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The Life of Trust, George Muller Christian Prayer Faith Theology God PDF CD

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This CD-ROM contains The Life of Trust by George Miller.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



The Life of Trust

Being a Narrative of the Lord's Dealings
by George Muller



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George Muller (1805-1898) believed he had seen over 50,000 answers to prayer. George Muller was the head of several orphanages where unwanted children were left. Refusing to ask anyone but God alone for help, he fed, clothed and housed 10,024 orphans during his lifetime in Bristol, England. He fed and clothed hundreds and hundreds of orphans, all without knowing where his food and supplies would come from, each day - for decades. He was a great man of God and had an inner life of Great Faith, Hope, and Experience. Perhaps no one in modern history has demonstrated the life of trust in God more persistently and conspicuously than George Muller.

George Muller should serve as an example to all that we serve a LIVING God, not a dead theology. Scripture says that the `Spirit gives life, while the letter kills' Today they have it reversed because people are unwilling to forsake their sin and come to the Cross for destruction of the flesh. Don't attempt to emulate Mr. Muller's results without first having a FAITH that works by love, Purifies the heart and has Victory over the world. You may `appear' to have the blessings of God in your life, but unless this kind of faith is at work in your soul (cleansing & purifying you daily!) Rom2:4 applies. You have `believed' in vain. (1Cor15:2)

This man puts to shame the cheap easy religion of the modern church. The Bible tells us to LAY HOLD of eternal life (1Tim 6:11) and so he did and NEVER let go! How unlike the current version of saving faith that teaches people to set back and enjoy the ride. Any effort put forth in obedience to scripture is considered `legalism' and heralded as a works salvation. Anyone with half a brain can see what this has produced over the last hundred years. The decadence of our society is testimony enough to prove how far the church has stayed from the precepts of the Gospel. Heart purity and righteousness of life are long gone our church pulpits. Rather than seeking God in sincere prayer with a broken heart, weeping for the lost and burning with a holy zeal to serve the Lord, professing Christians are off pursuing vain amusements and `believing' themselves saved while vacant of the true holiness of Christ.

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