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Ireland Vol 2, People Cities Towns, History and Genealogy 135 Books DVD

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Learn all about the towns, cities, and villages of the people of Ireland!  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



History and Genealogy Collection

History and Genealogy Records of

The People of Ireland, Volume 2

Ultimate Genealogy and History Library

135 Total titles on the People of Ireland and their history

The 2nd Volume in our 3 Volume Set

We routinely see just ONE of these titles for sale for the same price or more than our entire collection!  Read about the various towns and counties, town gatherings and events, and stories about prominent towns folk throughout the state's history, and do it at the lowest price per book on disk!

Learn all about your ancestors!

The best selling Genealogy Collection on one easy to use DVD! 

A must have resource for any Genealogist or Historian.

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on one easy to use DVD.


Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy

Ireland History and Genealogy


All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing.  Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).


Most of these are scanned books that are indexed and searchable!  Some scans may not be perfect due to their age.

135 Titles about The People of Ireland, Volume 2:

Historical, The Earliest History And Genealogy, Covering Nearly Three Hundred Years, From About 1600 To 1891, Of The Dinsmoor-Dinsmore Family Of Scotland, Ireland, And America ; With That Of Many Of Their Descendants, And Additional Facts Relating To The Sixteen First Settlers And Their Families Of Londonderry, New Hampshire, Who Emigrated To America In 1719 ; Also, Statistics Concerning The Mckean And Bell Families; With A Poem, "The Heroes Of The Siege Of Londonderry, Ireland, 1688-89" By Leonard Allison Morrison - (1891) – 57 Pages

History Of Clare And The Dalcassian Clans Of Tipperary, Limerick, And Galway ... With An Ancient And A Modern Map - (1893),  By P.White,  420 Pages

History Of Congregations Of The Presbyterian Church In Ireland And Biographical Notices Of Eminent Presbyterian Ministers And Laymen, With The Signification Of Names Of Places By W.D. Killen - (1886) – 310 Pages

History Of Ireland, Volumes 1 & 2 By John O'Drincol, (1827) - 847 Pages

History Of Ireland, Volumes 1 & 2 By Standish O’Grady - (1878) – 659 Pages

History Of Kilsaran Union Of Parishes In The County Of Louth By James B. Leslie – (1908) – 402 Pages

History Of Sligo, County And Town, From The Close Of The Revolution Of 1688 To The Present Time – (1892) -  586 Pages

History Of Sligo, County And Town, With Illustrations From Original Drawings And Plans , Volumes 1 & 2 - (1882) – 804 Pages

History Of The Ancient Ryedales, And Their Descendants In Normandy, Great Britain, Ireland, And America, From 860 To 1884 By G.T. Ridlon - (1884) – 909 Pages

History Of The Boyd Family And Descendants, With Historical Sketches Of The Ancient Family Of Boyd'S In Scotland From The Year 1200, And Those Of Ireland From The Year 1680, With Records Of Their Descendants In Kent, New Windsor, Albany, Middletown And Salem, N. Y., Boston, Mass., Northumberland County, Pa., And Sketches Of Those From The Southern And Western States From 1740 To 1912 By William P Boyd - (1912) – 338 Pages

History Of The Dublin Catholic Cemeteries By William John Fitzpatrick – (1900) – 275 Pages

History Of The Irish Presbyterian Church By Thomas Hamilton - (1887) – 229 Pages

History Of The Second Congregation Of Protestant Dissenters In Belfast, By S. Shannon Millin, 1708-1896 - 125 Pages

History, Antiquities, And Present State Of The Parishes Of Ballysadare And Kilvarnet, In The County Of Sligo; With Notices Of The O'Haras, The Coopers, The Percivals, And Other Local Families By Terence O’Rorke - (1878) – 563 Pages

Immigration Of The Irish Quakers Into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750: With Their Early History In Ireland By Albert Cook Myers - (1902) – 564 Pages

Index To The Marriage License Bonds Of The Diocese Of Cork And Ross, Ireland, For The Years From 1628-1750, Preserved In The Public Record Office Of Ireland By Herbert Webb Gillman - (1896) – (Note: Some Text Is Light In Print) – 259  Pages

Index To The Prerogative Wills Of Ireland, 1536-1810 By Arthur Edward Vicars -  (1897) – 528 Pages

