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Abstract Systematic Theology, James Boyce, Bible Commentary Study PDF CD

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This CD-ROM contains Abstract of Systematic Theology by James Boyce.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



Abstract of Systematic Theology

by Rev. James Petigru Boyce

James Boyce


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Abstract Systematic Theology by James P. Boyce, the first president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, puts to rest the theory that Baptists are not adept in the finer points of theology. This is the premier handbook for Southern Baptist Theological views. In this book, Boyce conveys the Biblical support for the modern conservative movement in Southern Baptist life. It offers several Biblical references to support any theory that is offered. It is an excellent resource for Bible students.

Well-written and easy to follow, this work is great for those who want to study solid, Reformed (Calvinistic) theology but may have trouble following Calvin or Turretin. Boyce readily admits that he learned his trade at Old Princeton and indeed the spirit of Jonathan Edwards, A. A. Archibald and Charles Hodge are immediately seen. This is, however, far from being a derivative work. Along withJohn L.Dagg's "Manual of Theology," it constitutes one of the two great works by Southern Baptist theologians in the Nineteenth Century. Today's Southern Baptists who often have a more Arminian take on theology would learn much about the foundational beliefs of their founders. This is an eminently sound volume answering almost any query a Sunday School teacher, deacon or even pastor might have. Studying this book is a great joy and privilege to any Christian, whether Southern Baptist or not.

James Petigru Boyce (1827–1888) was a Southern Baptist pastor, theologian, author, and seminary professor. Boyce was educated at Brown University under Francis Wayland, whose evangelical sermons contributed to Boyce’s conversion, and at Princeton Theological Seminary under Charles Hodge who led Boyce to appreciate Calvinistic theology.

Boyce became a pastor, then a university professor, and finally the founder and first president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he taught theology from 1859 until his death in 1888. Throughout his ministry Boyce insisted on the importance of theological education for all ministers. In a preface, he described his Abstract of Systematic Theology, published the year before his death, as follows: "This volume is published the rather as a practical text book, for the study of the system of doctrine taught in the Word of God, than as a contribution to theological science."

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