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Calling All Cars, 615 Episodes Old Time Radio Crime Detective OTR DVD MP3

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Classic Full length old time radio shows on MP3 format on disk.  Anyone into old time radio will love this disk.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



A Double Feature Old Time Radio mp3 DVD

featuring 615 classic episodes of:

Richard Diamond old time radio  Calling All Cars old time radio

116 classic episodes Richard Diamond, Private Detective
classic episodes of Calling All Cars
198 bonus classic Old Time Radio Shows


Don't be fooled by other collections that claim to contain more episodes.  Many of these shows were aired on multiple dates in reruns, so you have plenty of sellers out there padding their collections with reruns!  We feature all known episodes in existence and do not add "fluff" to our collections to increase our claimed episode count like many others. 

NOTICE: This collection is all in MP3 format supplied on DVD.  You play this in your computer and then can copy all the MP3 files to your MP3 player of choice.  This DVD will NOT play in a regular CD player in your car, or your TV's DVD player, it is intended for your computer only which will allow you to transfer the MP3 files to any device that can play MP3's.  This collection remains the largest most original collection on ebay.

Richard Diamond, Private Detective:

Richard Diamond, Private Detective is an American detective drama, created by Blake Edwards, which aired on radio from 1949 to 1953, and on television from 1957 to 1960. Shortly before his death in 2004, actor/comedian Alan King wrote a pair of short stories about the character set in 1948. They were published posthumously in 2016.

Richard Diamond, Private Detective was a happy-go-lucky detective who answered his telephone with atrocious commercial jingles and was a master of the verbal putdown (especially with the police).

The opening each week set up the problem and propelled the sarcasm with the cops; the ending usually found Dick Powell as Richard Diamond in the Park Avenue penthouse of his girlfriend, the rich redhead Helen Asher.

Calling All Cars:

In a period that enjoyed old time radio classics geared to to more action-oriented themes, Calling All Cars was a smashing success. This vintage old radio show ran from 1933 - 1939 and was considered a precursor to another popular police drama, Dragnet. What set it apart from other crime serials was the fact that majority, if not all of their cases were based on true stories that the Los Angeles Police Department encountered.

Bonus Radio Shows:

As a sampler of our old time radio library, we are including a sampler edition of these classic old time radio shows on this DVD-ROM at no extra charge:

20th Century Fox Movie Premieres 20th Century Ltd 20th Century Reformation Hour
50 Year Celebration of the Phonograph Abroad with the Lockharts AFRS Phonograph Album
AFRS Presents AFRS Radio Playhouse Afternoon Theater
Air Stories of WWI Albert Martin The Amazing Mr Malone
The Amazing Test Match Crime American Family Saga American Favorites
American Forum of the Air American Jazz American Novels
American Review American Theater The American Weekly
Americans at Work America's Famous Fathers Any Bonds
Appt With Fear Are These Our Children  

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