Inland Waterways Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (1950), By Lewis Edwards - 461 Pages

Ireland And Her People; A Library Of Irish Biography, Together With A Popular History Of Ancient And Modern Erin, To Which Is Added An Appendix Of Copious Notes And Useful Tables; Supplemented With A Dictionary Of Proper Names In Irish Mythology, Geography, Genealogy, Etc By Thomas W.H. Fitzgerald – Volumes 1 Thru 5 - (1909-11) - 2,357 Pages

Ireland And The Celtic Church; A History Of Ireland From St. Patrick To The English Conquest In 1172 By George Thomas Stokes - (1892) – 380 Pages

Ireland By Emily Lawless - (1912) – 486 Pages

Ireland By George Fletcher - (1922) – 314 Pages

Ireland From A.D. 800 To A.D. 1600 By John Ryan (1922) - 298 Pages

Ireland In 1839 And 1869 By H.S. Thompson - (1870) – 124 Pages

Ireland In Travail By Joyce Mary Nankivell - (1922) – 324 Pages

Ireland Since The Union; Sketches Of Irish History From 1798 To 1886 By Justin H. Mccarthy - (1887) – 398 Pages

Ireland Under The Normans – Volumes 1 Thru 4 - By Goddard Henry Orpen - (1911) – 1,440 Pages

Ireland Under The Ordinary Law : A Record Of The Agrarian Crimes & Offences Reported In The Dublin Daily Press : For The Six Months Running From 1St October, 1886, To 31St March, 1887 - (1887) – 33 Pages

Ireland, Her Wit, Peculiarities, And Popular Superstitions, With Anecdotes, Legendary And Characteristic - (N.D.) – 528 Pages

Ireland, Historic And Picturesque By Charles Johnston - (1902) – 456 Pages

Ireland, Its Saints And Scholars By J.M. Flood - (1917) – 152 Pages

Ireland, The People's History Of Ireland – Volumes 1 & 2 By John F. Finerty -(1907) – 1,028 Pages

Ireland: Past, Present And Future By R.R. Jackway - (1859) – 79 Pages

Ireland'S Crown Of Thorns And Roses By Frank J. Ryan - (1904) – 892 Pages

Irish Catholic Directory By The Catholic Church - (1920) – 876 Pages

Irish Celts : A Cyclopedia Of Race History, Containing Biographical Sketches Of More Than Fifteen Hundred Distinguished Irish Celts, With A Chronological Index By James O’Brien - (1884) – 520 Pages

Irish Emigration And The Tenure Of Land In Ireland By Dufferin And Ava Fredrick - (1867) – 436 Pages

Irish Local Names Explained By Patrick Weston Joyce - (1885) – 120 Pages

Irish Marriages, Being An Index To The Marriages In Walker's Hibernian Magazine, 1771 To 1812. With An Appendix, From The Notes Of Sir Arthur Vicars ... Ulster King Of Arms, Of The Births, Marriages, And Deaths In The Anthologia Hibernica, 1793 And 1794, Volume 1 & 2 - (1897) -  1,058 Pages

Irish Names Of Places By Patrick Weston Joyce - (1869-1913) – Volumes 1-3 - 1,779 Pages

Irish Pedigrees; Or, The Origin And Stem Of The Irish Nation, Volumes 1, 2 By John O’Hart - (1892) – 2,003 Pages

Irish Rhode Islanders In The American Revolution. With Some Mention Of Those Serving In The Regiments Of Elliott, Lippitt, Topham, Crary, Angell, Olney, Greene, And Other Noted Commanders By Thomas Hamilton Murray - (1903) – 99 Pages

Irish-American History Of The United States, Volumes 1 & 2 By John O'Hanlon - (1903) – 881 Pages

Isaac Greene, A Lancashire Lawyer Of The 18th Century, With The Diary Of Ireland Greene (Mrs. Ireland Blackburne Of Hale) 1748-9 By Ronald Stewart-Brown - (1921) – 112 Pages

Jones Family In Ireland; A Chapter Of Hitherto Unwritten Genealogical History, With A Slight Sketch Of Their Time By Robert Leech - (1886) – 97 Pages

