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Professional Shooting Bench Plans, Build Your Own Bench, Ammo Books! PDF CD

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This custom set of plans to build your own shooting bench was written for the do-it-yourselfer in mind.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



Custom Shooting Bench Plans
PDF Plans on CD

Print out as many copies as you need!

The Best Design on the market.

Easy to build, no custom cuts, can be built in 1 day.

  Shooting Bench Plans

With additional books on reloading and ammo from our Firearms Library!

  Shooting Bench Plans

This custom set of plans to build your own shooting bench was written for the do-it-yourselfer in mind.  We show you step by step how to cut all the parts and how to assemble this bench.  We don't show you 2D black and white drawings written by "pretend" engineers.  We show you color illustrations, every step of the way, so you know how the parts go together, and are able to put this together on a Saturday and still have time to shoot before dark.  To say we are the experts is an understatement.  We have an entire library in our ebay store dedicated to firearms and engineering, and this bench was selected by our experts and our customers as the best design, that is easy to build, and easy to care for.  Some key features of this plan and design:

  • The table top is designed so that you can lay out standard size boards (NO RIPPED BOARDS).  A ripped board is a board that you have to cut lengthwise to fit the table top.  As you can clearly see in the pics above, our table top is designed to accommodate standard size boards without fancy cuts.

  • Full materials list, and even a tools list!  We tell you everything you need so you can go to the store once and only once.

  • Efficient design that is very well layed out to minimize the scrap.  Our's is the cheapest to build, and the strongest too!

  • As with all our products, these are Professional Grade plans you have come to expect from ADV Plans, LLC.

  • You get them on a CD, so that you can print them out and use as many as you need on your jobsite, and you can save them on your hard drive to use again later.  (Plans are watermarked and copy protected to prevent redistribution.  ADV Plans, LLC maintains a VERO account on ebay to protect against theft).

INCLUDED, free of charge, is some of our most popular ammunition and reloading publications from our firearms library (check out our full firearms library in our store):

Reloading Guides, Books, and other Publications:

Accurate Load Guide for Rifle & Handgun, 20 pages
Accurate Shotshell Reloading Guide,
11 pages
ADI Handloaders' Guide,
2010, 174 pages
Alcan Shotshell Reloader's Manual,
1966, 23 pages
Alliant Reloader's Guide,
2012, 51 pages
Getting Started in Reloading Cartridges & Casting,
22 pages
Hodgdon Basic Reloading Manual,
72 pages
Introduction to Reloading Cartridges,
27 pages
Lessons in Reloading Cartridges & Shotshells,
102 pages
Match Grade Reloading,
22 pages
How to Reload Shotshells,
28 pages
Ramshot Load Guide,
18 pages
Reloading the .50BMG,
21 pages
Reloading the 308,
16 pages
Remington Shotgun & Shotshell Ammunition Manual,
16 pages
VihtaVouri Reloading Guide,
37 pages
Winchester Ammunition Reloading,
32 pages
Winchester Reloader's Manual,
54 pages
Winchester Reloading Components Guide,
27 pages

Accuracy and Shooting Publications:

Safe Usage of the AE rifle, by Accuracy International, 14 pages
Elements of Armament Engineering, Sources of Energy,
Department of the Army, 1964, 105 pages
Trajectories, Differential Effects, And Data For Projectiles,
Department of the Army, 1963, 59 pages
Elements of Terminal Ballistics and Kill Mechanisms,
Department of the Army, 1952, 390 pages
Army Bullet Trap Feasability Assessment,
Department of the Army, 46 pages
Army Introduction to Field Artillery Meteorology Course,
Department of the Army, 48 pages
Army Machine Gunners Card,
Department of the Army, 2002, 4 pages
U.S. Army Field Artillery School, 1992, 62 pages
Instruments for Calculating Mortar Firing Data,
by Canadian Defense Dept., 2001, 259 pages
Notes on Ballistics,
by G. A. Wildrick & A. Hamilton, 1915, 101 pages
Rifle Marksmanship,
by the US Navy, 2001, 116 pages
Sniper Training,
by the U.S. Army, 1994, 329 pages
The Bullet's Flight,
by F. W. Mann, 1909, 395 pages

Reloading Manuals and Guides:

