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Grammar of the Greek New Testament, by A T Robertson, Bible Study PDF CD

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This CD-ROM contains Grammar of the Greek New Testament by AT Robertson.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



Grammar of the Greek New Testament

by A.T. Robertson



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> 1500 pages

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Students, Bible Study Groups, everyone interested in Bible Study

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A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research is a book recognized as a classic by Greek scholars the world over. In this work, A.T. Robertson provides 1500 pages of detailed notes for the advanced student and professor. In spite of more recent advances in the study of New Testament Greek, Robertson's 'Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research' remains the advanced benchmark reference book by which all other New Testament Greek grammars are measured. If anyone deserves the title "Genius" it is Robertson!

If you are already familiar with this book, then you are aware of its great reference value. This CD ebook is a treasure trove of information about greek and how to fine tune your understanding of every aspect of it from a linguistic point of view. It's a good addition to your library, if for nothing else but to push you to keep learning more.

This is definitely not a book for beginners, or for someone who has no knowledge of Koine Greek... but is a valuable resource for understanding the grammar of the Koine Greek for those who know the difference between, say, the Present tense and the Aorist tense of a Greek verb. If you have a hankering to know how an infinitive might change a verb tense, then you will find it here. For those who do have some Greek background, it will enrich your research and will definitely clarify many a difficult passage for you.

A.T. Robertson does not translate his examples (which, by the way are very elegant) but his historical comments are clear, concise, and very informative. Particularly designed for advanced students, teachers, scholarly pastors, and those interested in languages, this 'Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research' CD is a comprehensive guide to the Greek New Testament that will be well-used reference in your digital library.

Hard cover versions of these works have sold for 10 times or more the cost of this disk.  With our CD, you can read, study, and print out the pages as many times as you want.

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