Journal Of The Cork Historical And Archaeological Society - (1892) – 601 Pages

Journal Of The Waterford & South-East Of Ireland Archaeological Society - (1906 1st And 3rd Quarters) - 265 Pages

Landlords And Tenants In Ireland By Finlay Dun - (1881) – 301 Pages

Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne, An Account Of The Macsweeney Families In Ireland, With Pedigrees By Paul Walsh - (1920) – 210 Pages

Life In Old Dublin, Historical Associations Of Cook Street, Three Centuries Of Dublin Printing, Reminiscences Of A Great Tribune By James Collins - (1913) – 221 Pages

Life In The West Of Ireland By Jack Butler Yeats - (1912) – 124 Pages

Lives Of Illustrious And Distinguished Irishmen, From The Earliest Times To The Present Period, Arranged In Chronological Order, And Embodying A History Of Ireland In The Lives Of Irishmen, By James Wills, (1847) Volumes 1 Through 6 -  2,958 Total Pages

Map Of Prospect Cemetery, Glasnevin, County Dublin, Ireland: Indicating Burial Places Of Noted Persons And Communities And Containing Some Illustrations By Glasnevin Cemetery - (1904) – 40 Pages

Military History Of The Irish Nation: Comprising A Memoir Of The Irish Brigade In The Service Of France : With An Appendix Of Official Papers Relative To The Brigade, From The Archives At Paris By Matthew O’Conner - (1845) – 438 Pages

Minnis Family Of Ireland And America By Elizabeth Austin - (1913) – 164 Pages

Miscellany Of The Celtic Society - (1849) – 488 Pages

New Ireland By A.M. Sullivan - (1878) – 420 Pages

Notes And Documents Relating To The Family Of Loffroy, Of Cambray Prior To 1587, Of Canterbury 1587-1779, Now Chiefly Represented By The Families Of Lefroy Of Carriglas, Co. Longford, Ireland, And Of Itchel, Hants, With Branches In Australia And Canada Being A Contribution To The History Of Foreign Protestant Refugees By John Henry Lefroy -  (1868) – 327 Pages

Notices Of The Ellises Of England, Scotland And Ireland, From The Conquest To The Prsent Time : Including The Families Of Alis, Fitz-Elys, Helles, Etc. By William Smith Ellis – (1866) – 410 Pages

Obituary Prior To 1800 (As Far As Relates To England, Scotland, And Ireland) Volume1,3,44,45,46,47,48,49 By William Musgrave - (1899-1901) - 4,026 Total Pages

Old Irish Life By J.M. Callwell - (1912) - 408 Pages

On The History And Antiquities Of The Parish Of Dunmore By Rev. J. Neary – (1913) – 42 Pages

Paddiana, Or, Scraps And Sketches Of Irish Life, Present And Past Volumes 1 & 2,  By Adam Blenkinsop - (1847) – 614 Pages

Pagan Ireland By Eleanor Hull - (1923) – 258 Pages

Peasant Proprietary In Ireland, A Rejoinder By Richard J. Kelly - (1886) – 24 Pages

Pictures From Ireland By Henry Arthur Blake - (1888) – 217 Pages

Picturesque Scenery In Ireland By Thomas Creswick - (1881) – 178 Pages

Pioneer Irish Of Onondaga (About 1776-1847)  By Theresa Bannan - (1911) – 357 Pages

Prehistoric Ireland, A Manual Of Irish Pre-Christian Archaeology By Patrick Power - (N.D.) – 99 Pages

Priests And People In Ireland By Michael J.F. Mccarthy - (1902) – 707 Pages

Priests And People In Ireland With Latest Statistics By Michael J. Mccarthy - (1914) – 648 Pages

Recollections Of Dublin Castle And Of Dublin Society - (1902) – 316 Pages

Record Of The Smith Family Descended From John Smith, Born 1655 In County Monaghan, Ireland By Joseph Smith Harris - (1906) – 276 Pages

Records Of The General Synod Of Ulster, From 1691 To 1820, Volumes 1-3, By The Presbyterian Church In Ireland - (1890-1898) – 1715 Pages

Records Of The Tercentenary Festival Of Dublin University Held 5th To 8th July, 1892 By Trinity College - (1894) – 346 Pages

