick To The Present Time By John Mitchel - (1868) – 682 Pages

The History Of Ireland; From The Earliest Period Of The Irish Anals, To The Present Time By Thomas Wright - (1854) – Volumes 1 Through 7 -  2,098 Total Pages

The History Of Landholding In Ireland By Joseph Fisher - (1877) – 173 Pages

The History Of Sligo, Town And County - (1890) By Terence O'Rorke - 559 Pages

The History Of The Alison, Or Allison Family In Europe And America, A.D. 1135 To 1893; Giving An Account Of The Family In Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, Canada, And The United States By Leonard A. Morrison - (1893) – 384 Pages

The History Of The County And City Of Cork, Volumes 1 (1861) – 436 Pages

The History Of The County And City Of Cork, Volumes 2 (1861) – 559 Pages

The History Of The County Of Mayo To The Close Of The Sixteenth Century By Hubert Thomas Knox - (1908) – 483 Pages

The Huguenots, Their Settlements, Churches And Industries In England And Ireland By Samuel Smiles - (1867) – 553 Pages

The Insurrection In Dublin By James Stevens - (1916) – 180 Pages

The Invasion Of Ireland By Caroline Colvine - (1901) – 71 Pages

The Irish In America By William Russell Grace - (1886) – 38 Pages

The Irish Landed Gentry When Cromwell Came To Ireland By John O’Hart - (1887) – 793 Pages

The Irish Nation, Its History & Its Biography, Volumes 1 – 8, By James Wills - 4,474 Total Pages

The Irish Wars, A Military History Of Ireland From The Norse Invasions To 1798 By J.J. O’Connell - (1920) – 143 Pages

The Irvines And Their Kin; Revised By The Author In Scotland, Ireland And England; A History Of The Irvine Family And Their Descendants, Also Short Sketches Of Their Kindred, The Carlisles, Mcdowells, Johnstons, Maxwells, Gaults, Mcelroys, Etc., From A.D. 373 Down To The Present Time By Lucinda Joan Rogers Boyd - (1908) – 506 Pages

The Journal Of The Royal Society Of Antiquaries Of Ireland Volume 9, 11, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35, 36, 39, 40, 42, 43, 45, 46, 47, 48 - 10,925 Total Pages

The Journal Of The Kilkenny And Southeast Of Ireland Volume 3 And 6 - 761 Pages

The Lake Dwellings Of Ireland: Or, Ancient Lacustrine Habitations Of Erin, Commonly Called Crannogs By Martin Wood - (1886) – 402 Pages

The Leaders Of Public Opinion In Ireland, Swift, Flood, Grattan, O'Connell By William Lecky - (1876) – 351 Pages

The Montgomery Manuscripts: (1603-1706) Comp. From Family Papers By William Montgomery, Of Rosemount; And Edited With Notes By William Montgomery - (1869) – 512 Pages

The Neighborhood Of Dublin, Its Topography, Antiquities And Historical Associations By Weston St. John Joyce - (1921) – 542 Pages

The Nowlin-Stone Genealogy; A Record Of The Descendants Of James Nowlin, Who Came To Pittsylvania County, Virginia, From Ireland About 1700; Of Bryan Ward Nowlin, Grandson Of James Nowlin, Who Was Born In Pittsylvania County, Virginia, About 1740; Of Micheal Nowlin; And Of The Earlier Nowlins (Nowlans) Of Ireland; And Also A Record Of The Descendants Of George Stone; And Of James Hoskin Stone, Who Was Born In Pittsylvania County, Virginia, In 1778; And Also A Record Of The Descendants Of Edmund Fitzgerald  By James E. Nowlin – (1916) – 649 Pages

The O'Connor Family; Families Of Daniel And Mathias O'Connor Of Corsallagh House, Achonry County, Sligo, Ireland, A.D. 1750, With Notes On The Hagadorn, Furman, Williams And Eaton Families, Of New York By Watson Burdette O’Connor - (1914) – 28 Pages

The O'Donoghue; A Tale Of Ireland Fifty Years Ago By Charles James Lever - (1845) -  467 Pages

The Origin And History Of Irish Names Of Places (1898), By P.W. Joyce, Volumes 1 Through 3 - 1,765 Pages

The Parish Of Taney: A History Of Dundrum, Near Dublin, And Its Neighborhood  By Francis Erlington Ball - (1895) – 269 Pages

The Peerage Of Ireland, Or, A Genealogical History Of The Present Nobility Of That Kingdom, Volumes 1 Thru 7 By John Lodge - (1789) – 2,829 Pages

The Pocket Peerage Of Great Britain And Ireland : With Genealogical And Historical Notices Of The Families Of The Nobility : The Archbishops And Bishops : A List Of Titles Of Courtsey : A Baronetage Of The United Kingdom : The Privy Council, & C By Henrey Rumsey Forster - (1851) – 560 Pages

