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Biblical Commentary New Testament, Hermann Olshausen, Bibe Study PDF CD

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This CD-ROM contains the Biblical Commentary on the New Testament.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



Biblical Commentary on the New Testament

6 Volume Complete Set

by Dr. Hermann Olshausen



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Students, Bible Study Groups, everyone interested in Bible Study

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Hermann Olshausen's Commentary on the New Testament was incomparably the best work of its kind. No other interpreter illustrates so fully the range of significance pertaining to single words, the distinctions between reputed synonyms, and the use and force of particles. To him the Greek of the New Testament seems like his native tongue, and he penetrates with surpassing skill into the different modes of self-consciousness indicated in different writers by their peculiarities of diction, or in the same writer at different times by his varying phraseology. His Commentary on the first three Gospels is based on their harmony, and presents their narratives blended where they coincide, and alternating in the order of events where their accounts differ.

Commenting on the Epistles, Olshausen abjures the aphoristic style of interpretation, something which some of the most distinguished expositors of today have not succeeded in working themselves totally free of. Olshausen's exegesis of every single text is derived from its context, and from the main purpose of the Epistle considered as an actual missive with a definite intent. From his conclusions we often dissent, and it seems to us that he occasionally detects in St. Paul philosophic subtleties which could have had origins nowhere else but in modern Germany; yet, where we cannot accept his exegesis, we never fail to derive important aid from him in determining our own (pp. 279-280). Olshausen held tenaciously to the genuineness of the four canonical gospels in an age when it was being seriously threatened by attacks from modernistic scholars. His Proof of the Genuineness of the Writings of the New Testament, which is prefixed to the commentary, is considered a classic in the field.

The great German theologian Hermann Olshausen (August 21, 1796 - September 4, 1839) was born at Oldeslohe in Holstein, Germany.

He was educated at the universities of Kiel (1814) and Berlin (1816), where he was influenced by Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher and Joachim Neander. In 1820 he became Privatdozent and in 1821 professor extraordinarius at Berlin; in 1827 professor at Königsberg, in 1834 at Erlangen.

Olshausen's theological specialty was New Testament exegesis; his New Testament Commentary (completed and revised by Ebrard and Wiesinger) began to appear at Königsberg in 1830, and was translated into English in 6 vols (Edinburgh, 1847-1849).

Previous to it were his other works, Die Achtheit d. vier Kanon. Evangelien (1823), Ein Wort über tieferen Schriftsinn (1824) and Die biblische Schriftauslegung (1825).

Hard cover versions of these works have sold for 10 times or more the cost of this disk.  With our CD, you can read, study, and print out the pages as many times as you want.

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