Records Relating To The Dioceses Of Ardagh And Clonmacnoise - (1886) – 422 Pages

Register Of Wills And Inventories Of The Diocese Of Dublin In The Time Of Archbishops Tregury And Walton, 1457-1483: From The Original Manuscript In The Library Of Trinity College, Dublin - (1898) – 337 Pages

Registers Of The French Church Of Portarlington, Ireland. Ed. By Thomas Philip Le Fanu - (1908) – 201 Pages

Roscommon Soldiers Who Died In World War I By Irish Connection Family History Research Group - (N.D.) – 28 Pages

Royal Book Of Crests Of Great Britain And Ireland, Dominion Of Canada, India And Australasia : Derived From Best Authorities And Family Records, Volumes 1 & 2 By James Fairbairn - (1883) – 922 Pages

Scandinavian Relations With Ireland During The Viking Period By A. Walsh -  (1922) – 98 Pages

Scotch Irish Pioneers In Ulster And America By Charles K. Bolton - (1910) – 417 Pages

Scotch-Irish In New England By Arthur Latham Perry - (1896) – 63 Pages

Searches Into The History Of The Gillman Or Gilman Family, Including The Various Branches In England, Ireland, America And Belgium Volume 1 & 2 By Alexander Gillman - (1895) - 505 Pages

Short Sketch Of The History Of The Parish Church Of St. John The Evangelist, Killowen, Coleraine By D. Maclaughlin - (1900) – 21 Pages

Sketches Of Celebrated Irishmen, Irish Character, Etc By Henry Giles - (1896) – 397 Pages

Sketches Of The Irish Highlands, Description, Social And Religious, With Special Reference To Irish Mission In West Connaught Since 1840 By Henry M’Manus - (1863) – 264 Pages

Some Account Of The Palmer Family Of Rahan, County Kildare, Ireland By Temple Prime - (1903) – 59 Pages

The Alexander Family Of Scotland, Ireland, And America, The Austin Family Of Wales And America, The Arnold Family Of England And America: A Brief History By Frances Austin Arnold - (1896) – 34 Pages

The Ancient Bronze Implements, Weapons, And Ornaments, Of Great Britain And Ireland By Sir John Evans - (1881) – 535 Pages

The Ancient House Of Kavanaugh, As Represented In Ireland, England, France, Prussia, And America  By Anna T. Poynter Kavanaugh - (1908) – 97 Pages

The Annals Of Ireland By John Clyn - (1846) – 760 Pages

The Annual Monitor, Obituary Of The Members Of The Society Of Friends In Great Britain And Ireland By William Alexander - (1813) - 221 Pages

The Antiquities Of Ireland By Edward Ledwich - (1804) – 643 Pages

The Beauties Of Ireland: Being Original Delineations, Topographical, Historical, And Biographical, Of Each County By James Norris Brewer - (1825) – 708 Pages

The Book Of Obits And Martyrology Of The Cathedral Church Of The Holy Trinity, Commonly Called Christ Church, Dublin - (1844) – 430 Pages

The Book Of Trinity College, Dublin, 1591-1891 By Trinity College - (1892) – 335 Pages

The Case Of Ireland Stated Historically By Peter T. Sherlock - (1880) – 358 Pages

The Council Book Of The Corporation Of The City Of Cork, From 1609 To 1643, And From 1690 To 1800 By The City Of Cork Volume 1 - (1876) – 1,245 Pages

The Council Book Of The Corporation Of The City Of Cork, From 1609 To 1643, And From 1690 To 1800 By The City Of Cork Volume 2 - (1876) – 1,161 Pages

The County Families Of The United Kingdom; Or, Royal Manual Of The Titled And Untitled Aristocracy Of England, Wales, Scotland, And Ireland By Edward Walford - (Volume Ed.49, Yr.1909) – 1,321 Pages

The County Families Of The United Kingdom; Or, Royal Manual Of The Titled And Untitled Aristocracy Of England, Wales, Scotland, And Ireland By Edward Walford - (Volume Ed.59, Yr.1919) – 1,587 Pages

The Cromwellian Settlement Of Ireland By John P. Prendergast - (1868) - 299 Pages

The Dublin Strike - (1913) – 14 Pages

Ireland History and Genealogy

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