Accurate Data Powder 2200  Lee Turret Press
Accurate Data Powder 68  Lyman 4500 Bullet Sizer & Lubricator
Accurate Data Powder 73  Lyman Accutrimmer
Accurate Data Powder 74  Lyman Balance Scale
Accurate Data Powder 79  Lyman Black Powder Measure 55
Accurate Data Powder 85  Lyman Black Powder
Accurate Data Powder 86 - Extruded  Lyman Crusher II Press
Accurate Powders 2000 Guide  Lyman Digital Powder Scale
Accurate Powders 2003 Guide  Lyman Electronic Scale 1000XP
Accurate Powders Complete Guide Version 3.4  Lyman Electronic Scale 1500XP
Bersin Ammunition Measuring Tool  Lyman Mag 20 Furnace
Dremel Accessories  Lyman Minimag Furnace
Dremel Drill Press Stand Model 212  Lyman Powder Measure 55
Dremel Moto Tool Models 275-285-395-595  Lyman T-Mag II Press
Forster 50 BMG Case Trimmer  Lyman Turbo Tumblers
Forster Bench Rest Die  Lyman Universal Case Trimmer
Forster Bench Rest Powder Measure  Lyman Universal Power Trimmer
Forster Bullet Puller  MEC 250 & Super 250 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Case Graphiter  MEC 310 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Classic Case Trimmer  MEC 500 Progressive Reloader
Forster Coax-Case & Cartridge Inspector  MEC 600 Jr Mark 5 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Coax-Press  MEC 600 Jr Shotshell Reloader
Forster Coax-Primer Seater  MEC 650 Shotshell Reloader with Memory
Forster Gold & Silver Filling Kit  MEC 700 Versamec Shotshell Reloader
Forster Handheld Outside Neck Turner  MEC 8567 Grabber Shotshell Reloader
Forster Headspace Gage  MEC 9000 Series Shotshell Reloaders
Forster Hollowpointer  MEC Case Conditioner
Forster Neck Reamer  MEC E-Z Prime S
Forster Original Case Trimmer  MEC E-Z Prime V
Forster Outside Neck Turning Accessory  MEC Grabber Shotshell Reloader
Forster Power Adapter  MEC Sizemaster Shotshell Reloader
Forster Power Case Trimmer  MEC Speedwer 300 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Primer Pocket Cleaner & Chamfering Tool  MEC Super Speeder 400 Shotshell Reloader
Forster Stuck Case Remover  MEC Supersizer Shotshell Resizer
Forster Superfast Bullet Puller  RCBS 10-10 Scale
Forster Swiv-O-Ling Vise  RCBS 4x4 Progressive Reloading Press
Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture  RCBS 502 Scale
Frankford Arsenal SS-99 Reloading Press  RCBS 505 Scale
Frankford Case Neck Lubricator  RCBS 510 Scale
Frankford Impact Bullet Puller  RCBS Accessory Base Plate-2
Frankford Jiffy Powder Trickler  RCBS Ammomaster .50 BMG Pack
Frankford Powder Funnel  RCBS Ammomaster Auto Progressive Reloading press
Frankford Rotary Media Separator  RCBS Ammomaster Single Stage Reloading Press
Frankford SS-99 Reloading Press  RCBS APS Priming Tool
Frankford Super Charger Powder measure  RCBS Auto 4x4 Progressive Reloading Press
Frankford Vibratory Case Tumbler  RCBS Big Max Heavy Duty ReloadingPress
Hornady 366 Loader  RCBS Bullet Casting Accessories
Hornady Apex 3.0 Press  RCBS Bullet Casting Lead Thermometer
Hornady Apex 3.1 Press  RCBS Bullet Casting Lube-A-Matic
Hornady Apex Press  RCBS Bullet Pro-Melt Electric Lead Furnace
Hornady GS-1000 Electronic Scale  RCBS Checkmaster 1500 Scale & Dispenser
Hornady GS-350 Electronic Scale  RCBS Competition Dies
Hornady Lock-N-Load Press  RCBS Cowboy Dies
Hornady Metallic Reloading Press 00-7  RCBS Electronic Digital Micrometer
Hornady Metallic Reloading Press 0-7  RCBS Electronic Scale RangeMaster 750
Hornady New Dimension Dies  RCBS Electronic Scale RangeMaster
Hornady Pacific 105 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Goldmedal Dies
Hornady Pacific 155 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Hand Priming Tool
Hornady Pacific DL-110 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Lube Die
Hornady Pacific DL-200 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Micro Pro Electronic Scale
Hornady Pacific DL-266 Shotshell Reloader  RCBS Partner Electronic Powder Scale
Hornady Pro-7 Press  RCBS Parts Book
Hornady Pro-Jector  RCBS Piggyback II Conversion Unit
Lee Auto Disk  RCBS Piggybag Conversion Unit
Lee Auto Prime  RCBS Powder Pro Digital Scalel
Lee Auto-Prime II  RCBS R130 Mechanical Scale
Lee Bullet Feeder  RCBS Reloading Die (General)
Lee Bullet Lubricating Sizing Kit  RCBS Reloading Dies (New)
Lee Bullet Mold  RCBS Reloading Dies (Old)
Lee Challenger  RCBS Reloading Scale Check Weight Set Deluxe
Lee Electric Meltesr EM 1142  RCBS Reloading Special 3 Press
Lee Handpress  RCBS Reloading Special Press
Lee Load-All  RCBS Rock Chucker Reloading Press
Lee Load-Fast  RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press
Lee Load-Master  RCBS Sidewinder Case Tumbler
Lee Perfect Powder Measure  RCBS Single-to-Auto Conversion Instructions
Lee Pro 1000  RCBS The Grand Progressive Shotshell Reloading Press
Lee Pro 20 Series Melter  RCBS The Green Machine a Progressive Reloading Tool
Lee Reloader Press  RCBS Turret Press
Lee Rifle Loader  RCBS Universal Decap Die
Lee Safety Powder Scale  RCBS X Die
Vintage Surgical Instruments Library

All books are PDF format that you know and trust, for easy reading and printingNo unknown or strange file formats!

Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).

FORMAT NOTICE: This disk is only for use in your computer's drive!  It will NOT play in the DVD Player hooked up to your TV or in your car!

  • Model: CA-E51

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