The Puritans In Ireland, 1647-1661 By St. John D. Seymour - (1921) – 255 Pages

The Races Of Ireland And Scotland By W.C. Mackenzie - (1916) – 417 Pages

The Register Of St. Nicholas Without, Dublin. 1694-1739 By St Nicholas Without Parish - (1914) – 605 Pages

The Register Of The Parish Of The Holy Trinity (Christ Church), Cork, From July, 1643, To February, 1668, With Extracts From The Parish Books, From 1664 To 1668 - (1877) – 63 Pages

The River Lee, Cork, And The Corkonians By Bryan A. Cody - (1859) – 150 Pages

The Robert Campbell Genealogy, A Record Of The Descendants Of Robert Campbell Of County Tyrone, Ulster, Ireland By Frederic Campbell - (1909) – 187 Pages

The Scotch-Irish In America By Henry Jones Ford - (1915) – 618 Pages

The South Isles Of Aran (County Galway) By Oliver Joseph Burke - (1887) – 173 Pages

The Story Of An Irish Property  By Robert S. Rait - (1908) – 148 Pages

The Story Of An Irish Sept : Their Character & Struggle To Maintain Their Lands In Clare By Nottidge Charles Macnamara – (1896) – 398 Pages

The Story Of Dublin By David Alfred Chart – (1907) – 408 Pages

The Story Of Ireland By Emily Lawless - (1888) – 470 Pages

The Story Of Ireland; A Narrative Of Irish History, From The Earliest Ages To The Insurrection Of 1867 By A. M. Sullivan - (1885) - 708 Pages

The Story Of The Irish Before The Conquest. From The Mythical Period To The Invasion Under Strongbow By Mary Catharine Ferfuson (1868) - 419 Pages

The Story Of The Irish In Boston: Together With Biographical Sketches Of Representative Men And Noted Women By James Bernard Cullen - (1889) – 536 Pages

The Story Of The Irish Race; A Popular History Of Ireland By Seumas Macmanus - (1921) – 737 Pages

The Tenth (Irish) Division In Gallipoli By Bryan Ricco Cooper - (1918) – 340 Pages

The Town Book Of The Corporation Of Belfast, 1613-1816 By Belfast - (1892) – 392 Pages

The Triads Of Ireland By Kuno Meyer - (1906) – 76 Pages

The Tribes And Customs Of Hy-Many, Commonly Called O'Kelly's Country. Now First Published Form The Book Of Lecan, A Ms. In The Library Of The Royal Irish Academy; With A Translation And Notes By John O'Donovan - (1843) – 246 Pages

The Tribes And Territories Of Ancient Ossory; Comprising The Portions Of O'Heerin's And O'Dugan's Topographical Poems Which Relate To The Families Of That District By John O’Donovan - (1851) – 22 Pages

The Truth About Ulster, By Frank Moore, 1914 - 335 Pages

The Ussher Memoirs, Or, Genealogical Memoirs Of The Ussher Families In Ireland (With Appendix, Pedigree And Index Of Names), Compiled From Public And Private Sources By William Ball Wright - (1889) – 630 Pages

The Viceroys Of Ireland: The Story Of The Long Line Of Noblemen And Their Wives Who Have Ruled Ireland And Irish Society For Over Seven Hundred Years By Charles K. O’Mahony - (1912) – 426 Pages

The Woods-Mcafee Memorial, Containing An Account Of John Woods And James Mcafee Of Ireland, And Their Descendants In America By Neander Woods - (1905) – 556 Pages

Thom'S Irish Who's Who : A Biographical Book Of Reference Of Prominent Men And Women In Irish Life At Home And Abroad  By A. Thom - (1923) – 291 Pages

Tours In Ulster: A Hand-Book To The Antiquities And Scenery Of The North Of Ireland (1854) - 470 Pages

Tracts Relating To Ireland - Volumes 1 & 2 - By The Irish Archaeological Society – (1841) – 476 Pages

Ulster, By Stephen Gwynn (1911) - 90 Pages

Ulster And Ireland By James Winder Good - (1919) – 309 Pages

Ulster Folklore, By Elizabeth Andrews (1913) - 162 Pages

Ulster Journal Of Archaeology 15 Volumes 1 Through 15 -  3,857 Total Pages

Ulster's Solemn League And Covenant ... Saturday, 18th September, 1912 (1912) - 2 Pages

Varieties And Synonyms Of Surnames And Christian Names In Ireland: For The Guidance Of Registration Officers And The Public In Searching The Indexes Of Births, Deaths, And Marriages By Robert E. Matheson - (1901) – 212 Pages

Visitation Of The Seats And Arms Of The Noblemen And Gentlemen Of Great Britain And Ireland, By Sir Bernard Burke, Volumes 1 & 2 - (1897) – 826 Pages

Ireland History and Genealogy Ireland History and Genealogy Ireland History and Genealogy Ireland History and Genealogy Ireland History and Genealogy

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