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John Wesley, The Christian Library, All Volumes, Bible Commentary CD PDF

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hese "Extracts from and Abridgments of the Choicest Pieces of Practical Divinity Which Have Been Published in the English Tongue," as Wesley subtitled them, were first published in 50 volumes in 1750.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



John Wesley's

A Christian Library -

Extracts from abridgments of the choicest pieces of Practical Divinity which have been published in the English tongue.

John Wesley 


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John Wesley is known for two things: co-founding Methodism and his tremendous work ethic.

In the 1700s, when land travel was by walking, horseback or carriage, Wesley logged more than 4,000 miles a year. During his lifetime he preached about 40,000 sermons.

Wesley could give today's experts lessons in efficiency. He was a natural organizer and approached everything diligently, especially religion. It was at Oxford University in England that he and his brother Charles participated in a Christian club in such an orderly manner that critics called them methodists, a title which they gladly embraced.

Among his many writings, John Wesley edited and abridged a number of devotional classics and republished them in what he called A Christian Library.

These "Extracts from and Abridgments of the Choicest Pieces of Practical Divinity Which Have Been Published in the English Tongue," as Wesley subtitled them, were first published in 50 volumes in 1750. In this collection of writings, he mostly ignores the church fathers (represented only by the apostolic fathers and Macarius), the great medieval scholastics, and the reformers. Instead, Wesley  focuses on recent centuries (from as far back as the sixteenth up to his contemporaries like Jonathan Edwards in the eighteenth), English works (including both Puritans and Established churchmen who took turns persecuting each other), and above all, “Practical Divinity.”

The present digital collection was scanned from the 1821 edition of these classics, published in 30 volumes, as follows:

Volume 1: The Apostolic Fathers, Macarius of Egypt, Johann Arndt’s True Christianity.
Volume 2: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs.
Volume 3: Additional Foxe’s Martyrs, with supplements
Volume 4: Additional Foxe supplements, Bishop Hall’s Meditations, extracts from Robert Bolton.
Volume 5: Additional Robert Bolton, John Preston.
Volume 6: Additional John Preston, Richard Sibs, Thomas Goodwin.
Volume 7: Additional Thomas Goodwin, William Dell, Thomas Manton, Isaac Ambrose.
Volume 8: Additional Isaac Ambrose (Looking Unto Jesus).
Volume 9: Additional Ambrose, Jeremy Taylor, Francis Rouse’s Academia Celestis, Ralph Cudworth, Nathanael Culverwell.
Volume 10: Additional Nathanael Culverwell, John Owen (Mortification of Sin, Christologia, Communion with God).
Volume 11: Additional John Owen, John Smith.
Volume 12: Herbert Palmer, extracts from The Whole Duty of Man, William Whateley, sermons of Bishop Robert Sanderson.
Volume 13: James Garden’s Comparative Religion,
Volume 14: Pascal’s Pensees, John Worthington’s Self-Resignation, Bishop Ken’s Exposition of the Catechism.
Volume 15: Lives of Eminent Christians, chiefly extracted from Clark.
Volume 16: Life of Bishop Bedell, Life of Archbishop Butler, Letters of Samuel Rutherford,  Anthony Horneck’s Happy Ascetic & Lives of Primitive Christians.
Volume 17: Works by Hugh Binning, Matthew Hale, and Simon Patrick’s Christian Sacrifice.
Volume 18: Richard Allen (Vindication of Godliness, Rebuke to Backsliders, Necessity of Godly Fear)
Volume 19: Dr. Cave’s Primitive Christianity, Bunyan’s Holy War, Stuckley’s Gospel-Glass.
Volume 20: Cowley’s Essays, Goodman’s Evening Conference, works by Robert Leighton, Bishop Beveridge.
Volume 21: Isaac Barrow, John Brown, Antoinette Bourignon’s Solid Virtue, sermons by Mr. Kitchen and Mr. Pool.
Volume 22: Richard Baxter’s Saint’s Everlasting Rest, Edward Crane’s Prospect of Divine Providence.
Volume 23: Fenelon, Molinos, Henry More, Stephen Charnock, Dr. Calamy, Henry Scougal.
Volume 24: Sermons by Dr. Annesley, Richard Lucas’ Inquiry after Happiness.
Volume 25: Sermons by Bishop Reynolds, devotions.
Volume 26: Sermons by Dr. South, Young, Howe’s Thoughts, Juan d’Avila, the anonymous Parson’s Advice.
Volume 27: Archbishop Tillotson, John Flavel’s Husbandry Spiritualized, Lives of Sundry Eminent Persons.
Volume 28: Life of John Howe, The Living Temple, Philip Henry, George Trosse, John Eliot.
Volume 29: Additional Eminent Persons, Alleine’s Letters, Francke’s Nicodemus.
Volume 30: Norris on Christian Prudence; Edwards on Revivals of Religion; Religious Affections.

Hard cover versions of these works have sold for hundreds of dollars.  With our CD, you can read, study, and print out the pages as many times as you want.

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