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Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on Old Testament, Christian Bible Study DVD-ROM

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This DVD-ROM contains The 25 Volume Set of The Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on The Old Testament, totaling approx 12,200 pages.



The Keil & Delitzsch Commentary
on The Old Testament

by Karl Frederich Keil and Franz Delitzsch

Keil & Delitzsch

Keil & Delitzsch


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DVD-ROM for use only in a computer, not in a DVD player for your TV

PDF files (requires latest version of Adobe Reader, available for free online)

Bible Commentary, Bible Sermons

12,200 pages

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Students, Bible Study Groups, everyone interested in Bible Study

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This DVD-ROM contains The 25 Volume Set of The Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on The Old Testament, totaling approx 12,200 pages.

Nineteenth-century German theologians Carl Friedrich Keil and Franz Delitzsch wrote one of the most popular and extensive commentaries on the Old Testament. Today their Commentary on the Old Testament is still held in esteem by conservative theological circles for its rigorous scholarship and sound theological judgment. Beginning with the nature and format of the Old Testament, this evangelical commentary examines historical and literary aspects of the text, as well as grammatical and philological issues. Hebrew words and grammar are used, but usually in context, so you can follow the train of thought.  This set comprises 25 volumes as follows:

Volume 1, The Pentateuch I
Volume 2, The Pentateuch II
Volume 3, The Pentateuch III
Volume 4, Joshua, Judges, Ruth
Volume 5, The Books of Samuel
Volume 6, The Books of The Kings
Volume 7, The Books of The Chronicles
Volume 8, The Books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther
Volume 9, The Book of Job I
Volume 10, The Book of Job II
Volume 11, The Psalms I
Volume 12, The Psalms II
Volume 13, The Psalms III
Volume 14, The Proverbs of Solomon I
Volume 15, The Proverbs of Solomon II
Volume 16, The Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes
Volume 17, The Prophecies of Isaiah I
Volume 18, The Prophecies of Isaiah II
Volume 19, The Prophecies of Jeremiah I
Volume 20, The Prophecies of Jeremiah II
Volume 21, The Prophecies of Ezekiel I
Volume 22, The Prophecies of Ezekiel II
Volume 23, The Book of The Prophet Daniel
Volume 24, The Twelve Minor Prophets I
Volume 25, The Twelve Minor Prophets II

This DVD-ROM contains all of these books in PDF format, for viewing only in your computer.  This DVD cannot be played on the DVD player hooked up to your TV or stereo.

Hard cover versions of these works have sold for hundreds of dollars.  With our DVD, you can read, study, and print out the pages as many times as you want.

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